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Timmy's New Job Ch. 04

by holycow614 10/12/11

In the morning Timmy woke up from a deep sleep. He slept soundly through the night after drinking mommy's milk. Timmy was disappointed, for he realized mommy had not raped him last night. He looked up into the mirrored ceiling and saw his small body, as he lay naked in a sea of silk sheets, comforters, and down filled pillows that covered a bed well beyond king size. Timmy watched his excited cock grow and throb as he wondered what mommy would do to him today!

"Maybe she will rape me," he hoped.

He looked around mommy's bedroom and noticed the ten-foot walls were mirrored from floor to ceiling. He also marveled at how big and luxurious it was. Timmy heard a noise coming from another room and timidly went to see whether it were his sexy new mommy. The door stood open, so he went in to investigate. Mary sat on a toilet seat mounted over a cramp cage that held Becky whose upturned face was busy licking the pee and poop from Mary's perfectly shaped ass. Mary delightedly squealed as Becky fervently dug deep into Mary's ass.

"Good morning my little baby boy whore. Give mommy a wet kiss," she said as she sensually licked her large red lips with her long snake like tongue.

Lust for mommy drew the mesmerized Timmy irresistibly to her yummy evil lips, mountainous breast, large round ass, narrow firm waist, and bulging muscles that rippled sensuously when she moved. He was so hot for mommy that he forgot the caged Becky who serviced Mary's ass and pussy. Mary drew little Timmy into her strong arms and sucked his mouth violently, as her long serpent tongue slithered far down his throat! She moaned in incestuous pleasure of Timmy's mouth, while she drove her tongue deeper into her little boy's throat.

Mary listened with sadistic pleasure, as her little baby boy gagged and coughed while her tongue dove deeper into his throat. Timmy's eyes rolled back into his head, as he struggled to breathe. He felt his mommy's strong hand methodically stroke his cock and felt the blood pounding in his ears and up his excited bulging shaft. He felt a delicious terror growing within him as he uselessly struggled to break free from Mary's muscular arm and vice like grip. Mary alternately flattened then blocked her baby's airway with her tongue allowing just enough air to keep him conscious and alive as she stroke the head of his hot swollen meat.

"Don't fight it baby. Trust mommy. My baby must suffer if he wants to cum," she said while her beautiful face flushed with demonic inspiration. "Suffer for mommy," she urged then drove her tongue sadistically down his throat again blocking his airway!

Timmy obeyed his horny mommy, open his mouth wide in total submission, and gave his tiny body willingly to her deprave desire. He welcomed a chance to please his sexy, wicked mommy as he felt light headed, his face began to tingle, and the delight of sensual evil as it took control of his mind, body, and spirit. Just as he would pass out, mommy removed her long wet tongue from his mouth, while warm saliva dripped onto his naked chest.

Immediately, her strong arms held him up side down like a pathetic rag doll. She eyed his cock like a predator, as it bobbed up and down in-line with her sensual face. Then, with her cum hungry mouth she sucked violently on his cock, sucking his balls in as well like a praying mantis devouring her prey. His legs and arms jerked helplessly about in an erotic spasm and pain as he moaned in delightful terror. His head felt as if it had exploded as waves of pleasure nearly killed him! Timmy's hot, liquid lust shot into her hungry mouth, while she, like a cum connoisseur, savored, and licked every drop! Mary pulled a cord to summon the servants.

While mommy greedily licked her lips of Timmy's cum she said, "Mommy gave her little baby boy all her milk. Now mommy must milk Timmy of all his cum."

When the servants came Mary ordered, "Get my baby boy dressed in pretty little undies. I must milk his cock this morning."

"Well you want him hung Ma'am?" a servant asked.

"Yes," Mary answered.

"By the arms or neck," a servant asked.

"Um, the neck would be fun. I want my baby boy to suffer for mommy."

"Please mommy. No! Did I do something wrong?" Timmy cried.

"No baby, you're perfect. Timmy must learn to please mommy. Obey me!"

Soon, Timmy was wearing small, frilly, red, silk, crotchless panties. The boy wore shear, black stockings attached to a black, silk garter belt, and six inch spiked heels.

Confused, Timmy watched the servants roll a table over Mary's lap, then locked the casters so the table would not move.

"Up on the table," Mary ordered him.

The frightened Timmy obeyed as he awkwardly struggled to stand in high heels. As he stood on the table, he noticed his cock bobbed very close to Mary's mouth. Next, the servants handcuffed his hands behind his back, then put leg spreaders around his ankles making it even more difficult to stand. A ball gag that projected down his throat caused him to gag. A noose was lowered from a pulley mounted to the ceiling and put around Timmy's neck, while he was forced to stand on his toes. The noose was made not to tighten around Timmy's neck, but it caused him to experience a strangling sensation when he was not standing on his toes.

"Now mommy can listen to her little baby boy suffer while she drains his cock of yummy, hot cum," Mary gloated.

Mary placed her strong hands on Timmy's sweaty thighs. She smiled with pleasure as she felt her baby boy tremble with fear. Her eyes glazed over with lust as she watched him struggle to stay on his toes.

"Let's make it harder. Hang weights from his balls!"

The servants hung very heavy weights from Timmy's balls, and Mary watched delightedly as Timmy's leg muscles shook as he strained to stay up on his toes. Soon, fatigue forced his heels down causing him to strangle as the noose pulled tightly against his throat. Then he struggled back onto his toes allowing him to breathe again. Repeatedly he became tired and was forced to strangle again and again.

Mommy's pussy grew wet as she listened serenely to Timmy's suffering while she continuously sucked on his cock bringing her baby boy to climax repeatedly as she steadily milked him of nearly all his cum. Mary knew Timmy had one load of cum left.

"Let's have some fun. Unlock the casters on the table," Mary ordered.

Mary leaned back on her seat and put one foot on each corner of the table. Slowly she rolled the table back, as she watched the terrified Timmy struggle to stay on top of the table. She continued to play her wicked game with Timmy as Becky furiously raked her tongue across Mary's clit. As Mary climaxed, Timmy's demonic mommy kicked the table out from under Timmy and watched him hang by the neck. Then Mary furiously sucked Timmy's stiff cock as he hung helplessly by the neck and kicked his feet about. While she sucked Timmy was lowered to the floor. As he lay dazed, Timmy moaned as his last load shot into his evil mommy's mouth.

Mommy stroked Timmy's head as she lay beside him on the bed and asked, "Did you enjoy that baby?"

"Yes Mommy. May I have your tongue down my throat again?" Timmy asked.

"Later baby. Mommy has something new to try!" said Mary. "I hope you know how to fight."


"No, baby. Wrestling."

"Who will I have to wrestle?" Timmy asked a little shaken.

"Just a girl," Mary answered with a sly look.

"A big girl like you?" Timmy nervously asked.

"No, baby. One a little smaller than you," Mary explained.

Timmy watched as a wicked smile formed on mommy's sexy mouth and wondered why.

end part 4

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