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Trance In Her Garden

by Wayne Extreme 06/03/02

Note: If you've read my other stories, you may notice a recurrence of names. I like using my first and middle names in the stories. That away I really get a feel for my writing. Like the others this is a fictional story. I really appreciate any comments.

* * * * *

I was wandering through the corridors after an intense training session with Romie. With my new training using the Force Lance, I figured that I might actually be useful in combat-type situations. I was happy nonetheless though, because earlier that morning I had a little "fun" with Rebecca (if you really want to know everything between us, refer to Rebecca in the Maru). The two of us had become rather close since that encounter in the Maru.

Right now, I was heading back to the Rebecca's room to surprise her when she got back. I went into her quarters and fixed dinner, nothing too fancy, but it still surprised her when she came in.

She smiled at me and said, "Thanks. I really need something good right now."

I smiled back at her and said, "Anything for you, Rebecca." And with that I pulled out a small bouquet of roses, complements of our purple-friend, Trance. We ate dinner and held each other for a couple of hours and made out, talking about anything that came up, until…"Nick, were you serious about fucking Trance?"

I nodded, "Yes. Don't you want her to have the same joy that you did when I took you?"

Rebecca sighed and said, "Okay. Everyday at exactly sixteen hundred hours, Trance locks herself in her garden and meditates. I have to warn you though, Trance feels very differently about sex than I do." I looked at my watch and found that I had fifteen minutes. "Go now. Good luck." She gave me a kiss, which turned into a French kiss, which turned into rough groping. Rebecca was the one to break the kiss before we went any farther than that.

"Go now. And if you make it back, I'll be waiting for you." She gave me the sensuous smile, the one she gives me every time we pass in the corridor, and she hungrily licked her lips. On the way out she handed me a black bag and I left in a rush.

Quickly, I made my way down to Trance's garden. When I arrived, I found that there was no one else there. Quickly, I hid behind one of the larger plants and waited and at exactly sixteen hundred hours Trance walked through the door. She went through her ritual of talking to her plants, then she sat in the middle of the room and started to meditate.

Quietly I unzipped my bag and saw a coil of wire, to be exact, it was the coil of wire that I used on Rebecca only a few days ago. Attached was a note.

"I loved this part, maybe Trance will also."

Love Rebecca

Also inside I found the remains of Rebecca's shirt that I had used as a gag on her. Quietly I snuck up on Trace with the contents of the bag in my hands. Trance looked like she was in pretty deep. Before I got to her, her tail shot up at me, but I anticipated this and grabbed it fast as lightning. Trance jumped up with her tail still in my hands and spun around. She went to hit me, but I ducked under her attack easily and with one hand, somehow managed to grab both of her hands and pull them sharply around her back. Somehow, I managed to tie her hands and tail up together. Quickly, I gagged her and gently laid her on the floor.

With my bare hands I ripped her shirt in two revealing, two gorgeous breasts, but they weren't what I really expected. Sure, they were nice in size, but they were a lighter shade of purple than the rest of her skin and her nipples stuck out like a sore thumb because they were a dark shade of pink. I reached out and tweaked one of her nipples and even though she was resisting, she gave a small shudder of pleasure.

Carefully, I slid her pants down and her panties with them. Her mound was like her breasts, lighter shade of purple but her lips were the same dark pink, by the way, unlike Rebecca, Trance had a little hair around her cunt, which reminded me of peach fuzz.

I ran my thumb along the crack of her slit and she froze completely and she released a small stream of her juices. I was surprised, but figured it was because she was a virgin or something. I quickly stood up and took off my clothes, and threw mine and Trance's behind the plant that I hid behind. Before I did anything else, I drug Trance behind a rather large row of shrubs.

Trance looked frightened at the size of my hard on. I leaned down to her ear and whispered, "Don't worry. I won't hurt you, much." Her eyes grew big as saucers and she struggled more. "Trance, don't fight it. I promise I won't hurt you." I slid down to her lovely legs and began to kiss from her feet up to and under her knees, which is said a spot is located to drive a woman wild. I continued up both legs and finally reached her peach.

For a minute or so I just let my hot breath flow over her now sopping wet cunt. Doing this made Trance flop around like a fish. I moved up her body and started to suck gently on her nipples and occasionally bite down on her hard nubs. Then I let my tongue drag all the way down her body, back to her forbidden fruit. I looked up and she was looking back at me. Then, without warning, I slid my tongue out and rammed it into her pussy as hard as I could.

Trance started to buck wildly at the soft, wet invader in her virgin pussy. I found her clit and quickly took it into my mouth. Sucking almost as if I was sucking up a milkshake through a straw. Trance bucked wildly and finally drenched my face, her pussy, and most of the deck with her juice. I could almost swear that I heard her moan through her gag. After her orgasm subsided, Trance just lay down onto the floor, breathing heavily.

I tasted some of her juices and found that it tasted almost like sugar. I sighed and reached up to Trance and pinched both of her nipples. Her body rippled under my touch.

I crawled up to her and pulled her up to me, close, stroking her hair. I bent down and suddenly the door opened.

Captain Hunt strode through the door and said, "Trance, are you in here?"

Quickly and quietly I whispered into Trance's ear, "You make any kind of noise and I will be forced to punish you."

Trance slowly nodded and I could see the fear in her eyes. About a second later Captain Hunt left. Now, I felt that it was time to make Trance into a woman. I moved down to Trance's virgin pussy and slowly and gently rubbed my cock head against her waiting slit.

"You know, you were a good girl just then? I may have to reward you for that later." I slid my cock head up and down a couple of times and Trance just seemed to enjoy it.

"I do hope you keep your promise to reward me."

I froze. I looked down and Trance's arms and tail were free and her gag was removed. I started to shake. Trance's tail quickly wrapped around me and gave me a couple of squeezes. I tried to pull away but she held me steady.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"Anywhere, but here." I replied. Rebecca had told me that even though she wasn't very strong looking, her tail could pack quite a punch.

"You're not leaving until you finish me off." Suddenly, her tail pulled me into her and I felt the unmistakable feeling of her cherry giving way to my intruder. Trance gave a little gasp and froze. Her body shook a little as she had another orgasm. When Trance recovered, she had a smile on her face.

"Now I want you to fuck me long and hard." I was still shocked that she was as cool as Rebecca was. Her tail was now pulling me out and pushing me back into her until I recovered. Her tail finally released and I started to thrust in and out harder and faster each time. Trance was yelling and screaming out my name. She froze but I was still pumping into her. Her pussy was making it difficult for me to thrust in anymore because she was having another orgasm, so I too froze. Trance moaned out loudly in pleasure, her pussy still gripping my cock, but I had yet to cum.

When I pulled out Trance pulled me closer to her, whispered in my ear, and said, "I want to suck you off so bad." I smiled and lay down on the deck, Trance hovered over my soaked cock, her hot breath sending chills up and down my spine. It took her a couple of tries but she eventually got most of it into her mouth and even some down her throat.

Up and down she bobbed, jerking me off at the same time. It wasn't long before I grasped the sides of her head, slammed her head down on my cock, and flooded her mouth with my seed. Most dribbled out of her mouth, but she still swallowed a good portion of it. She let my limp dick slip from her mouth and crawled up, I wrapped my hands around her beautiful body.

We locked eyes and she smiled. "That felt so good. Can we do it another time?"

I smiled in reply, kissed her on the forehead, and said, "Anytime you want."

She snuggled up closer to me and said, "I have a favor to ask of you." I nodded her on. "Will you please fuck me in the ass? Rebecca told me that it hurt like hell at first, but she said she really enjoyed it."

"So Rebecca told you about what I was going to do?" Trance nodded. "I guess I'll have to punish her for that. And of course I'll fuck you in your ass, I'll do whatever you want."

Trance moved down to my cock, sucking it into her mouth, gathering and spreading spit all over it. She released and got on her hands and knees. I moved my now erect cock behind her and up to her hole.

"The pain will go away a lot quicker if you relax your muscles." I pushed a couple of times before the head popped into her asshole. Trance whimpered out in pain a couple of times, after each time I would ask her if she were fine and she always reassure me that she was.

After a little slow thrusting, I broke out into a full pounding. Trance bouncing back into my cock when I pulled out. I wrapped my arms around her waist and as I thrust into her I was finger-fucking her pussy. About 10 minutes or so of fucking her ass and masturbating her she came, her ass milked the cum from my cock and she had her another orgasm but this was more powerful than her previous ones. My cock eventually softened and easily slid out.

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