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Tricking Twin Sister

by silkstockingslover 10/02/13

"Oh yeeeees," she struggled to say, "Make baby sister your ass slut."

One hard push and I was completely in her. "Aaaaaah, fuck, Walter."

I briefly wondered if she knew it was me as she hasn't been using my name during this perceived role play except when ordered. "Fuck yourself on my cock, ass slut," I ordered.

"Okaaay," she said tentatively, clearly still getting used to my cock so deep in her ass.

I watched, my hands moving to her nylon clad legs for support, as she very slowly moved forward, my cock literally being milked by her tightness. I don't know how much time transpired, but she slowly moved back and forth for a long time as she got used to my big cock in her ass before finally beginning to pick up the pace, and the moans.

"That's it baby sister, fuck your big brother's big cock," I purred.

"Feels sooooo good," she moaned, as her movements became smoother and faster.

"Take all my cock in your ass, slut," I ordered, wanting to see her take it all.

"Yes, biiiiiiig brother," she moaned, as she bounced back on my cock, our bodies colliding into each other.

"Harder, slut sister," I ordered.

She obeyed, and soon she was taking my cock completely in her ass. I wanted to come in her ass, but I also wanted to taste her cunt. This was probably never going to happen again and thus I was going to make sure I got the whole smorgasbord of sexual activity. I had pounded her pussy, fucked her ass, had her suck my cock, beg to be used by her brother, called her a slut and gave her a facial. The only things left were to taste that cunt of hers and shoot my load down her throat, having her suck me again, this time after my cock was in her ass.

I watched her ride me for a couple more minutes before I pulled out, rolled onto my back and said, "Sixty-nine bitch."

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, not even hesitating as she repositioned herself, straddling my face with her very wet cunt. I moved my mask up enough to extend my tongue to her cunt just as she devoured whole my cock. She bobbed up and down hungrily, deep throating my cock with each downward bob. I licked her pussy and was instantly intoxicated by her scent and taste. I hungrily licked and sucked on her pussy lips, making her moan on my cock as she continued to work over it.

She bobbed, I licked; she deep-throated, I sucked; the two of us became one as we both tried to get each other off...focusing only on each other's pleasure. Knowing she was close, as was I, I grabbed her ass and pulled her onto my face. She grounded on my face, getting herself off on my tongue just as I shot my load down her throat. She didn't slow down at all as she swallowed every last drop of my cum while she too came seconds later, her pussy juice flooding out of her and onto my face.

She kept sucking, I kept licking; she swallowed the last of my cum, I hungrily lapped up the last of hers. Finally spent, she rolled of me and I quickly got my mask back on just in time to hide my true identity.

"That was the most intense fucking you ever gave me baby," she purred, moving towards me.

"You were not too bad yourself," I countered, acting sly, but moving to stand up.

"Where are you going?" She asked, looking annoyed.

"I have to get back to campus, it's a two hour drive and we play tomorrow," I said, putting my pants back on.

"So you are just fucking and leaving me," she snapped.

"That's what a slut is for," I shrugged, before slapping her ass hard and walking out.

"Get back here," she yelled, but I hurried out with the biggest smile on my face.


She got home around two and I was online playing Mindcraft. She said, clearly drunk and still pissed off, "Way to live it up, Walter."

"Oh, I had quite the night," I replied.

"What did you win against the other nerds," she shot back.

"Oh, I won big time," I smiled back.

She walked away and too her room.

I could have let it be, I had got away with fucking her, with dominating her, with making her my slut, yet she still thought she was better than me. I went to my room, grabbed the costume, well the top half and mask, while getting butt naked from the waist below and headed to her room. I was thankful mom and dad were gone for the weekend at some business retreat, thus leaving the two of us alone.

I barged into her room and saw that she had her legs spread open as she fucked herself with a brush. She quickly tried to cover herself up as she snapped, "What the fuck are you..."

"Did I get you that revved up sister slut?" I asked, walking towards her.

"What?" She asked, confused.

I took off the mask and asked smugly, "Was your nerd brother so good you had to get yourself off again?"

"" She asked, her tone not angry, but stunned.

"You knew it was," I said, as I reached her, my cock growing in front of her.

"You are fucking sick," she said, now angry. "You tricked me."

"That is not what it sounds like on my phone," I smiled, pressing play.

She heard her words and gasped mortified. "You fucking manipulated me."

"You fucking loved it," I smiled. "Just like you are hungry for it now. I can see it in your eyes. Go ahead suck your brother's cock, like you did so eagerly at the party.

"Never," she snapped back, even though she didn't move away, her firm resistance already fading.

"My cock will feel a lot better than that brush," I said, putting my hand on my cock and stroking it confidently as I moved my cock just inches from her face.

She seemed transfixed on my almost erect cock. Her tone shifted, "Please, don't Walter."

"Don't what?" I asked as I kneeled at the edge of the bed.

"It's incest," she weakly protested, as I kneeled in front of her.

"It's sex between two consenting adults," I protested, as I tapped my cock on her lips.

She mindlessly said, as if transfixed on my cock, "It's so big."

"Bigger then Kevin's?" I asked.

"Thicker and a bit longer," she said, never taking her eyes off my cock.

"You want it, don't you?" I asked.

"I don't know," she answered, even though the lust in her eyes gave me the answer.

But I wanted to hear her say it. "Tell me slut. Tell me how much you want my cock."

"Shit Walter, what has gotten into you," she asked, clearly impressed by the more confident me.

"Well, we know what got into you, all three of your little slut holes," I replied, as my hand reached down to her wet cunt, the brush still inside her. "Now open wide and get my cock ready for that cunt of yours."

Fucking her twice while incognito was exhilarating; having her open her mouth and take my cock between her lips on her own accord was even better.

"That's it slut," I purred, as she began bobbing back and forth on my cock.

I began fucking her cunt with the brush which made her bob faster.

"Where does my slut sister want my cock?" I asked.

She took my cock out of her mouth, looked up at me and said, her eyes full of hunger, lust and need, stressing the word 'big', "Fuck my cunt, big brother."

"How badly does my slut want her brother's cock?"

"Soooo badly," she purred, as she pulled the brush out of her cunt, and adding to the slut factor, sucked off her cunt juices from it.

I rolled her onto her side and ordered, "Beg for me to fuck you, my slut."

"Oh please, big brother, fuck your bitch sister. Punish her for all the times she teased you," she begged, as I moved beside her.

"You will always be my submissive obedient slut now?" I questioned, as my cock was between her ass cheeks.

"I am yours, big brother, just please fuck me like you did earlier," she begged, her ass moving towards my cock trying to get it inside her.

"Your cunt is mine?" I asked, reaching over and cupping her breasts.

"Yeeeees," she moaned, continuing to try to get my cock inside her wet cunt.

"Your ass is mine?" I continued, as I kissed the back of her neck.

"All my holes are yours big brother, now please fuck your slut," she pleaded desperately.

Thrilled with her unconditional surrender, I thrust deep into her wet cunt knowing that I had not only fucked my sister twice, now three times, but had also made her my live-in fuck-toy.

The end

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