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Tristan's Tale Pt. 03

by IncomingPornDuck 05/12/15

Author's Note: This story is shaping up to be much longer than I anticipated. To that end, this is not the best choice if you're looking for something quick - sex isn't featured as heavily in this chapter. However, if you're interested in Tristan and the new world he is finding himself in, read on...


The hot humidity of the jungle pressed on my skin, a thick, invisible blanket which slowed my steps and left my thoughts sluggish. Then again, that could also be due in part to the fact that I was still drunk from the party. I'd been more or less forced here in the middle of hanging out with my friends, and my head was swimming, barely able to keep up with the changes. One moment, I was dealing with a broken nose in the bathroom, which bled still. The next, I was on a path of white gravel leading toward a brilliant wood building in a clearing.

Despite the thickness of the jungle to either side of the path, the multitude of sounds both aviary and insect emanating from inside, the path remained completely clear - nothing crossed it, and no weeds grew amidst the gravel. I was wobbling back and forth on my way forward - jungle humidity and alcohol were a terrible mix, I'd only been walking a few minutes and I was already sweating through my clothes and felt dehydrated.

The building just a little farther down the path glinted in the sun. I called it a monastery because that was the closest word I had to describe what I saw. There was a spiritual quality to it, a serenity in the architecture: bowed tops of the roof, tastefully angled slants here and there in the sides. An open stone archway bordered by a light brown wood fence which lined the perimeter of the place. From a distance, I couldn't get a totally clear sense of it, but what was immediately apparent was the obsessive right angles and rigid, flat walls which nearly ubiquitously marked the urban architecture I'd come from were nowhere to be found. This place was different, and quite small.

I finally broke out of the jungle and into the clearing in which the monastery was located. Immediately, the air changed, becoming more cool and fresh as I got closer to the building. I wondered if the butterfly queen, would be there.

But from under the stone archway, which I'd just been looking past a moment ago, came not the woman made of butterflies, but a little boy I vaguely recognized. I had a hard time focusing on him, which perhaps explained why I didn't notice him at first. Right - this was Jasper, or at least, it resembled Jasper, the thing which claimed it was no boy and could move faster than I could see. The two-faced man, a name I didn't fully understand. Something to do with the fact that he was not what he seemed, and that he had two modes: a quiet, almost sagelike wisdom could infuse his every word, which were spoken sparingly, or he seemed completely normal, if very well spoken for a child. I remembered my annoyance at him, and his refusal to answer any of my questions.

"Welcome back, Tristan." he said, standing before me. In his hand, he held something shiny, and shimmering, and he was wearing a simple brown robe, cinched at the waist.

"Quite the welcome, kidnapping me from a bathroom, Jasper," I replied. I wasn't going to waste words with him, drunk me wanted some fucking answers. "Pretty fucking rude, don't you think."

"That is as much my problem as Jasper is my name," he said, shrugging.

Ah yes, the cryptic business with names. They seemed to be regarded as silly, here. "You're the one who ignored the summons, so we had to come get you," he said.

I stood there, incredulous. "Summons? What summons?"

"We tried a few times, once through your dreams, once through a man you were close to, who used to serve here, and once by sending messengers your way. You weren't open to any of the communications, so," he spread his arms wide, "here you are."

I wracked by brain. "Wait, Jed? You know Jed?"

Jasper extended the hand with the shiny thing in it. Now that it was closer to me, I saw that it was a necklace - a thin silver chain with a small, roughly hewn pendant of green jade inscribed with some sort of rune in black calligraphy.

"Put this on, please," he said.

"I'm not going to put whatever the fuck that is on," I said as I reached out and put the necklace over my neck.

Wait, what the fuck? I hadn't intended to do that. Realization dawned on me - I'd just been controlled, in the same way that I had influenced Mark, or Amber, or Maddy, it had just been done to me. Holy shit. I opened my mouth to yell at Jasper and demand answers, but when I tried to speak, I found that I had absolutely no idea how.

"Great, so now that that's settled, here are a few answers. Pay attention," he said, sounding bored. I screwed up my face, concentrating on making words come, and started breathing rapidly, panicking at the fact that I'd lost my speech.

"So," said Jasper slowly, "You're probably noticing you can't talk. This is on purpose, and the sooner you stop fighting it and shut up internally, the faster we'll go."

I struggled with it some more, still drunk and angry at the violation of the sanctity of my mind. I found out pretty quickly, however, that there wasn't much I could do, and so I stopped trying, slumping my shoulders. In the end, subdued and irritated, I opted for flipping him off.

That made him laugh. "Oho! Well, that's rich. You're off to a great start, Tristan, a real nice first impression." I anticipated sarcasm, but he sounded completely genuine. It was off-putting.

"So," he continued, "Answers, right? First off, we shut you up because it's easier that way. You'll have a million questions, and it's just faster if we don't bother with them, because you don't know the right questions to ask, and my time is valuable." He laughed to himself after he said that, then continued: "And don't bother trying to speak, or fight against it, that power is coming straight from who you call Shae."

Right, Shae was the butterfly queen's name. I assumed she was some sort of leader around here.

"You won't get to meet her again for quite some time, I assume. She's got far more important things to do than handle the meet and greet. No, that's my job. It's a wonderful life I live," he said, smiling. "Now, more answers: that pendant is going to prevent you from using your powers. Not that you were any good before, but don't even bother trying now. You're welcome to try and take it off at any point, just know, that you're wearing it for your own good. While you're wearing that necklace, nobody can affect your mind. There's some tremendously powerful protective energy going on in that thing."

"You're going to be tossed in with a bunch of other people with similar powers, we just call it the Art, by the way, and it's just a huge fucking mess if everyone's manipulating each other during training. We're about efficiency, here, and effectiveness. Keep that in mind, you'll go far."

"Now, remember, you're welcome to take it off at any point. Or rather, you're welcome to try. Actually, go on, try right now."

Fuck that! I didn't want to take it off, being protected sounded like a very nice and very good idea for me right now. I was vulnerable and I needed protection. Also, I didn't want Shae messing around in my head anymore.

"Now, you'll probably notice you don't actually want to take it off. There you go. Ta-da!" he grinned. "Now, if you can figure that one out before someone tells you, you're ahead of the curve. Oh, and don't worry, you'll get speech back pretty soon."

He tapped his cheek with his finger, and looked pensive. "Well, shit, I'm sure there's more to say, but none of it seems terribly important. How about you just follow me, now?"

He turned, and walked back toward the arch which led to the front steps of the monastery. I followed him, hastening to catch up. He walked really quickly for a child. We passed under the arch, a single structure which appeared to have been hewn from a single slab of grey rock, with no apparent placement of the top part onto the two curved supporting beams. It was only a foot taller than I. When we passed under it, I felt a ripple in the air, a slight tension settled into me, but then it was gone.

"Oh, right," he said, starting up the steps, which appeared to be made of the same stuff as the pendant, but colored white, "of course, Shae can still get in your head. She made the necklaces, after all, so she's got the backdoor entrance. She's probably always reading your mind, by the way. She likes to run things her way here," he said, chuckling again.

"And I almost forgot." He turned, and fished in his robes for a moment before removing his hand and extending it up toward me. On top of his palm was what appeared to be a chunk of rock, roughly angled and colored a pure white. "Take this, it's for you. It's your first test, actually."

I reached out hesitantly, trying to figure out if I was actually the one who was reaching out or if I was being made to do so without my knowing it.

Jasper stomped his foot impatiently, a strange action considering his small size and appearance. "Go on, we haven't got all day. Really, it's just much better if you do everything I say. We'll stay great friends, if you can do that.

I remembered when I'd tried to get a good look at him the first time I'd been taken here, wherever "here" was. He'd told me not to, but I'd accidentally lingered my gaze on him, puzzling out who he was, and in an instant I'd been knocked to the floor. I often forgot that the boy I was looking at was actually a creature which held power and speed unlike anything I'd ever known.

So I reached out, and took the fucking rock.

Immediately after I touched it, a blue-green color blossomed from the inside, spreading from the center to the outskirts, following rivulets in the rock that I couldn't see. As I held it in my hand, the color deepened in its hue and seemed to shine slightly when I looked at it. It had an energy about it, but it was hard for me to discern what exactly that meant or what it was like.

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