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Two is Better than One

by LoveIsUniversal 12/24/17

Anyone on planet Earth would always remember that sleeping with their high school principal would be a distasteful choice in today's society. But Randy just didn't care. He began a rather fulfilling relationship with Sharon, his own principal, at the start of the school year. Even with no one knowing about it, the eighteen-year-old student never regretted it. He had already grown fond of their secret connection. He never told anyone about it, and neither did she. Twelfth grade sparked his interest in school all because of her. He didn't think that anything would ever change. He hoped it never would, since the physical attraction never ended.

But then, Sharon told him something that made him question their relationship. In the first week of April, she admitted that he wasn't the only one who made her happy. In fact, she had found another twelfth-grader two weeks ago. Another eighteen-year-old student named Jim had become another one of her lovers. This meant that the principal now had the fortune of having two young men in her bedroom. At first, Randy didn't know how to feel about this. But Sharon assured him that everything would stay the same. She didn't want to lose him, nor did she want to lose Jim. Randy couldn't do anything about it. Since Sharon was the principal after all, she had the power to do anything she wanted. Randy's newfound skepticism, however, still didn't depart from his thoughts. And this was when Sharon decided to have the two students meet each other.

On a calm and cool Saturday afternoon, Randy paid his principal a visit. Her home, located in the middle of an affluent neighborhood in the city of Pasadena, was a place of luxury. The two-story house included lavish furniture, a fabulous swimming pool, and an overall clean and flamboyant structure. Randy still didn't know whether to leave or stay and meet this other man. He sat alone in the living room, trying to follow Sharon's words with an optimistic clutch.

She entered the room with a smile. At forty-three years of age, she had preserved her beauty and charm quite well. She had become the very definition of a cougar who didn't quit.

She sat down beside him and asked, "What's wrong?"

Randy sighed. "I'm still not comfortable with this."

Sharon kept calm. "Don't worry. You'll get to know Jim quite well, and the two of you will be good friends."

"Well, I hope that happens instead of a brawl that gets out of hand."

Sharon started caressing his brown hair. "Trust me. It'll be the perfect match."

The doorbell rang. "Oh, there he is. Come on."

Randy followed her to the front door. She opened the door, and there was Jim standing quietly on the front porch.

He smiled and said, "Hello, Sharon. It's good to see you again."

Sharon gave him a kiss. "Oh, I'm so glad you're here. I'd like you to meet someone."

She introduced him to Randy, who didn't say a word just yet. He couldn't help but feel a little speechless. Sharon seemed to have a good choice when choosing someone like Jim. The young blond-haired man was absolutely handsome. In fact, he was just as good-looking as Randy. His youthful demeanor matched his external appeal. Randy couldn't stop staring at him. He didn't want to admit it, but he felt a little dumbfounded at Jim's appearance. He almost stumbled when he introduced himself to the newcomer. Seeing Jim smile did help in keeping his own composure.

Sharon led them back into the living room. The three of them sat down on the sofa, and for the next several minutes, Randy and Jim got to know each other. They began to discuss their interests while Sharon stayed silent and watched them converse. To his surprise, Randy found himself to have similar interests with Jim. Both had a love for rock and techno music, both enjoy watching science fiction movies and nature documentaries, and both would never even miss a Dodgers game on TV. Randy's skeptic side began to diminish when the conversation continued. Knowing more about Jim didn't bother him at all.

As a matter of fact, Randy couldn't look away. He remained transfixed with Jim's handsome features. Every time that Jim gave a little smile, Randy tried to stay composed when a stirring sensation arose from within. He didn't understand the formation of these new feelings, but he recognized the intentions. He wanted Jim. He wanted both of them to lie naked in bed together. He wanted to feel him, kiss him, and hold him tight. These unfamiliar feelings had emerged in such a short time. He never had a fixation toward someone of the same sex before. All it took was a steady introduction and a casual conversation. Randy closed his eyes for a moment and snapped out of it. He had feelings for Sharon, and no one else.

Sharon asked, "Is there a problem?"

Randy had to find a quick answer. "No, nothing's wrong."

"I hope you don't find anything wrong with Jim."

"No, not at all. I'm actually very interested."

Jim chuckled. "I'm sure you are."

Suddenly, they heard a vibrating noise. Sharon pulled out her smartphone from her pocket. "You'll have to excuse me. I have to take this call."

Both young men let her leave the room as she started to talk on her phone. They were now alone in the living room.

Randy cleared his throat. "So I can tell that you're a good guy."

Jim drew a little closer. "I'd say the same thing about you. You're hot stuff. You know that, right?"

"Yeah. Sharon says that to me all the time."

Jim eyed him from top to bottom. "Maybe it's time I say the same thing every day."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm really glad that she found someone like you. You're making me want something else."

Randy began to feel uncomfortable. "What the hell are you doing?"

Jim moved even closer. He was now just several inches away from Randy's body. He whispered, "I can't believe how handsome you are. As soon as I saw you at the front door, I wanted to get a hold of you. You're making me feel crazy. I want something from you, and it's hidden inside your pants."

Randy didn't move. "You know what? I'm feeling the same way."

He couldn't hold it any longer. He just had to be honest to Sharon's other boyfriend. "I can't understand it, but seeing you makes me want to have my way with you."

Jim let out a soft chuckle as he took Randy's hand and gave it a kiss. "I so wish you could do your dirty deeds to me."

Randy didn't hesitate. He leaned in and gave Jim a kiss on the lips. He didn't stop, and neither did Jim. They grabbed hold of each other's shoulders and made their kiss even longer. Randy didn't question it. He let it happen. He wanted it. Their smooth moist kiss made his dick grow more solid. This was the first time he ever did this with another man, and he had nothing but high hopes for it.

He suddenly stopped the kiss and looked to see if Sharon had returned to the living room. Fortunately, the two twelfth-graders were still alone. He set his sights on Jim yet again, and was instantly mesmerized by his good looks for a second time.

Jim gave him a hug and whispered in his ear. "I've got a surprise for you."

Randy didn't say anything. He watched as Jim got down on his knees and began to unzip Randy's pants. Randy took a deep breath. He already recognized Jim's immediate motive. He stayed seated while Jim pulled the former's fully erect cock from out of its hiding spot. He caressed the penis with his slow and gentle fingers. The stimulation offered Randy a clear incentive to watch what happens next.

Jim whispered, "You like that, don't you?"

Randy began to love the feeling that came from such a careful hand movement. "Oh, yes. I like it. I want to see how well you handle it."

Jim's smile never disappeared as he licked the tip of the cock in a playful manner. Painting the surface with saliva made Randy shiver with excitement.

Jim's wink said it all. He opened his mouth wide open and stuffed the cock deep inside it. Randy gasped. He dug his fingers into the armrest. He watched as Jim started to move his entire head up and down. It was an extraordinary sight to see.

Jim didn't stop even as the tip of the cock was lodged down his throat most of the time. He continued to give Randy a thrill ride that he would most certainly remember. Having another man suck his dick would have never been found on his personal agenda, but now that it was actually happening, he had no reason to protest. Jim was doing a fine job with stimulating his senses. His swift movements with mouth and his tongue reminded Randy of how Sharon used to do it, only Jim may have given slightly better performance.

Randy whispered, "Oh, I could feel it coming."

The stirring sensation in his hips grew stronger. Jim didn't stop provoking the cock in his mouth. He did everything right, resulting in the inevitable discharge that completed the operation.

Randy gasped. "Oh, shit."

He could feel the ejaculation taking effect. He looked down to see that Jim stopping moving. He kept the cock inside his mouth. A thin trail of semen spilled from out of his lips. Randy could feel him actually sucking the cock dry and consuming its main ingredient. A few seconds later, Jim finally pulled the cock out of his mouth and let out a deep sigh.

Randy was stunned. "You swallowed it?"

"Most of it."

Jim showed him the remaining ounces of thick cum dripping down his lips and chin.

Randy almost laughed. "Shit, you were amazing."

"Oh, I knew you'd say that."

Jim kneeled on the couch in front of Randy and gave him another kiss. This time, he didn't wipe away any of the residue on the lips. Randy had the opportunity to taste his own cum. With their exquisite kiss showing no sign of stopping anytime soon, he used his tongue to lick off the remaining deposits on Jim's lips. The semen was still warm. He swallowed his own syrup without a reluctant attitude. It didn't taste that bad, really. Their tight embrace ended when Jim pulled away. He stood up from the couch and took off his shirt. Randy watched as his new companion stripped naked in front of him.

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