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Unconventional Therapy Ch. 06

by Pthead 01/14/18

Alex woke up early and smiled, it was his turn to use the coin and make Ashley do whatever he wanted. After yesterday she was probably expecting him to do something sexual but he had other plans. He had a list of chores he needed to do that he had been putting off for a while and now he didn't have to do them. He felt a bit guilty that he had actually enjoyed yesterday and Ashley probably wouldn't enjoy today, but equally she had sprung the whole thing on him without even discussing it first so he felt this was fair. He got up and checked his emails before he went downstairs, finding Ashley already awake and watching television.

"Morning," she smiled as he entered the room.

"Hey, ready for today?" He asked with a smile.

"That depends, what are we doing?" She replied.

"Well I'm not doing anything, I actually have some work to do but you've got a busy day," he told her. She knew something was up and cocked an eye brow at him.

"What exactly am I going to be doing? It's not going to be fun is it?" she replied knowing the answer already.

"Well first you're going shopping, I need a new suit for Jakes wedding in a couple of months and I hate getting them, nowhere ever fits me so I have to have one custom fitted which is always boring so you're doing that for me. That will take most of the morning and then you're going to go and meet Andy and go with him to Sarahs and help him get his belongings back. He's been asking me to go since they broke up because he's too scared to go alone," Alex chuckled. He had been friends with Andy for years, he'd always been the 'though' guy of the group but knowing he was scared to face his ex alone amused Alex.

"This doesn't seem fair, you had a whole day of fun yesterday and I get to do boring tasks," Ashley complained.

"Hey you sprung this deal on me without even talking to me about it first, plus I didn't have a choice of when I had fun, that was totally under your control so this seems fair to me," he countered.

"Fine, you do have a point. I should have spoken to you first, at least I get to go shopping. What else am I doing or is that it?" She asked.

"That's it for now, if I think of anything else I'll let you know," he told her.

"Fine, let's just get on with it," Ashley relented. Alex produced the coin from his pocket and placed it on the table before turning it. The world span for a moment before coming back into focus. He found himself sat on the other side of the sofa looking at his old body. He still was amazed by how easy it was to swap bodies. He had always imagined if it was possible it'd require some high tech giant machine but now magic was real, the fact a tiny little coin could do it so easily was astounding.

"Andy will be at home this afternoon so don't worry about that, just meet him when you're done and take him to get his stuff," he told her.

"And what are you going to do all day?" She asked.

"Work. One of the perks of my job, I don't need my body to do it," he smiled.

"And what if mom comes home and wonders why I'm in your room?" She continued.

"I'll think of something, besides you'll be back before she is," he said casually. Ashley just shrugged as if to say ok. They both went upstairs to Alex's room and he sat down on his computer, it felt weird seeing everything from a lower perspective. Ashley started going through his wardrobe looking for clothes, apparently unhappy with his current outfit. Alex didn't mind and left her to it as he started on his work. Ashley picked out a few different clothes and tried them on, eventually settling on a nice pair of jeans, a loose fitting shirt and a clean pair of suede shoes she had never even seen Alex wear before. Satisfied with her work, she collected Alex's wallet and phone before heading down to his car. Being him did have its perks and she figured Alex really must trust her after all to let her go to the mall with his wallet. She smiled and climbed in the car, she found as she set off, driving was quite different in this body, she could see more from her higher vantage point and steering and shifting gears was much easier. She was glad to have learnt to drive stick long ago or today could have been frustrating. She arrived at the mall and made a beeline for the tailor that was tucked away in the corner. Alex had used them before and they recognized him as Ashley walked in.

"So what can we do for you today?" An elderly gentleman asked her.

"A new suit, it's a friends wedding soon and I need something that fits properly," she told him.

"Well that I can certainly help you with, is there any particular type or style of suit required for this wedding?" He asked. Ashley had a moment of hesitation, Alex hadn't mentioned if there was or not so she just had to guess.

"No, I don't think so. Just something smart and not too expensive will do," she smiled.

"Smart, no problem. Expensive? Well a tailored suit isn't going to be cheap," he replied honestly.

"That's not a problem, just leave off any extra bells and whistles and we'll be fine," Ashley told him. She knew Alex had a decent amount of money saved up, he certainly wasn't rich but he wasn't doing badly for himself. She spent the next three hours being measured, picking materials, picking shirts and ties and trying on different jackets. Ashley had never realized how much work went into getting a properly tailored suit made. The older man who revealed his name as Arthur was polite and professional. It was strange for Ashley being in various states on undress around such a man and not having him leer at her. She had noticed on the way in too, not only could she now look over the crowds but no-one seemed to pay her much attention. It was a welcome change from the staring and cat calls she usually got.

A short while later the man returned with a suit bag containing Alex's new suit. She was impressed at the speed the man had worked, she was expecting Alex to have to pick it up later in the week. She thanked him and paid, Alex hadn't told her a price so she just paid what the man requested, if it was too much it was his problem to deal with. She smiled and thanked him before leaving the store. Looking the time Ashley realized she had time to spare before she had to meet Andy and decided to do some shopping, she had some surprises in store for Alex.

She finished her shopping and decided to grab some lunch, there was a burrito place she had been desperate to try for ages but she always avoided it for the sake of her figure. This time though she was in Alex's body and knew he wasn't interested in watching what he ate so she went straight there and ordered a burrito with almost everything. She sat down and devoured the burrito in record time, not having to worry about being seen at the dainty little woman she usually was, she took full advantage of her new male body and thoroughly enjoyed her meal. She checked the time and realized she was due to pick up Andy very soon but there was a small problem, Alex had neglected to tell her where he lived. She took out his phone and unlocked it with her finger print before calling her own number.

"What's up?" Alex answered.

"You forgot to give me Andys address, what is it?" Ashley asked.

"Oh right sorry, I'll text you it," Alex said before hanging up the call. A few seconds later a text came through and Ashley had the address, she knew the area and knew it wasn't far from the mall so she had a leisurely stroll back to the car, enjoying being able to see over the crowds of people for the first time in her life.

She arrived at the car and climbed in, pulling out of the car park and going to Andy's. She was a tad nervous, this would be the first time she would have to pretend to be Andy in front of someone that might actually know something about him she didn't and couldn't respond properly to something they said. She decided she would just have to wing it and feign ignorance, it's not like Andy would have any viable reason for her not actually being Alex. After a few wrong turns she zeroed in his house and pulled up outside. Taking a breath to steady her nerves she climbed out of the car and walked to the door. She knocked and heard movement inside.

"Hey Alex, good to see you man, it's been a while," he said as he answered the door. He grabbed Ashley and pulled her into a hug, the gesture caught her by surprise, she'd imagine it'd be more manly with 'bro' high fives and hand shakes.

"Yeah sorry I've been busy," she replied as they broke the hug.

"Still dealing with that bitch of a step sister I take it?" He asked.

"Hey! I mean, no she's been cool recently actually," Ashley replied, she had caught her anger just in time that Andy didn't seem to notice.

"Yeah well about time, someone that hot shouldn't have a personality that horrible, it's such a waste of potential," Andy replied.

"She wasn't that bad," Ashley replied, both pleased and hurt by his comments.

"Come on, you never stopped complaining about how she treated you. She was always on your case thinking she was better than you with a 'real job' and a relationship. I still don't understand why you don't just tell her about your savings, that'd shut her up," he grinned.

"What savings?" Ashley asked, ignoring his comments about her.

"The ones you told me about from that great uncle or whoever, plus the absolute bank you earned doing that editing contract for the porno company," he explained.

"Oh right that, maybe I'll tell her. Anyway let's get going to get your stuff," she suggested wanting to change the subject. She didn't like being talked about so negatively, had she really treated Alex so badly? She thought about their previous interactions and while he had been horrible to her at times it had always been in response to something she had started. She would have to apologize to him at some point.

"Wait up, come on in for a few I need to get changed. Can't turn up looking all scruffy now, I need to show her what she's missing out on," Andy grinned. Ashley followed him inside while checking him out. He was a handsome guy, tall but still slightly shorter than she currently was. He was stocky though, with more muscle than Alex, he obviously spent a lot of time in the gym. He had short black hair styled with gel and was dressed in nice clothes, it was a surprise he was friends with Alex considering. She felt her cock begin to stir and realized she may have been checking him out a bit too much. She waited in the hall as he started going upstairs to change.

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