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Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 03

by MTL17 03/28/10

As Trish continues to try and focus her mind the image of both Ashley and Mickie's face when Torrie had said that she would leave her up where she is for 24 hours enters her head. Even now Trish can't believe how emotionless both girls looked to her being hung up there having to go through 24 hours of torture at the hands of the two devices that had already made her have more orgasms than she could even count stunned her. It was like the Mickie and Ashley she knew where gone and in their places where these two... robots that was the best way she could describe them two mindless brain-dead zombies.

And Torrie actually thought that she was actually going to allow herself to become one of them. Not so long as she had breath left in her body would she ever become a brain-dead mindless zombie only interested in serving and pleasuring Torrie Wilson.

As Trish thinks about her two former best friends being turned from what they where into what they are now she can't help but get turned on at the memory of seeing it which makes her sick.


Hours later Trish hears the door to the basement open and see's two pairs of feet walk down the steps. The first set belongs to Mickie the other set belongs to Torrie.

Trish watches as Torrie sits down on the bottom step and watches as Mickie walks up to the chair reaches underneath and pulls out the 'goody bag' as the Devils call it. Mickie reaches in and pulls out a dildo not as big as the one Candice used on her in point of fact this one is about half the size of that one which would make it about six inches in length.

Then Mickie puts the 'goody bag' back underneath the chair and get's closer to Trish until she is directly in the blonde Canadian's line of sight. She then get's down onto her hand and knee's turns around so that her ass is facing Trish and licks two of her fingers on her right hand and moves it around and slowly slides that finger into her ass hole.

Trish watches in shock, horror and disgust as Mickie continues to finger fuck herself, adding another finger into her ass hole to seemingly stretch out her back hole even more. After a few minutes Mickie stops finger fucking her ass and instead uses the dildo to do it, Mickie moaning softly as she pushed the head of the toy past her own tight anal ring and into her rectum, the rest of the dildo easily following, Mickie having no problem in filling her ass up with that toy.

Trish closes her eyes not wanting to see anymore of the sight before her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm you have no idea how good this feels Trish." Mickie moans, "Not as good as having Mistress Candy's strap on in my ass but still pretty good."

Trish slowly opens her eyes and see's Mickie looking back at her. As if that isn't bad enough she is also smiling at her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm I love having Mistress Candy's strap on in my ass. I just can't get enough of it. I just can't get enough of my Mistress Candy's strap on, and my Mistress Candy can't get enough of my ass. She spent most of last night and this morning pounding my ass hole and I loved every minute of it. She even told me to keep fingering my ass when ever I can so it's nice and ready for her to use whenever she wants. Oh how I wish my Mistress Candy was using my ass hole now. I wish she was pounding my ass hole right now with her big strap on cock. But you know what, I know I am making my mistress happy because she told me to do this and me doing this makes her happy which makes me happy." Mickie continues on.

Trish looks at Mickie not wanting to or rather unable to believe this is the same woman who not that long ago joined RAW and became her best friend who she hung around with all the time.

Trish turns her attention from Mickie to Torrie who is still sitting on the stairs with an ear to ear smile on her face.

As she looks at her Trish does her best to make herself believe that it isn't Candice that made Mickie come down and do this but Torrie and that it is Torrie that told her to say these things.

"My Mistress's pussy tastes like honey." Mickie says causing Trish to turn her attention back to the brunette, "Mistress Torrie's tastes good as well."

This convinces Trish that Torrie is the cause of all of this, Mickie coming down her and doing what she is doing as well as saying what she is saying.

"I could have spent all night in between Mistress Candy's and Mistress Torrie's legs, both their pussies tasted so good. Mistress Candy's tasted the best but Mistress Torrie's comes a close second. I would have loved licking Mistress Torrie out some more, but since last night she's been saving herself for you. Not my Mistress Candy though. Whenever I wasn't taking my mistress's strap on inside me last night and this morning my face was buried firmly in between Mistress Candy's thighs." Mickie continues on dreamily.

Trish closes her eyes not wanting to hear anymore.

"I also have a bit of a confession to make Trish." Mickie says.

Trish waits to hear the confession however after a few minutes of silence she slowly opens her eyes and looks at Mickie.

"Remember when I said I loved you when we first met?" Mickie asks.

Slowly Trish nods her head as best she can.

"I didn't just mean as a friend." Mickie says with an ear to ear smile, "I meant it literally."

Trish closes her eyes unable to believe what she is hearing doing her best to try and convince herself one of the devils either Candice or Victoria or Torrie made her say this and yet not being able to come up with a good enough explanation as to why they would make Mickie say this and yet not being able or willing to believe Mickie really means what she is saying.

"I really would have done anything for you. Literally, anything. And you know if my Mistress hadn't found me and made me her's I think you and I would have made a great couple." Mickie says.

Once again Trish closes her eyes and turns her head wanting to be physically sick at the thought of her being with another woman especially one that used to be her best friend.

"But luckily my Mistress found me and made me hers. Now I love her the way I used to love you and now she is the one I will do anything for. She's the only one I idolize." Mickie says.

At this point Mickie begins increasing the speed of her anal masturbation until she is feverishly fucking her own ass with the dildo.

"Oh I love my Mistress Candy so much. She is my everything. I would do anything for her. I would... I... oh God I'm going to cum... oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh." Mickie moans loudly as she cums from talking about her Mistress as well as fucking herself with the dildo.

Trish watches not wanting to and yet unable to turn away or close her eyes for some reason.

Once she has come down from her orgasm Mickie pulls the dildo out of her ass and turns around so that she is in a sitting position and first licks and then sucks the dildo clean really making Trish want to be physically sick at the sight and knowing where that dildo has just been.

Once the dildo is clean Mickie stands up and goes back over to the chair bends down and puts the dildo back into the goodie bag once she has done that she puts the bag back under the chair and without looking at Trish heads over to Torrie who stands up and the two head up stairs not giving Trish a second glance.


Even later Trish once again hears the door to the basement open and looks to see two pairs of feet walk down the steps one set belongs to Torrie and the other set belongs to Ashley.

This time Torrie stands at the bottom of the stairs and watches as Ashley heads over to the chair bends down get's the goodie bag opens it and pulls out a different size dildo to the one Mickie used she then puts the goodie bag back underneath the chair however instead of getting on the floor Ashley sits in the chair spreading her legs as far apart as she can.

Trish closes her eyes knowing what is about to happen she slowly opens them and looks at Torrie who has the same ear to ear smile she had when Mickie was fucking her own ass earlier.

Slowly Trish turns her attention from Torrie to Ashley who sucks on one of her left hand fingers and then starts to play with her pussy.

Trish watches Ashley just as disgusted at what she is seeing as what she saw Mickie do if not more so wishing Torrie would stop with the torture of making her watch her two former friends pleasure themselves for their mistresses pleasure and just try and break her already.

Once her pussy is wet enough Ashley slowly slides the dildo into her pussy, moaning as it enters her and then fills her before she turns her attention from what she is doing to Trish.

"Mmmmmmmmmm It feels so good having something back inside my pussy after having the vibrator in there for so long and Mistress Victoria's strap on felt even better than the vibrator once I got used to it." Ashley says, "She kept using it on me when we left you. My Mistress Victoria fucked my pussy and ass all night long and most of this morning. Mmmmmmmm, she fucks me so good. I love being her little slave so much."

Trish turns her head hoping Ashley will get this over with quickly.

"I can't believe I actually thought I was better than her or Mistress Candy and Torrie. I know you think the same Trish." Ashley says causing Trish to look at her, "That'll change. You'll soon realise what me and Mickie realised."

Trish wants to ask her what it is exacterly she has come to realise but can't because of the ball gag.

"And what's that bitch?" Torrie asks.

Ashley turns around to look at Torrie.

"That we're not better than you Mistress Torrie, or Mistress Candice or Mistress Victoria." Ashley says obediently.

Torrie smiles at Ashley as her eyes slowly move from Ashley to Trish who is looking at Torrie with hatred once again on her face and in her eyes.

"Tell Trish what you just told me bitch." Torrie says completely at ease despite the daggers Trish is staring at her with.

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