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Wanna Go to Tallahassee?

by Laurie 06/07/13

Bob moaned as Dana Lee sucked for all she was worth until he was a little more than half hard, but as soon as she took his cock out of her mouth to catch her breath, Bob wilted and went limp again. To his dismay, the girls giggled some more. But, it was clearly a playful giggle and not a mean one as they switched duties and Dana Lee played with his chest hair as Amy began to skillfully suck his cock until it was finally fully erect.

But, just as before, as soon as she stopped sucking it wilted and fell limp. Oh God. This can't be happening. "Sorry, girls."

Dana Lee softly stroked his cock with her right hand and said, "You just need a little more time, stud."

"And maybe a little show," Amy added.

Dana Lee looked past him to Amy and said, "What do you have in mind?"

Amy grinned. "Let him take his iPhone and make a little recording of us on the sofa."

"Amy," Dana Lee said. "I'm not going down you."

"Yeah yeah. You'd probably suck at it anyway," Amy said. "But, I'm sure a video of two teenage girls masturbating will be good enough for him. What about it, Bob? Want to play director for us?"

Can this even be real? I have to be dreaming. "You serious?" Bob said as he pulled his iPhone out of his pants and turned on the camera app. He flipped it over to video mode and pushed record, then stood facing them as they sat together on the sofa, just about sweating bullets, wondering what they'd do.

Both girls giggled and hugged before scooting next to each other. Bob stepped back a few feet and framed the girls up. Amy had lifted her cheerleader skirt and was slowly stroking her bald pussy as she pressed her thigh against Dana Lee's. Fuck. If only I could ever show this to anyone. Fuck. At this point Dana Lee began to just as slowly run her fingers through her own blonde bush until she was rubbing them across her clit.

As they each stroked their pussies, Amy leaned her lips up to Dana Lee's ear and said softly, almost so softly that Bob was only barely able to hear, "Can I touch you?"

Dana Lee gasped as her fingers kept stroking, "Not... not my pussy. But help your... yourself to everything else."

Amy smiled and brought her left hand, her free one, across her body and delicately pinched and tweaked Dana Lee's left nipple. Dana Lee leaned her head back so that her ponytail was resting along the top of the cushions and began to work three long fingers in and out of her pussy. Moaning from the pleasure of Amy's fingers and her own.

Bob felt his cock stiffen and he stroked it slowly with one hand as he held his iPhone steady with the other and captured every move that each girl made. Dana Lee opened her legs and Amy took that as an invitation to drape her right leg over Dana Lee's left and as Dana Lee continued to drive her fingers of her right hand in and out of her own pussy, she slowly stroked the length of Amy's thigh with her left hand.

Bob moved in to get a close up of each of their pussies, Amy furiously swirling her clit, Dana Lee diving deep. Holy fuck. These bitches are so fucking hot. Bob's cock was fully stiff again and he could now fuck Amy whenever he liked, but he was enjoying the show too much to put down his iPhone. And both girls were clearly enjoying putting the show on for him. Still, Bob was afraid that if he kept stroking he'd cum before he fucked the cheerleader, and it was impossible for him to keep watching without stroking his cock. He came super close once, and forced himself to let go, and hold the iPhone steady with both hands.

He watched with growing excitement as Amy turned slightly and leaned over to suck Dana Lee's left nipple into her mouth. Dana Lee's free hand was drifting closer and closer to Amy's pussy, though clearly she wasn't controlling it. But Amy was definitely scrunching her pelvis, probably hoping to force a little contact. Amy opened her legs farther and rotated all the way around so that she was completely facing Dana Lee, and her pussy had trapped Dana Lee's arm against her thigh, she began to grind her pussy against it. Bob bent down, and shot behind Amy's amazing ass to capture the sight of her wet pussy lips parting over and sliding along Dana Lee's bony wrist bone, leaving a wet streak on her dark skin. If Dana Lee noticed this was going on, she showed no sign. She was simply too intent on maintaining a blooming orgasm as Amy went back and forth between her nipples, sucking them and nibbling them as if they belonged to her.

Dana Lee suddenly became aware of the fact that Amy was grinding against her arm. Oh shit. What the fuck? She tried to protest, but she couldn't form the words, so she impulsively pulled both of her arms up, sliding her trapped hand across Amy's open, gushing wet pussy, then weakly tried to push Amy away. But she stopped when she realized her hands were now full of Amy's boobs. Those wonderful baseball sized boobs that she'd always admired, but had never, until now, actually touched. They weren't anything like her own. They were full, and squishy and had real heft. She had to admit that they felt awfully sexy in her hands. She began to squeeze them, pinch them, and tweak the nipples, just as Amy had been doing to hers. She was vaguely aware that Amy's pussy was now grinding, harder than ever, against her bare kneecap, and Amy was moaning, as she was coming closer and closer to an orgasm of her own. The closer she got, the wetter she got. Dana Lee could feel Amy's hot juices dripping down her leg.

What am I doing? I've got to stop this. But she was too crazed with lust and pleasure to stop now. But, then she felt Amy's hand on her inner thigh. It was sliding up, higher and higher. She opened her eyes and there was Amy's face, looking right at her from an inch away, with her lips open and moist, coming in for a kiss, as her fingers pressed against Dana Lee's weeping pussy.

Dana Lee once again squirmed out of Amy's grasp, letting out a hysterical shriek that was immediately followed by crazy laughter. She ran across the room, and swerved around Bob, shrieking, "Nice try, carpet muncher!"

Amy roared with frustration and shot to her feet and chased after Dana Lee. They dodged and weaved around the room and through the adjacent kitchen, and around the big table in the center of it. Amy was fast, but Dana Lee was a slippery devil, and so coated now with sweat and pussy juice that Amy couldn't get a hold of her. All she could manage was a few powerful slaps against Dana Lee's untanned ass, which was hard enough to leave a hand-shaped red mark. The whole while both of them were laughing and giggling and shrieking.

Bob caught the whole thing on the video, but he wasn't laughing. This was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen in his life. A nearly naked girl, with only a short skirt covering her ass, chasing a completely naked girl with a long, blonde ponytail. They were dodging and weaving and laughing and slapping and screeching. His cock was throbbing with primal power. He growled low watching them, much like a lion growls when it watches cute little gazelles frolicking on the veldt.

Eventually, Amy cornered Dana Lee in an overstuffed armchair, and pinned her and began to tickle her unmercifully. Dana Lee laughed so hard she could barely breathe, as Amy yelled, "Try to get away? I'll teach you!"

Bob quietly turned off the iPhone, and tossed it down into the pile of his clothes on the floor, and watched the girls, growling low, waiting for his opportunity to pounce.

Dana Lee shrieked, "Help me, Mr. Spenser!"

Like a dash, he stepped up behind Amy, wrapped his strong fingers around her waist, and lifted her off her friend. She was light as a feather. He spun around, holding her aloft, then pushed her face down into the sofa, lifted the hem of her skirt and entered her slick pussy from behind. One quick thrust and he was in her to the hilt and furiously pumping his cock in and out of the young, blonde cheerleader. Pounding her doggie style. Pounding her like the animal that he had become.

Dana Lee, dizzy from the tickle attack, gasped for breath, then screamed, "That's what you get for fucking with me, bitch!"

Amy was screaming too. A throaty scream of pure pleasure. She moaned, "Then I'm gonna be fucking with you all night long!!"


Dana Lee weakly crawled across the floor and kneeled at Bob's feet and watched him screwing her friend. She'd been on the receiving end of this animalistic attack a time or two, but she'd never seen it from the outside like this. Amy looked like a rag-doll in his hands. His strong fingers were sinking into her hips, as he pistoned himself into her with primal energy. Oh wow. Fucking wow. Wow fucking wow wow wow. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Another second. Not even another second and I'd have been kissing her. Making out with her. And then what? Eating her pussy? Or at least she'd be eating mine by now. I was right there on the edge. I was even closer right then than I was that night on the boat and the only reason I didn't eat her pussy then was I was afraid of Alyson walking in on us and freaking out about her two best friends being a couple of dykes. Wow. Oh fuck. I've got to clear my fucking head.

She stood and stumbled to the kitchen looking for her cigarettes. She found her pack laying on the counter next to the two remaining lines of cocaine that Amy had lined up on the counter. With the two lines of cocaine, was the rolled up dollar bill they'd used as a straw. Before she took a cigarette from her pack, Dana Lee looked at the cocaine. What the fuck. Sleep's overrated anyway. Then, as she listened to Amy's orgasmic screams coming from the outer room, she picked up the bill and leaned her face to the counter and made the cocaine disappear. Damn. I say damn. That's some good fucking shit. I'm sure Amy has more too.

With a lit cigarette dangling from her lips, Dana Lee, still in a fog, stumbled back into the lounge. Amy was now on her back on the sofa with her legs wrapped around the back of Bob's thighs. Her arms lay at her side as Bob drilled her again and again and again. Dana Lee stood there and watched, slowly smoking her cigarette. He never let up pace, he just kept fucking that tiny little girl. Fucking her and fucking her and fucking her. Tirelessly. Relentlessly. Loving the vice like grip her pussy held on his cock. And all the while, Amy went through orgasm after orgasm. Dana Lee watched as a gush of Amy's cum squirted out of her pussy around Bob's cock, and splashed all over the teacher's couch, discoloring the material. Dana Lee giggled, thinking about teachers sitting on the wet spot. She drenched it so bad, I bet it won't dry over the weekend. I wonder if they'll smell the sex. Fuck it. I bet a teacher or two has done the nasty in here. They probably won't even notice it over the smell of cigarettes.

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