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What Happens in Vegas...

by n2anal78 07/03/08

I felt the bed move and I opened my eyes to see my sister crawling beneath me.

"Lick you little sister's pussy!" Jenny demanded.

I quickly bent down to comply and am rewardedboth with her sweet nectar and a moan of pleasure as I ran my tongue along her lips.

Just as Dave finished pulling back until he is barely in my ass I hear my wife's voice. "Beg for the fucking you want!"

"Fuck me!" I begged shamelessly. "Please fuck my ass!"

Dave slammed into my ass with greater force than before as I buried my face in my sister's pussy.

As I began to tongue fuck my sister I felt her mouth engulf my rigid cock, swallowing the entire length as Dave's powerful thrust into my ass rammed my meat down her throat.

I groaned excitedly into my sister's cunt as I strove to use my tongue to excite her as her husband began a regular pumping motion into my cock hungry ass.

The excitement built quickly for all of us with this entirely new and unusual experience. Not surprising the only one of us yet to cum was the first to announce his impending orgasm.

Dave began ramming my ass with greater urgency for several powerful regular thrusts that caused my ass and cock to twitch in appreciation before he suddenly slammed home with his cock buried deep inside my ass and he let out a loud roar.

I felt his cock suddenly swell and then twitch as it blasted the depths of my bowels with his warm man juices. The combination of the spasming cock buried in my pulsing ass, the taste of my sister's pussy on my tongue, and the feel of her mouth sucking greedily on my cock put me over the edge and I yell into my sister's cunt as I shot my own load down her throat.

My face was coated with a sudden gush of womanly fluids as my sister and wife both screamed their own orgasms out loud.

Spent, and not wanting to collapse on her, I rolled off of my sister allowing Dave's cock to pop free of my ass and my own meat to slip from my sisters lips. My sister quickly took her husband's manhood in her mouth lovingly licking him clean.

My wife crawled between my legs and started by licking the last of my juices from my still leaking and twitching cock then she moved past my balls and began delving her tongue into my ass trying to get every bit of Dave's cum from ass.

Once the girls were satisfied with their clean-up efforts Dave and Monica moved to climb on the bed as Jenny and I shifted to make sure there was room for all of us.

The four of us drifted off to sleep in an unsorted naked tangle of bodies, now closer than ever before.

A small part of my mind wondered as sleep took me, were there going to be regrets in the morning?

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