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White Mom Black Male'd

by Moremom 12/13/06

Months of contemplating and fantasizing about being ravished by a black man, and teasing black men, had made me ready to consider taking the next step. My husband Bob had got me into this. He had become a fan of interracial pornography and spent a lot of time online. Looking at it online was then not enough for him so he arranged for black men on a couple of occasions to fondle my breasts. Bob took pictures while the black men groped me; I know it turned me on, and I guess it was a big turn on for him too.

All of this got me thinking about actually having sex with a black man; but as a white wife in the suburbs I wasn't quite sure how to make it happen, or if I could go through with it. After all, I was a white southern girl born and bred. Hell, I wasn't even sure that an attractive black man would want me. My body isn't as tight as it once was, but my chest is much larger. Now I have 44DD breasts, I'm not very tall, and I am a little on the chubby side, I am completely proportional for a chesty woman. Large breasts have over men, of that I am quite aware. Bob's favorite sexual position was with me on top, so he could look up at my large swinging tits while we fucked.

My big break in my effort to attract a black lover came when I took a job at a collection agency in town. As a part of the training they were going to send me to classes being held in Columbia, South Carolina. The classes would begin at 10AM on Monday, and end at noon on Thursday; I would have to spend three nights at a hotel there in Columbia.

Early morning the day of my departure Bob took me down to the office where I met the other new hires. We were taking a company car for the trip. When we got there I was a bit surprised, and Bob looked sick to his stomach. The two co-workers that I was going with were both black men! Bob put my bags in the trunk of the Ford Taurus, and asked if I would be alright.

I assured him I would be fine. "Sure honey, I will see you in a couple of days."

He left, and I could tell he was worried. I'm still not sure if he was worried about my safety, or that I might let some of my inner slut out. Admittedly, it was an odd situation, a white mom in her thirties spending the week with two black men in their twenties.

The three of us properly introduced ourselves once we had gotten in the car. "I guess you know my name is Melissa." I went on and told them where I lived, and about my kids, and about my husband and his job.

Terry was tall, in shape, good looking, and probably out of my league. "I'm married too," he said. He then told us about his wife and kids.

Jamel briefly introduced himself last. "Single and no kids that I know about." Terry was not very attractive. He had a broad nose with flared nostrils, very dark skin, razor bumps, and a thin scar on his forehead. He was less than six feet, and weighed about 230 pounds.

Once we had chatted for about 30 minutes they put an urban music station on that played mostly rap music. I cannot tell you how much I hate rap music. I had brought a book along so I tried to get some reading done.

We got to the hotel and didn't even have time to check in. We headed straight for the conference room for our first class. The rest of the day was boring so I can skip the details. I checked in to the hotel at about 4:30, on the way up to the room I passed Terry and Jamel and they invited me to join them for dinner. I agreed.

I decided that I was going to look good, so I spent a lot of time bathing, shaving my legs, pits, and pussy. I put on a light pink tight knit top, and a short straight black skirt. I added black thigh high hose and black sandals with a medium heel. After some attention to my hair and a good dose of make-up I think I looked pretty good for a suburban mom in her 30's.

The hotel had a pretty good restaurant and bar so we just decided to eat there. I had garlic chicken breast, and Jamel had ribs, and Terry had a burger and fries. After he was done eating Jamel took off and Terry asked if I wanted to have a drink at the bar. Terry ordered a beer, and I had my first whiskey sour. We got to talking and I was amazed at how much fun we had talking. I wouldn't have thought we would have anything in common but we talked and talked and had a great time. Of course, the half a dozen whiskey sours may have been a bit of a social lubricant. We talked about all kinds of stuff for hours. Terry said he was an avid fisherman and that he kept a boat at the lake. I asked him if he would take me fishing sometime and he said he would love to.

"It's getting late." Terry said. "Do you want me to walk you back to your room Melissa?"


On the way back to the room Terry asked if I wanted to see a picture of his boat. I agreed, so we stopped at his room. We went into the room, and Terry opened his briefcase to get the picture.

"Wow, Terry that is a nice boat." I don't know the slightest thing about boats but I could tell it was an expensive one.

I handed the picture back to Terry, he laid it down. "Melissa," he gently grasped my hands. "I think you are quite beautiful." I couldn't believe it; this absolute god of black manhood was going to hit on me. While he spoke I looked up into his soulful dark eyes. "Would you be upset if I kissed you?" I didn't respond. He leaned toward me and gently kissed me. I didn't move, his kiss was quite passionate and it had my heartbeat racing. He lifted his head again, placed his hands on my waist and began to kiss me and slide his tongue in my mouth. I didn't move much but Terry could tell I was not rejecting him.

I'm not sure how long the kissing lasted but it seemed like forever. They were the most passion-filled kisses I have ever had. We were both becoming aroused and Terry started to hike up my skirt. He was greeted with a bare white ass because I hadn't put on any panties. His hands were all over my ass, he even rubbed between the cleft and briefly touched my asshole.

"Your tits, your tits," he said. I lifted off my blouse to reveal my pink embroidered demi bra. Terry just buried his black face in the pale freckled cleavage, kissing and nibbling. His hands grabbed at the straps and peeled them down my arms to reveal my large milky-white bosoms. He black face greedily pressed against my breast and began to lick, kiss, and suck my nipples. At this point I literally had wetness running from my pussy down my thigh. I don't remember that ever happening in my life.

Terry pushed me onto the bed and pulled up the front of my skirt. "Ahhh, he said, your have a sweet looking pussy." He then started to rub it with his long thick fingers. Bending over he then kissed my pussy, and then stuck his fingers up in me. "Whoa" he was excited, "your pussy is soaked Melissa. You want me don't you?" I shut my eyes and nodded yes.

He then got off of me and told me to take all my clothes off. While I was removing my clothes Terry removed his. He was build like an Olympic sprinter, no body fat at all. His dick looked very large, not like I've seen in movies before, but still bigger than Bob's little white cock.

Terry climbed on top of me and quickly put his large black cock inside my soaking wet pussy. I probably would have had trouble taking it except that I was so damn wet he slid in fairly easily. He wasted no time and started thrusting like he was keeping time to one of those rap songs they were listening to earlier. He went deeper and deeper inside me, grunting with every thrust. His balls started to slap loudly against my ass. I started to squeal in pleasure. We were making so much noise the neighboring rooms would have had no trouble hearing us.

Laying there beneath his beautiful dark body with him deep inside me was too much for me, I quickly began to orgasm. I screamed and Terry started to jerk and then he let out an indescribable primal moan. He collapsed on top of me.

I was in heaven; I had just been fucked better than I have been fucked in my life. A black man was lying on top of me, and his seed was inside me, just like I had fantasized about for months. I can't describe how much I enjoyed this moment.

After about thirty minutes I slid down the sheet and touched his cock.

"Be careful," he said.

"You don't mind do you?" I didn't wait for an answer. I always wanted to put my mouth around a black mans cock, and this was my chance. I could taste his sperm mingled with my pussy juices. I kissed, licked, and sucked his cock for at least 20 minutes. I could tell he was getting ready to cum again, he grabbed my head with his hands and began to fuck my mouth. He was fucking my mouth so hard it was starting to hurt.

"uurrrrhhhh, shit!" he yelled as he spewed his warm cum against the back of my throat, he was so deep I didn't even get to tasted it. I felt quite proud of myself and I slid back up the bed and snuggled up to my very own black stud.

I woke up at 5am, Terry was in bed beside me, and Jamel was snoring in his bed. I put my clothes on and slipped out of the room. After I got back to my room I took some pain medicine for my hangover and went back to bed for a couple of hours.

I didn't see Terry at breakfast; he entered the class late so I didn't get to talk to him at all that morning. When we broke class for lunch I went to speak to him, but he acted strange. My excitement over finding a dark-skinned lover was now turning to shame as I started to feel he was rejecting me. I hadn't felt like this since college. I sat with some other women at lunch, the only time I saw Terry he seemed to be arguing with Jamel.

When classes were over Terry came over to me and said that I should meet him at his room at five o'clock, I agreed. I just figured he wanted more sex. He was probably ashamed to hang with me but still wanted to use me. I wanted him again so I didn't care if he just wanted to use me. I went back to the room and fixed myself up. I put on tight jeans, and a white button up blouse over my favorite white satin bra.

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