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White Wife Black Balled

by bucksilver 03/10/12

This story is totally fiction. It was inspired by a bunch of guys at a bachelor party that had a healthy interracial mix and strong mafia connections.


Dexter Williams strolled through the front doors of the five star hotel like he owned it. Making his way to the restaurant/lounge at the back of the hotel's first floor, he could hear the band playing in the lounge before he arrived at the entrance to the dining area. Known by the maitre d', Dex waived and continued on into the lounge.

Twelve years since he graduated from college, the six foot five inch collegiate basketball player and business administration major had built quite a lucrative stable of mostly white, married socialites servicing his exclusive clientele of sports related black men. He also leased them out to some very selective websites, making the right contacts at the player's annual gathering in Chicago.

At his relatively young age, Dex had experienced most of the thrills and pleasures life had to offer. However, in his mind at least, nothing quite equaled watching his ten by two and half inch black cock side in and out of a tight white pussy. Or, a white woman's virgin ass. Second to that was watching especially blondes wrap their lips around his cock and suck it up nice and hard. Then get his long black fingers into her blonde hair and face fuck the bitch. Ramming it down her throat until she almost passed out.

Usually keeping around twenty socialites in his stable, he had recently worn out one and lost another. So, in addition to the two associates he had out on the prowl, he had come to his favorite hunting ground looking for a specific replacement. The woman he had lost was one of his favorites. Five foot six inch tall blonde with a fantastic body, she was a wealthy dentist's wife. Dex had bedded her himself for about two months before he turned her out. It had really pissed him off when some john messed her up so bad that he couldn't use her anymore. Dex made sure that the guy would spend at least a couple of months in the hospital and that his ball player days were a thing of the past. He'd be lucky to score a sportscaster's job. Then Dex had three of his friends fuck the guys wife. He installed a web-cam in the bedroom and sent one of his women to the hospital with a lap top computer. Full body cast, and neck brace, the guy could do nothing but watch as his little white wife took it in every orifice for more than two hours. Quite often it was at the same time. She'll never be the same woman she was before those three big black men came into her life.

Dex stood just inside the lounge, scanned the crowd, thinking, "I don't give a dawn if that nigger was some big name football player. Nobody messes up my women without paying a big price. All of them are high quality women servicing my high rolling clientele."

Finding a table of three men that he knew, Dex took the forth and vacant chair. "Hey Dex, how ya doin'?"

"Ah ya know, I'm good. I'm always good." responded Dex.

Then looking over their shoulders he noticed a table of socialites about 30 feet away. One of the other men noticed where Dex had turned his attention. "Ah Dex, that's just Jane Hartley's gang of doctor's wives. Most of them are cougars that we have fucked before. Problem is that the whole bunch just want a toyboy, dancing to their tune... I'm just not into that."

"Me neither." said Dex, "But, they're all good for a roll in the sack. Especially that tall black one. Who's the new face?"

The third man, a hospital administrator, answered Dex, "That's Michelle Jacobson. The wife of Marke Jacobson, M.D. He's the newest member of Doctor Hartley's surgical team."

Michelle Jacobson, formerly Michelle Taylor, was born as a twin into a middle class family of four children. She had dreamed, since she could remember, of living the elegant lifestyle she now enjoyed. After working at a charity function all day that Saturday with these women, she was pleased to be invited to join them for dinner and then hit some nightclubs. Her husband had called her and said that he would be tied up at the hospital until well into the evening. It had made her decision easy to make. At twenty five years old, it was a shear thrill to Michelle when they arrived at the hotel's restaurant and the maitre d' knew all the names of the women in the group. Then to have them introduce Michelle to him as their newest member really turned her on. They were immediately shown to a premium table near the dance floor in the lounge. Totally naive to terms like milf, cougar, toyboy or fuckpet, Michelle looked forward to having her eyes opened by these seasoned socialites.

During the conversation with his three friends, Dex watched as two men from the other side of the room approached the women's table. One, appearing to be in his thirties, asked one of the cougars to dance. The other, in his early twenties, ask Michelle to dance. Remaining in the conversation, Dex kept an eye on the five foot seven or eight, shapely Michelle. Noticing that among other attributes, she was a good dancer. Possibly better than her partner. After a couple of dances, Michelle and the young man returned to her table and he asked one of the cougars to dance. Dex waited a couple of minutes, excused himself and approached Michelle, thinking, "This fine young thing just might be the replacement I'm looking for..." Dex asked Michelle, "Would you like to dance, or did he wear you out?"

Michelle looked up toward the male voice asking her for a dance. He was what she liked, tall and broad shouldered, but he was also black. She never had much to do with black people. However, after some encouragement from one of the cougars, she thought, "A couple of dances wouldn't hurt." So, she stood up and said, "Sure, why not. I'm just getting started."

Very experienced in seducing white women, twenty to fifty years old, it didn't take long to entice the beautiful, blond, blue eyed Michelle out behind the kitchen. It was a very remote, secure, dimly lit spot he had used often. With his tongue thrust into her mouth, the fingers of his right hand lifted her shirt, dug into her panties and entered her wet, hot pussy. She tried to push him away. But, he held her tightly and their lip lock only allowed her muffled sounds. When his fingers found her G-spot, he removed his lips and all she could do was moan. Pinned against the wall, he had her toes lifted an inch or so off the ground. Her arms hung limp at her sides, The intense pleasure coming from her pussy rendered her helpless. She did not even attempt to stop his left hand as it unbuttoned her shirt enough to flip up her bra and fondle her right breast. "Nice tits, more than a hand full... Tight little pussy. I like that..." Whispered the confident, in control, Dex.

Michelle looked up at him and tried to get out, "I'm a married woman." However, before she could get the words out of her mouth he again covered her lips with his. Now rendered totally helpless and out of control, she felt her panties leave and find the ground. Holding her in a lip lock and continuing his tongue action, she heard him unzip his pants and felt his large erect cock bounce against her bear tummy. Michelle tried to break free, but, it was no use. He withdrew from her lips and lifted her up to where her pussy was even with his cock. Then, before she realized what was happening, Dex thrust his black monster about three inches into her tight white pussy. All she could do is whimper, "No, Nooo..." Dex laughed and said, "Ah, come on, baby. You know you want the thrill of a big black cock in your little white, married pussy." With that he drew back and thrust back in far enough to find her cervix. He pushed his cock head against it to test its resistance. "You want it all, don't ya baby?" Wide eyed, she just looked at him. Arms still dangling at her sides, he now had the calves of her legs resting on his shoulders. A firm grip on her breasts, he held her up against the wall as he drew back and rammed his cock passed the resistance of her cervix. She yelped. With a little more than two inches still remaining, his next stroke drove his cock in balls deep. She yelped, again, then just moaned as an orgasm began to flood over her body. As her orgasm subsided, Dex held his cock in her for about thirty seconds, then he began short fast strokes, thinking, "Yeah, my little white socialite, when I turn you out, you'll be good for once or twice a week. Ha, you'll be servicing the black cocks of some of the biggest names in sports. Yeah, I got you babe..."

Now pounding her with long, hard, fast strokes, she went into one orgasm, then a second. Minutes later into a third. She certainly was not a virgin when she married Marc, but never was it like this. He drew her away from the wall and without disconnecting, he turned her around, one hundred and eighty degrees. With the palms of her hands against the wall, he held her in place with his left arm across her abdomen. Her feet now a few inches off the ground, his left hand tightly gripped her right breast. The black fingers of his right hand he gathered her blonde hair and pulled her head back. "This is one of my bitch positions, blondie. You are going to get to know it well. By the time I turn you out, yeah, you'll know it very well. Right along with a bunch of other positions my clients favor..."After Dex had fucked Michelle unmercifully for several minutes, he went off himself. Allowing her to slip to the ground like a pile of rags, he used her panties to wipe himself. Then returned his satisfied cock back in its place and zipped up his pants. Picking up her purse, he dug out one of her calling cards. Slipping it into his shirt pocket, he snapped the purse shut and tossed it near her panties.

Hands on his hips, Dex looked down upon the crumpled woman and laughed his hearty laugh. Then he said, "The ladies room is through the kitchen and to your left. Better get back with your lady friends or you'll be missed. I'll get with you early next week and we'll have another black cock training session."

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