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White Wife Black Balled

by bucksilver 03/10/12

On her knees, leaning against the wall, it was all Michelle could do to turn and watch Dex walk away. Yes, without any idea of the possible cost to her, she wanted more of his cock. As she gathered her panties and purse, she thought, "That has to be the best orgasm I have ever had. But, I've got to get control of it, so I can keep my marriage and have it when I want it.." What she didn't know then., however, would discover later, was that like people who become addicted to coke after their first hit, she was now addicted to black cock.


Michelle already had a douche, showered, and was in bed before Marc slipped in next to her that Saturday night. The following morning, their cook's day off, Michelle and her husband lay in bed discussing the day ahead. Marc rolled onto his side facing her and said, "I'm not really hungry babe. So, why don't you go out and get something for both of us. French toast and a cup of coffee sounds good." He was well aware that about all she could do in the kitchen was make coffee.

Michelle rose, thinking, "I have to keep him happy. He provides the lifestyle that I always dreamed I would be living. And, I worked way to hard to snatch him away from my gullible, trusting sister. So, I'll do whatever makes him happy." Michelle was way to self absorbed to love any man, or woman. In a patronizing gesture, she quickly rose, dressed and purred, "Get yourself a shower and I'll meet you down stairs." She gave him a peck of a kiss on the forehead and hustled off to get what her husband desired.

With exception of Michelle's sister-in-law returning a camera, Sunday passed like many had when Marc was preparing for a complex surgery on the following Monday morning. As per usual, he was gone before she woke up that following morning. Laying in bed, she wondered if Dex would call. On one hand, she hoped he wouldn't call. With the prenuptial agreement she had signed, she was sure that Marc would kick her to the curb if he ever found that she was having sex with another man, or woman. The color of his skin or the size of his cock did not make one bit of difference to Marc. He knew that she was not a virgin when they were married. However, he had made it very clear that she was his, exclusively. On the other hand, she wanted, and needed, more of Dexter's big black cock. What she did not want to acknowledge was the feeling of need for his cock. A need to feel it rammed deep into her womb. As she rolled out of bed, she mentally counted the days since her last period. Not on the pill, Michelle stepped into the shower, thinking, "Yeah, I'm safe through this week. I'd better get on the pill before I end up with a big problem. I don't know what I'll tell Marc. He wants to start a family. Oh well, I'll think of something..."

Monday Morning

About nine thirty, as Michelle was finishing her breakfast out by the pool her cell phone rang. It was Dex. "Hey blondie, ya up for another lesson in real fucking?" He said in a commanding tone.

"I ah, I don't know. When?" Again, just a few words from him and she had lost control.

"Get something ta write with and write on, cunt?" he demanded.

"Ah no, hold on for a minute and please don't call me that." she said meekly, carrying her phone into the pool house. "OK?"

"I'll call your little white ass anything I want. Just do as your told, bitch." he barked.

Dex gave her the address of his friend's apartment in an exclusive complex about ten minutes from Michelle's home. "I want you there within the hour, cunt! And listen carefully! You come with no bra, no panties. Sandals, short shorts and a sleeveless shirt.. Ya hear me, bitch?"

Ah, but Dex, I might have something else..."

He cut her off, "Get your white ass over here dressed like I told you, clocks tickin', blondie. Get your white ass moving. Your gonna get your tight pussy well fucked." His voice caught her like a command that she dare not disobey. "OK, OK, I'll be there. She closed her phone and quickly made her way upstairs to dress the way he had dictated.

Standing at the door of the proper apartment, Michelle felt torn. Her husband was tall, dark, handsome, wealthy and very intelligent. She was driving the vehicle of her choice and living in one of the best neighborhoods in the town. So, why was she here? Because, she wanted more of that big black cock and the thrill of those orgasms. Therefore, she put it all on the line and knocked on the door. It came open, Michelle was pulled in, the door shut and locked.

Once in the apartment, Michelle found Dex and other large black man. Both were nude so she could see that the other man, introduced to her as Jimmy, had a build like a football player and a cock only slightly smaller than Dex. As he began unbuttoning her shirt, Dex commanded, "Drop the shorts!"

Michelle responded immediately, allowing the shorts to find her ankles. Dex pushed the shirt off her shoulders and she allowed it to fall on top of the shorts. She whimpered, "I ah, I didn't know there would be two of you..."

Dex grinned at her a said, harshly, "Shut up, bitch. Just do as you're told and you'll get the fucking thrill of your life. You don't and I'll kick your white ass out of here. Then, I'll make sure you never get another black cock, ever again. Got that, bitch?"

Jimmy walked around behind Michelle. Running his fingers down her sides and then over her buttocks, he said, "Fine little white ass..." After giving her buttocks a little squeeze, he brought both hands up and cupped her breasts. Towering over her by eight or ten inches, he said, "Little more than a hand full, I like that." Then he moved his hands up to her shoulders and forced Michelle to her knees and said, "Let's get ta fuckin' this bitch. My lady will be back in about an hour and a half.

Dex stepped closer to Michelle, holding his limp cock about even with her month and said, "Open up, bitch. Time ta suck this cock up so I can fuck that white pussy."

"But Dex, I've never sucked..."

Dex placed his free hand on top of her head and shoved his cock into her month, "I said shut up, bitch. While you are here your month is for sucking our cocks, nothing else, ya hear? Now, suck it up nice and hard so I can fuck your white pussy with my big black cock." As she sucked Dex's cock, Jimmy placed a big black dog collar on her neck. When his cock was ready, Dex ordered her into the bitch position with her feet spread, arms braced against the back of the couch. Dex rammed his cock in to the hilt with one stroke. She opened her month to cry out. But, before she could udder a sound, Jimmy shoved his cock into her month. With Dex gripping her hips, Jimmy's hands squeezing her breasts, they fucked Michelle like a rag doll, sending her into a wild orgasm.

As the two black men fucked Michelle, Jimmy handed Dex a butt plug covered with KY jelly. Dex lined it up with her little ass hole and with the palm of his hand, shoved it in. Her month was too full of Jimmy's cock to make a sound.

Withdrawing his now hard cock from Michelle's month, Jimmy helped Dex turn her 180 degrees as Dex stood up. Standing he then began bouncing her on his cock as she squealed, "Fuck me Dex. Fuck my little white pussy with that black monster of yours." Then went into a wild orgasm. As she came down off her high, Jimmy withdrew the butt plug and replaced it with his cock. Ramming it in about five inches. She screamed, "No, please no! I've never had it there... You're to big, it hurts... Please take it out, pleeeease..." Dex told her to shut up and Jimmy rammed his cock in about three more inches. When he was into her ass about nine inches, they coordinated their strokes, in and out at the same time. Now, Michelle could only moan as the two black men took their pleasure in her white body.

Dex and Jimmy went on to pound every orifice in Michelle's body for more than an hour. Then Dex led her into the bathroom by the dog collar and leash, on her hands and knees. Then he barked, "You've got ten minutes ta drain, clean up, dress and get your white ass out o' here! I'll call you tomorrow with your next bitch training session. Wear that collar and leash outta here. You can take it off in your car.!"

When Michelle had left the apartment, Jimmy handed Dex an envelope containing $2,000.00. And said, "I love it when I get to be the first into some white woman's ass and get some of her pussy, too. It was all well worth every penny."


At dinner that evening, Michelle ask Marc about the surgery of that morning. He told her that it was difficult and lengthy. That they would know if it was successful tomorrow afternoon. Then he changed the subject and asked, "Did you plan to attend the Hospital Auxiliary luncheon, tomorrow?"

Michelle had completely forgotten the luncheon. All she could think about was her next session with Dex and who ever he wanted to be there. However, what else could she say, "Ah, yes of course. Jane has me helping people find there place."

Marc gave her a little smile, "Good, Ed has decided that it would be a good idea if the team joined their spouses for lunch, tomorrow."

"Oh OK, that would be nice. I would think that Jane will make sure that there is a place for everybody."

Marc gave his wife another little smile, then said, "Also, Ed wants the team to observe an operation in New York, Wednesday afternoon. We'll take the red eye out tomorrow evening. Then, come back Thursday morning."

Michelle frowned and moan, "Oh wow, I have to sleep alone for two nights? I'll miss you." Usually she would show her husband an especially good time in the bedroom the night before he left on a trip out of town. However, her vagina was way to stretched to let him in tonight. Then the thought hit her, would he ever fit again? Would he come home from his trip only to find how loose she had become? Her black master, Dexter had taken her under hypnotism that morning to assure that she would never say "no" to him. He had her completely addicted to big black cock and commanded her total obedience.

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