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White Wife for BBC

by Write4Fun2 12/14/13

Eventually, Ray would tire of their white asses, no matter how much they were willing to degrade themselves. He always lost interest and that wouldn't change. Once the challenge was gone and they became his property, fucking their pussy became routine and boring and he kicked them to the curb. There had been some times when Ray would just open the car door and boot them out; buck naked. When finally finished with this slut, he might do it to her. He liked the idea of letting her neighbors get a good look at this cute wife's big ass and her hefty tits, drooping from their own weight. The way he saw it, a white husband or boyfriend was supporting a deceitful whore and allowing her to play him for a fool. Ray had no intention of taking his place.

In fact, he tried to keep away from actually dating a cheating white slut. He did enjoy bragging rights by showing her off at black clubs. That way everyone could see that the white bitch was his property. But she had to be fine for him to show her off like that. This wife was just trash by the way she offered herself to him. He considered her as just a cum dump and nothing more.

He focused his attention back on the housewife, slamming his black cock in her to the hilt, his cum-filled balls smacking against the upturned cheeks of her plump ass. Keeping his cock pressed deep while grinding his pelvis into her, Ray had the married white bitch babbling incoherently.

He laid his body into hers with his weight squashing her melon-size white breasts to his dark muscular chest. He started humping her hard, making the bitch grunt with each jarring thrust of his cock.

"You love black cock, don't you baby," he asked, staring down at the middle-age housewife's cute face and rotating his hips as he fucked her good.

"Yes," she groaned in passion. "I love your cock."

"That's not what I asked. The question was if you love black cock; meaning any black cock."

"Oh," she groaned, reluctant to give a straight answer. "I've never been with a black man before you."

"You have now. So, tell me, slut," he demanded, drooling a string of spit onto her soft lips while bucking his hips, driving his black dick deep into the swampy mess of the white wife's wet pussy.

"Y-yes," she croaked with lust, the tip of her tongue licking Ray's spit from her lips.

As she uttered the degrading word, Ray felt her out of control pussy gush hot juice on his cock. She had a huge orgasm. Just admitting her needs and what she craved was a massive turn-on for the married white bitch.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I love black cock," she moaned with pleasure; her body going stiff as the orgasm washed through her.

Ray jammed his thick cock so deep into her that their pubic hair was crushed together. He was trying to prolong the whore's climax; not for her benefit, but his. He loved the feeling of power when his big uncut cock dominated a married white woman; owning her.

When her orgasm began subsiding, the older housewife began to pump her wide hips; a motion that began slowly and gradually increased in speed. Her broad rear-end started grinding down hard.

"You're so huge," she breathed. "You fill me up, like never before."

"Do I fuck you good? Is my cock better than your husband's?"

"You're the best."

"You want more, baby? You need it regularly?"

"Ohhh, yes, it's wonderful," the white whore groaned as her cunt was leaking pussy juice. The gooey secretion ran down her ass crack. The skin of Ray's nut sack was tacky from the fluids running over his balls. The heavy flow of fluid was creating a growing damp spot below them.

"Then show me how much you need this black cock. Fuck it," Ray commanded. This sent the white wife into a frenzy of motion, as she tried to please him with her writhing body.

"How about a black gangbang for my bitch? You want that don't you?" Ray increased his pace, not waiting for her answer. "I will make it happen."

All of Ray's married bitches got shared with his black friends. So far, none had objected to being passed around or getting gangbanged. This conquest won't be any different, he thought.

Without warning, he jerked his cock out of the white slut's cunt. He didn't need rug burns on his knees.

"Oh, Ray, please. Fuck me, baby. Please put it back in," she pleaded.

"Get up, bitch. Haul your ass over to my bed."

She got up and immediately hurried to the bedroom. Her big tits swayed and her butt jiggled as she moved quickly to the bedroom. Once there, he pushed the married bitch flat on her back on the bed. Looking at her melon-size tits lolling to the sides of her chest, Ray spread her legs wide; his hands on her ankles. Her married pussy was totally exposed and completely available.

The cheating wife reached down between her legs and took his big tool in hand. Her fingers were unable to wrap fully around his black meat. She rubbed the cockhead up and down her wet slit, lubricating it with her pussy juice. Then bringing it to the entrance of her gaping hole, she held it in place, waiting for Ray to fuck her.

"Please," she begged.

Ray bucked his hips, slipping his big cock back into the married bitch. This time he met almost no resistance from her slick hole. She took all of him without a whimper.

There was something about this hungry curvy whore that created a desire in him to debase and humiliate the bitch. He wanted to use her rough. Fucking deep and with a steady rhythm, Ray had the slut writhing in crazed pleasure. He reached for her throat and gripped it in a light choke hold. Her eyelids were closed in sexual bliss, but they popped open as her breathing became labored. But she offered no resistance as he tightened his fingers, choking the older bitch harder. In reflex, the slut wife put one hand on his, but didn't try to pry it away. Suddenly pussy juice flooded her snatch, as if she'd pissed herself; drenching Ray's cock and balls.

It was an involuntary response conveying complete surrender. He grinned realizing how much this married white bitch got off on being mistreated. Bondage was definitely in her future. It was a bit of kink that her small-dick longtime husband undoubtedly never attempted.

"Turn over. Get on your hands and knees," he ordered.

She quickly scrambled to get into position. The sight of her asshole made an inviting target, but he passed on anal intercourse. Butt-fucking her was for another day, not for the first time with him. Instead, he lined up his thick shaft with her hairy pussy slit, the tip of his cock barely touching the soft moist flesh surrounding her hole.

"I'm going to fuck you like a dog," he said, bending over the bitch's back and whispering into her ear. He plunged his cock into the white housewife with a hard thrust. Once more, despite its thickness, Ray's meat slid deep into her super-wet pussy easily.

"Oh, yeah," he said with pleasure, "you feel good." Rearing back on his knees, Ray slapped this hot wife's broad ass with a loud smack; the impact of his dark-skinned hand on her sexy ass cheek making the white flesh jiggle.

"Oh, yes, take it. Fuck my white pussy. Make it yours," she pleaded with passion, pressing and rotating her plump butt back into Ray, forcing her cunt onto his thick cock.

Reaching beneath her body, he grabbed the bitch's hanging tits with both hands, cruelly squeezing the spongy orbs. She moaned from the demanding pain or pleasure, bucking faster and breathing harder. Ray knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

"I'm going to shoot in you, bitch," he said, feeling semen rising from his balls, "and pump you full of cum, you nasty whore."

Ray's body locked up as his muscles tensed, and his cock twitched. He fired an enormous squirt of hot jism into the married white bitch's accepting body.

"Oh, yeah," he groaned, feeling his cock throb with each spurt of hot cum. It kept spewing from the fat flared head into the willing receptacle of this white wife.

"Do it, baby," the older white wife urged, lying there and taking his load. One of her hands roamed his dark back, caressing it with a soft touch. The other hand was pulling his black ass, holding him tight as Ray continued injecting cum deep in her married pussy.

"Give it to me, baby. Give me your sperm. Fill me with it," she urged him.

"Take it all, bitch," he said, feeling his cum blasts start to subside. The white wife's hot pussy was flooded with semen. He dipped his face to give the cheating whore a passionate kiss. As his orgasm slowed, she began gently rolling her wide hips, milking the last of his cum.

"Hmm, you feel so good," she whispered with her lips beside his ear.

"You've got more cum from me than your pathetic hubby has pumped into you in six months," he said, kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Hmm, you've got me so full and wet and sticky," she smiled, wiggling her big butt on the mattress for him.

"You like black cock, baby?"

"Oh, yes. It's the best."

"Better than your husband's?" he asked for a second time, wanting to hear her say it again.

"Ohhh, yes," she said, grinding her hairy cum-soaked pussy into him, nearly causing his limp cock to slip out of her slimy wet snatch.

Lifting his face, Ray looked her in the eye. "That pussy's mine?" he asked.


"Tell me, again."

"Yes, Ray, that pussy's yours. Anytime you want it baby, just take it."

Before he could ask his next question, "What about your husband," Ray heard the front door to his apartment opening. He jerked his deflating cock out of the white wife's sloppy pussy, rolling off her naked, used body, preparing to see who made the noise.

His brawny young cousin, Dwayne, walked through the bedroom doorway.

"What's doing, Ray," he asked, eyeing the married white woman in bed next to his older cousin, obviously naked beneath sheets now covering her.

"Just got through fucking this," Ray said, jerking the sheets off her, exposing the middle-age wife's curvy body to his gaze, "you want some?"

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