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Who Does This, Alice?

by popslop 05/11/03

This is my first erotic story online. Sure I penned some stories about my sister, my aunt, my little brother, my teacher's, my sister's friends, my friends, but I would never have the patience to actually sit at a computer and write them down. I owe all this to the fellow authors of LE who emailed me back and gave me the incredible sexual desire that lead to me actually doing some of the things mentioned in the beginning of the story today at work. PLEASE respond. Tell what you think and I will surely reply. Thanks and have fun with this.

"Who does this?" was all I could whisper looking at myself in the mirror. I was hot, I was boiling, I had a co-worker's blue mug wet and hanging on my hard cock. I t was actually stuck to it.

"Oh Alice," I whispered as I stroked my cock and made noise with my cock banging into the sides of the mug. "This is crazy, who does this?" I whispered again as I pulled up my pants up and walked back to her office to put it back in the exact same place it was before, hoping she would taste a little of me when she took a drink. I certainly tasted her as I licked the rim of the mug where her lips were.

I began to look for more things of her I could leave my mark on. It all started with her chair. I actually took her chair into the bathroom and licked it where here ass sat and her pussy tingled from time to time. I could feel her sitting there and feeling extra sensitivity down there because of my licks.

I then took off all my clothes and began to rub my excruciatingly hard cock that was still raw from the beating I gave it the night after reading incest, mature, and gay stories on Literotica.

I began to hump the chair while looking at my reflection in the mirror, god was I hot at this point in time. To think a young man 23 years old naked in his office bathroom fucking the chair where his 50 year old co-worker sat, I was on fire with sexual lust.

"This is nuts who does this sort of shit?" I asked myself?" I answered out loud, "I do" and began to whisper, "Oh Alice, oh Alice what are you doing to me." I felt my cock pulse I stopped.

The phone rang, shit. I pulled my pants on but had to wait as a surge was about to blow in my pants, and I could not let that happen especially if someone were to come to the office. I was the only one there today. Third ring I had to get it, I jumped over the chair and stumbled into the office. I grabbed the phone and the person on the phone kept me on a long time. I was nervous.

What would I say if someone walked in and used the bathroom with Alice's chair in there, and the smell of man's ball sweat? I finally got rid of the guy on the phone and pulled the chair back into her office.

I began to look for other things to use. I looked in her closet and I saw a glorious site. The same black pants she used when she walks at lunchtime. I had to go downstairs to cool off. I need to pretend I was working, after all I was at work. "Should I mess with those?" I asked myself.

"Who else would do so?" I responded.

I bounded up the stairs grabbed the pants and went back into the bathroom. Gees I was so hot with this shit. I mean I tore off my clothes. I could not help it. I smelt her scent on the pants, WOW.

I put them on and I looked at myself in the mirror. I felt sick. I felt sick with lust for this short, slightly overweight, 50 year old women I worked with. I mean I really had to hold it together not to bust it in her pants. Wow they felt so good. I was breathing so hard. I asked yet again, " Who in their right mind does this shit? You are one in a million kid." I said sarcastically and rather disgusted with myself. I put the pants back on the hook and I had to get out of the office so I went to get the mail.

Another thing Alice loved was her money. A check arrived for her from our other office. My eyes lit up. I got back to the office and ran upstairs to the bathroom. I tore off all my clothes and rubbed my hard as hell cock all over the check. I rubbed it even on my ass and my hairy nutsack. You could totally smell my musk on the check. I loved it.

I went about my business the next couple of days and Alice finally got back from her trip. We talked like we usually did about stuff and she went upstairs to her office. I was so excited my breathing started to change. She came back downstairs after a few trips to the bathroom.

She had her mug in one hand, the black pants on, and the check in her other hand. I could not believe it. She sat down and started talking with me from the computer chair, which she never did. She asked me how the program I covered for her while she was away went and I told her it went ok. I told her there was an issue with one of the products I got out of her basement.

She said," ok, well we'll take a look at this afternoon ok?"

"Ok, cool, yeah we had to call all these people it was not a big deal to me but to the others out there that day it was." I noticed she began to rub her hands on her legs very subtly. I was getting hard.

She started talking fast as usual and told me all about her trip. She was excited for the money and as usual complained about how long it took to the check.

Then my boss came in and he stopped to chat about the trip and how well I did with the program. She then said. " I need to take Scott back to my house to find out what happened with that other product and then he and I are going out to the nursery to finish up what was started while I was gone."

With that last statement and the unexpected more work out at the nursery and the fact she was holding or using everything I put my cock on, I had a huge lump in my throat.

Did she know what I did? Was she trying to get me alone in her house? Was I going to fuck a 50 year old woman I work with? I hoped the answer was yes. She was driving me crazy and I was confused as to why, because most 23 year olds think about Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Carmen Electra, not 50 year old, small, slightly overweight women with warts!! I could not get the thought of her naked sucking my dick out of my head.

My boss said ok and Alice said that she would drive me over to her house. I got into her messy van with her bikes and her used coffee cups and headed over to her house.

"So did you enjoy yourself while I was away, Scott?" She asked.

I froze. I thought for sure she knew now. I did not want to admit it.

"C'mon, we all know that you and I have a very stand offish work relationship. You think I am spying on you and that I ask for a lot and that I do not do much around the office. You also think it gets tiring when I keep asking for money. So I can't imagine why you would not have fun when I was gone?" She said as she looked directly at me and licked the top of the mug that was hanging from my cock a few days earlier.

We arrived at her house and I still had not said anything. "Lets go downstairs and see where the water got in!"

"Ok, and yes it was nice around the office the same time you were gone because everybody was busy so it was just me at the office and that is relaxing. It was not fun because you were gone, Alice."

"Well thanks, Scott, I know you don't bullshit and suck up so I guess that means you do not think what I thought you did about me?" Alice stated.

"No I do think all those things but it is work and working relationships are what they are. You are one of the most sincere and thoughtful people I know, I actually like you a lot. You know your subject Alice, you do work hard but you do demand lots of attention. It looks kinda shady sometimes when you are gone when the boss is gone, and the nursery is far away so nobody can check up on you that is all. Everything that I do everybody can see. That is the nature of my job. So I guess I am jealous of your freedom and you are trusted where as I have to write my hours down by the hour."

" Wow, this is intense huh? Well thanks for the compliment but I think you paid me a bigger compliment than any other lady my age has ever received."

My mouth dropped, I was sure she knew.

"You said I was one of the most sincere people you know."


"Well it looks like the water got in over there, lets dry it up."

I said I got it and I got a mop and started to sweep. It got really dusty and I had a white shirt on. I took off my shirt and gave it to Alice. "Here take my shirt and wait around the corner until the dust clears, I do not want your asthma to act up."

"Wow, thanks Scott, you are a great guy." She grabbed my shirt and looked right into my eyes, she stuck her tongue out and licked it. I almost fainted. I finished mopping up and putting the barrier down to stop the water.

"Ok, Alice, you can come in and inspect my work now." My mouth dropped.

From around the corner came Alice, wearing the shirt I just took off and holding her bra and embroidered office shirt in her hand. This was nuts.

"You ball sweat smelt so nice this morning in my office. I just wanted to feel how it feels to wear the clothes of somebody you work with. It feels great wearing your shirt. This is what is must have felt like when you were wearing these pants naked huh?"

I slowly nodded my head I could not talk. The fact that she was wearing her bra meant that she naked under my shirt. "Let's go upstairs to my apartment and have sex Scott."

I could only mumble.

I followed her up her old house stairs. We had to be quiet because I was shirtless, Alice was in my shirt holding her own and a bra, and she had 2 other neighbors who I knew. We got into her apartment and she said hi to Chip her dog and dropped the clothes and asked me to kiss her.

"Oh Alice, this is nuts, this is crazy" I bent down and kissed her. We were trying to move together in our kisses but she is so much shorter than I am and we were so hot that it was hard to control ourselves.

"Oh Scott I am the luckiest woman in the world. A hot 23 year old man wants to have sex with little old me. I mean this is insane. What did I do to deserve this?" She asked.

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