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Wife Gets Pregnant Ch. 03

by esknr 09/10/06

The next night, Friday, I went straight from my navy job to my part time job. After I was there for about an hour, I got a call from Ann. She said, "Boy, do I have a story to tell you."

I said, "Now you have my attention."

She said that the next door neighbor lady who we had not met to that point, introduced herself as Betty and that her husband's name was Mike. She went on to say that Betty had obviously had been watching the activity-taking place at our house. She said that she had seen a black man visiting a couple of times and then she saw Ann get in the car and leave with him a couple of times. Bottom line was, Betty wanted to know what was going on. Ann said she just felt a mischief streak hit her and just point blank said, Oh, that is my boyfriend. Ann said that she thought Betty's chin was going to hit her knee. That is when she told Betty that she was going to have his baby. Ann told me that from that point on that Betty was all questions. She said, "as a matter of fact, that was over two hours ago and she just left a few minutes ago. After she told her about going to have Ralph's baby and the questions started, they left the yard and went into the house and had a glass of tea while talking. I said, "Well, what was the outcome." She said, "that my dear husband will have to wait until you get home. However, I should warn you not to be surprised if you find yourself getting fucked when I am out on a date.

To be continued...

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