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Wife Needs A Shoulder...

by champsrus 07/10/01

I was twenty-five and a motorcycle accident had left me paralyzed. I was left with only the ability to breath and blink my eyes. The trucker that had apparently not seen me coming as he pulled onto the highway had shattered my spinal column. My wife of three years was left with little help to care for me but she did the best that she could do. We lived in a fairly good-sized apartment with three bedrooms, one of which my specialty bed and medical equipment completely filled. After six months in the hospital I was finally able to come home.

Our neighbors were a sweet, yet older couple in their late thirties and they came to visit and offer a hand quite often. His name was Derek and his wife was Jennifer. My wife, Cindy, and I had spent a lot of time with them before the accident and were close friends. Little did I know that my life would get even worse, and if not for the new technology available today, I would not be able to use my mouthpiece to tell my story. All I have to do is breath short puffs into a straw like contraption and I am able to type on a computer screen. I am still unable to speak or move my body.

After I had been back home for a couple of weeks, Derek came by to check on Cindy and me before he want to his apartment upstairs. I could hear and see them talking on the small sofa in my bedroom. I guess that they assumed I was sleeping. Cindy was a little teary eyed and Derek was comforting her by holding her close and saying things will get better and that life goes on. I watched as he held her close to him and pulled her face gently towards his lips. They kissed for what seemed like an hour and I just closed my eyes and tried to block it out of my mind. I was feeling nauseated and the room was swimming with my grief.

I opened my eyes as I heard them stirring and saw Cindy stand and go out of the room. Derek waited for a minute or so and stood up. I assumed he was going to go after her to see if he could fuck my wife. Instead he walked over to the side of my bed and looked into my eyes. "Did you like what you just saw, Tommy boy?" he sneered. I could only blink in response. He looked back towards the door and then slowly raised his right hand to my face. I thought he was going to try and put me out of my misery. But, instead, he placed a finger under my nose and whispered, "Do you remember that smell? It's the stink of your wife's sweet little cunt."

I was devastated. The man I thought was my best friend was tormenting me, as I lay helpless to do anything about it. I was torn emotionally. I knew my wife didn't deserve to be tied down to a paralyzed husband. She was only twenty-three and had her whole life to try and find happiness without me. Yet I didn't want to lose her either. I loved her so much. And I didn't want that bastard to 'help her through this' either.

"Is something wrong?" I heard Cindy speak from my bedroom doorway. Derek turned and said, "No, he just looked a little uncomfortable and I repositioned him a bit."

"You are so sweet. You don't realize how much Tom appreciates all you do for him." I was getting very angry at her naivety. How could she not see this pervert for what he was? "I'll be back tomorrow and I am going to bring Tom here a gift." Derek then turned and walked out of the room, brushing past my wife and giving her a light kiss on the cheek.

The next afternoon Derek showed up and let himself into our apartment with a key that I had given him before my accident to use for emergency purposes. Cindy was working as an aerobics instructor at the time, and wasn't home. He opened up a large cardboard box and placed a new color television at the foot of my bed. He then disappeared down the hall for a little while and returned just as I was falling asleep. "Wake up, Tommy boy, you are in for a treat." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a remote control unit, and flicked on the television. He then flipped through a few channels and then paused on channel three. On the screen was a picture of a small bedroom that looked a little cluttered yet very familiar. Derek had set up a camera in my wife's bedroom that appeared to be stationed at the level of the bed and aiming from the foot to the headboard. "I just thought you would like to know what she looks like when she is having fun tonight," Derek laughed. He changed the channel to a local station, put the remote in his pocket, and skipped out of the room. I cried myself to sleep.

I was awakened by the glare of the TV screen. I guess Derek had used the remote from Cindy's bedroom. The volume was low but I could clearly hear every word. Derek was slowly removing her T-shirt and her braless breasts bounced as they sprang free. They embraced and kissed hungrily at each other's mouths. He was already undressed and his dick was standing at attention and a mile long, at least eight inches. My wife pawed at his cock and as he lay back on the bed, he feed it into her mouth one inch at a time until it disappeared between her lips. As she slurped away, he raised his head up and looked straight into his hidden camera and winked at me with a huge grin on his face. Cindy then surprised me by jumping up and straddling his cock. She shoved it into her dripping cunt with ease.

"God, you are huge. It feels so fucking good...oh, are the best fuck I've ever had," she squealed and moaned. After a few minutes of her grunts, Derek put his hands on her hips and lifted her up. He grabbed his cock with one hand and aimed it at her ass hole. He eased her down on to it slowly. "Oh, please, not in my butt," Cindy pleaded, "I've never been ass fucked before." Derek acted as if he didn't hear her as he forced his way into her rear. In one long stroke, he was buried in her ass. She bucked and yelled and I couldn't tell if it was in pleasure or pain. It was probably both. He started massaging her clit and she began to bounce up and down with earnest. His cock would be pulled completely out of her ass and then she would plunge back down onto it, taking eight inches as if it were nothing.

I could take it no longer. I wanted to die. I closed my eyes and cried whileI listened to her cumming over and over.

I eventually heard the shower begin to run down the hall. I looked at the TV screen and the bed was empty and in a complete mess. I wondered if they were showering together, then Derek strolled into my bedroom. He moved to my bedside and stepped up onto a small stool that Cindy uses to stand on to change my linens. He was still stripped naked and his cock looked tired and well used. Even though it was soft it was still a couple of inches longer than mine when it was erect. Standing on the stool, his prick was at the level of my face.

He reached down and rubbed the head of it under my nose and whispered, "I thought you would like to smell of your wife's asshole one more time." He stroked his slimy cock under my nose, leaving a mixture of my wife's and his juices glistening on my lip. He then slid the head of his tool into my mouth, forcing me to taste the slimy, brown tinted cream that was dripping from the shaft. He fucked my mouth for five or six strokes, and, as he became hard, he stepped off of the stool and moved towards the bottom side of my bed. My mind was dizzy; what was he doing? I could hear Cindy still running the shower.

He quickly placed the stool at the bottom half of the bed and stepped back up onto it. He pulled my blankets off of me and then pulled my pajama bottoms down to my ankles. I could feel my temperature going through the roof as I realized what he had planned. He grabbed my legs and slid me until my bottom was nearly hanging off of the edge of the bed. My dead legs were then thrown up onto his shoulders as he brought my ass closer to his crotch. With a wicked little grunt he placed his slimy cock at the entrance to my anus.

"Don't worry, you won't feel a thing," he snickered at my paralyzed condition. With one mighty shove he was inside of me. I couldn't feel him fucking me very well, but he was bouncing me around on the bed as if I were a toy. As I heard the water stop running from the bathroom, Derek let out a muffled groan. He jerked a little as he pushed himself all the way into my ass. He then slowly withdrew his dick from out of my bowel and said, "Fuck, that was almost as tight as your wife's cherry ass."

He then quickly pulled my pajamas back up and covered me with my blankets. He reached over and put the TV on a local station, returned the stool back to the top half of the bed, and before he hurried out of the room, he jumped up on the stool and shoved his now dark brown cock into my mouth to clean himself off. He made sure to wipe most of the cream that was on his dick under my nose so I would be forced to smell what he had done to me until I received my bath the next morning. He turned my head away from the doorway, and went to wash up in my wife's bathroom.

As he showered my wife came in to check on me to see if I was still sleeping. I kept my eyes closed because I didn't want her to see me crying. She reached down and kissed me on the cheek and walked out of the room. I heard Derek say to her in the hallway that he wanted to look in on me before he left and asked her to get his wallet that he had forgotten on her dresser. As he stood beside me he bent down and whispered into my ear, "You are a pretty good fuck. We are going to be having lots of fun from now on. I think Cindy likes my cock as much as you do. Oh, before I leave, I want you to know that I know a couple of guys at work that would love to have a shot at fucking that little asshole of yours. I think I can arrange it so that they can look in on you when I take Cindy on a little "business" trip next week. I'm going to let them videotape you taking two big cocks at the same time. When your wife and I get back, you and I can watch it and have some laughs."

He then placed a pillow under my chin to keep my mouth from opening, chuckled, and walked out. I heard Cindy ask him what he was doing as she met him in the hall. "I saw that his lips looked a little dry, so I made sure he would be breathing through his nose tonight. Besides, he will enjoy the fresh smell of the place. You do a great job at keeping the apartment clean and pleasant."

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