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Wifes First Interracial Swing

by jdmd2626 06/21/09

Margaret said absolutely not please do which surprised me as she usually is not that forward. It must have been the champagne. I had my hands under the water holding my wife's hand and when these two guys removed their towels my wife squeezed my hand so hard I thought she broke a finger. I knew what got her. Not only were their bodies works of art, they both had very sizable, heavy looking cocks that, soft, looked huge.

They introduced themselves, Michael and James. Michael was seated directly across from Margaret and was the taller of the two, easily 6'4" and James was seated to Michaels left. James was around 6'; both very dark. Michael looked at my wife and said smoothly you are stunning.

Margaret blushed and he continued saying I've never seen you two here, what a pleasant addition. My wife said You do have a way with words, don't you? Michael grinned and said, It comes naturally when confronted with such beauty. As my wife and Michael were exchanging words, my hand moved over to my wife's lap and she parted her legs slightly. I felt her legs part more and then my hand touched a foot that belonged to Michael. I quickly moved my hand and looked at Margaret who was staring intently at Michael. I moved my hand to my wife's arm and traced my way down to where I could feel her hold Michael's foot as his toes played with her pussy. A glow came over my wife and she looked as if she were in heaven.

We had only been at the club for half an hour, she had never been with a black guy and here we were in a hot tub with two men and one was already playing with her under the water with his foot! Michael looked at me and asked politely, would you be offended if I asked your beautiful lady to sit next to us? I said That is completely up to her. With that Michael extended his hand to Margaret who immediately took it in hers. His hand dwarfed my wife's tiny hand. She stood as Michael guided her over to him, her breasts coming from below the water, standing tall on her chest with nipples that were harder than nails sticking straight out. Michael said my God woman you are smoking. As my wife stood in front of Michael and James, Michael's other hand moved to cup her breast, holding it as he pinched her nipple between his thumb and fore finger, pinching it lightly. His hand drifted off her breast and traced a line down her belly to her freshly shaven pussy. He dipped his finger lightly into her opening. God you are so wet"he said. My wife replied, You've made me this way. With that Michael pulled her over and sat Margaret between him and James. Michael put his arm around her as my wife settled back. Michael's hand reached up, caressing my wife's face and moved it so his hand was behind her head. He pulled Margaret's face towards his and I watched as their lips slowly met. I watched both their lips part as their tongues met. The kiss they shared was extremely sensuous and powerful that I knew my wife's pussy was dripping.

The contrast of my wife's olive complexion against Michael's dark complexion was beautiful. Margaret's legs moved so she draped them over Michael's and James thighs. James moved his hand to my wife's breast, capturing her left nipple in between his thumb and forefinger, pinching it. A moan escaped Margaret's mouth that was firmly planted on Michaels. I watched as James moved his hand down my wife's stomach and obviously, though I couldn't see for the water, had found her pussy from her reaction. I watched my wife's arms move and her hands disappear under the water. I knew she was stroking both their cocks at the same time. When she finally broke the kiss with Michael, she gasped You both are so huge. It was obvious that Margaret's hands were both wrapped around their cocks.

Michael slid his body up and sat on the edge of the tub. Margaret moaned out loud from just looking at his hard cock. His cock was huge. It had to be at least 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist. My wife turned her body, kneeled on the seat of the hot tub and took Michaels cock in both her hands. I watched as she looked at this huge black cock, stroking it with both her hands, in utter amazement, hypnotized. James stood and my wife turned to look at his cock, which also was huge, not quite as big as Michael's but still unbelievably large. My wife said My God.

My wife turned back to Michael, her hands never leaving his cock and lowered her head and took the bulbous tip of Michael's cock into her mouth. She had one hand that attempted to hold his cock as the other held and squeezed Michael's huge balls. Michael put his hand on the back of Margaret's head and encouraged her to go deeper, which she tried, but didn't get far. She held her mouth there, filled with her first black cock and just moaned from the overwhelming desire that she had having what was now in her mouth. I knew that she was doing her best to twirl her tongue around his cock as she held him deep in her mouth, as she has done with me. Margaret kept him deep for so long, worshiping the new feeling of sucking on her first black cock. My wife's mouth slowly pulled up, her hand following, smearing her saliva up and down Michael's cock. She kept her lips wrapped tightly around the head of this humongous cock as her right hand stroked up and down the length, moving slowly at first and working up till her hand was a blur moving so fast up and down the length of Michael's cock. Finally letting her new found cock out of her mouth, my wife leaned up and kissed Michael and said your cock is amazing. She trailed kisses down his chest again back to his cock where she took him in his mouth even deeper. Michael pulled my wife up as it looked he was about to cum, kissed her and said Baby, we are going to make you feel good tonight. Let's go find a room to play.With that James and Michael took my wife's hands, helped her step up out of the tub and the four of us headed out of the pool room.

Michael led my wife by the hand, all of us naked, through a door and into a corridor of rooms. We went into the first room, which was empty and had a huge mattress, mirrors on all the walls and ceiling and a viewing window where people in the hallway could watch the goings on in the room. There was no door.

Michael sat on the edge of the bed and Margaret went to her knees and proceeded to worship her huge cock again. Her hands stroked and pulled as her mouth took in the head and first few inches, her mouth stretched as I'd never seen it, just moaning in ecstasy. I watched as she would run her lips down the entire shaft, moving to suck in his balls then back up. I had never seen my wife so filled with lust. I watched as she pulled Michael's cock from her mouth and began rubbing his cock all over her face until she pulled it back into her mouth. Michael then reached down and pulled my wife up on the bed saying We need to make room for more baby. Michael lay back, my wife crawling over him, rising up on a knee and her foot to straddle Michael's waist. Michael held his cock straight up and it had to be at least 10 to 11 inches long and so thick. James kneeled to Margaret's right, cock in hand, watching as I sat on the foot of the bed behind my wife.

Margaret reached down between her legs, grasped Michael's cock and guided it to her opening. She rubbed the head in her slit back and forth, soaking it with her juices. I saw her pussy lips open in anticipation. James started sucking her breasts and pulling her nipples. I couldn't believe what was happening. Margaret was so overcome with lust she positioned Michael's cock at her opening and sank down, taking almost half into her pussy at one time. I watched in amazement as her tight pussy stretched around Michael's girth, clutching it. She held herself there, her head fell back and I watched as her body went into spasms having such a powerful orgasm with Michael's cock just entering her. She clutched James head, his mouth sucking her left breast as Michael held her hips in place as my wife's body shook. Michael guided her hips up and I watched as her stretched pussy was pulled out as she rose up his long thick cock.

With his powerful hands and arms he pushed down on her hips as his cock went further into my wife. He pulled her up then pushed her down, each time a little more forcefully. I watched as more and more made its way into her, her white cream coating Michael's jet black cock every time he pulled her body up, only to push her back down further on his cock, making her cream shoot out of her coating his balls. Her guttural moans were louder than I ever heard my usually quiet wife until finally Margaret was grinding her pussy with Michaels cock completely buried in her.

She fell forward onto Michael's chest as he gripped her hips harder. James moved so my wife could reach his cock with her mouth and as she took his cock deep into her mouth Michael starting to pump his cock into my wife's tightly stretched pussy faster and faster. His hips started moving faster and my wife tried to match every thrust pushing her ass down when Michael thrust upward, keeping her lips locked around James cock. Michael never slowed down his pumping, holding her tightly around the waist, until he slammed her down hard as her pussy started oozing cream. James held Margaret's head as he started pumping faster into her mouth until he groaned as her squirted his cum deep in her throat as Michael held her down, all 10 inches inside her. When James came, it must have sent her over the edge as her hips started rocking up and down until she came with an intensity I've never seen.

Michael guided her onto her back, keeping his cock inside of her as James took her hands and held them above her head. My wife said through clenched teeth, Fuck me till you come Michael, and fill me please. I need to feel you come. As Michael started pumping into my wife, her legs shot straight up in the air, spread wide. James guided his limp but long cock into my wife's mouth. She just held his cock in her mouth as Michael pumped his cock in and out of my wife's body. He was relentless, fucking her like she had never been fucked, fucking her as she asked for it until he lunged forward burying his cock deep within her pussy filling her with come. My wife let go of James cock as she clutched Michael's back, once again going over the edge again, legs wrapped around Michael's waist as her entire body shook in yet another orgasm.

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