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Wild Flower Ch. 13

by vanalas 02/13/18

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Before going into writing, I would really like to thank you guys for your great love. I really love you. Welcome to the 13th chapter of this intriguing and hot story. I just hope you guys will catch the fire because this chapter is fire itself. Don't forget to comment and rate this chapter.



Miguel had just arrived at his beautiful mansion. He was seated on the couch with legs crossed and his chin on his fist. He was thinking about the time he had just spent with Christian at the hospital. He had no freaking idea why he couldn't have just stayed with the guy instead of coming to that mansion only to think about him.

"I feel you are being truth." Miguel thought, remembering how worried he had been when Christian had been hurt. "You have brought some feelings to the surface, Christian." He sighed. "But the truth is that I can't give myself to you because..."

"Hey!" Miguel heard Brian's voice.

He got out of his thoughts and looked towards where he was. He was sitting on the couch near him and he had a big smile on his face. He was looking really lovely.

"I thought you went to see Christian at the hospital." Brian asked. "Why are you back so early?"

Miguel cleared his voice, smiling faintly. "Yeah! I came back early because he woke up. There was no need for me to be there anymore."

"What do you mean?" Brian frowned. "I thought you went there because you were worried about his health and..."

"He wasn't waking up" Miguel gave a deep sigh. "I went there because I wanted to check up on his health. But he woke up and I had no reason to be there anymore."

"Hmm," Brian couldn't understand Miguel anymore. The boy was really mysterious. A smile appeared on his face when he thought of something. "Could it be that..." He laughed out loud. "Oh! No!" He shook his head. "Could it be that he woke up because he felt your presence? Don't you think that's evidence enough that he loves you?"

"What?" Miguel gasped as his eyes widened. "Shut up!" He chuckled, throwing a cushion at Brian. "You are crazy. The man woke up because he wanted to. It doesn't change anything."

"You are really impossible to understand." He laughed, shaking his head. "I mean, why else would the guy wake up when he felt your presence? He is probably dying to see you again so I suggest..."

"I know what you are going to say." Miguel gave a sigh of relief. "And honestly, I am really tired to listen to one of your lectures. I think I need to rest and..."

"That's what you always say but this time you are not going anywhere." Brian got up from the couch and went to sit with Miguel. "I won't let you go until I hear all about..."

"Let me go." Miguel tried to move but Brian took his hand and made him sit down. Miguel frowned, looking at Brian in surprise. "What are you doing?"

"Getting the truth out of you." Brian teased, winking at Miguel.

Miguel couldn't have been more surprised. "What truth?" He shrugged. "I have nothing to say to you. Right now I really need to rest. I told you everything that had happened so leave me alone."

"Why do I feel as if you are not telling me everything?"

"Have I ever hidden anything from you?" He chuckled nervously. "I have told you everything about the guy so leave me alone."

"Okay." Brian chuckled, letting go of Miguel's hands. "I will let you go for now but I won't leave this issue hanging. It shall continue."

"Whatever!" Miguel got up, chuckling softly.

"Don't forget that." Brian announced as Miguel left the living room.

Miguel didn't say anything. He just laughed and went into the elevator. He felt he needed to rest and most importantly, he needed to talk to his parents and thank them.


Miguel was standing in front of the table with his parents' pictures spread all around the table with his uncle's and Angelo's pictures. He was looking right at them with tears in his eyes but he was at least happy. He wasn't hurt at all.

There were candles lit all around the room and the table. He was only putting on a beautiful white robe with nothing underneath. His hair was loose and he was somehow feeling at peace and really happy.

"You answered my prayers." He said with pain in his voice. "I asked for you to heal him and you did that. For that, I would like to sincerely say that I thank you. I know that you love me and wouldn't want to hurt me once more."

Miguel took a deep breath, taking a picture of Angelo. He brought it closer, rubbing his hands sweetly on it. He had been looking really lovely in that picture just like he used to be. He remembered how things had been that day and how happy he had been while taking the picture that day. Tears poured to his eyes as his pain slowly started coming back.

"I know that you have been guiding me since that day." He chuckled bitterly. "You are a part of me that has suffered a lot. I might have a new identity but nothing has changed. That's why I would like to thank you so much." He cleared his voice. "Thank you for saving him."




"I have never felt this way for a man since that time." He cried, holding Angelo's picture in his hands. "I don't wanna feel like this but I also can't help it. I know I had promised to stay away from any man but this man is different and he is driving me insane.

I have never felt like this and I didn't want to. But I really can't help it." He cried as tears fell on Angelo's photo. "I think I might be falling in love with this guy. His energy is different. His fighting spirit is admirable... he is a good man and I think I really need him."

Miguel couldn't believe he had been saying that at that time but it had been what he had felt. So much had been going on at that time and the only thing that had been in his mind was Christian's safety and nothing else.

"I am really sorry." He cried softly. "But I really need him by my side. Guide me because I feel helpless. Help him out."




"Thank you so much, Angelo." He smiled. "Thank you."

Miguel was really happy because what he had been asking for in that room had been coming to pass. He was thankful for that and he knew that the Angelo inside of him was gonna help him out with his mission.

Miguel put back the picture and went to take a shower. He didn't know if he was going to see Christian at the hospital.


Carter was seated on a chair, holding Christian's hand sweetly. He had tears and he was about to cry. He was looking right at Christian's face and was filled with nothing but pain and sadness. Holding Christian's hand felt as if he was connected to a cable of electricity. His entire body was shivering in both fear and pleasure. He couldn't understand himself at all.

He could very well remember that the doctor had told him that Christian had woken up. It was just too bad that he was asleep once again. How Carter wished he had been able to see him and look into his cute eyes. It was just too painful.

"This shouldn't have happened to you." Carter cried softly, kissing Christian's hand. "You are a very good man, Christian and you shouldn't have gotten hurt the way you did. The doctor told me you had woken up but... I feel really bad. I just wish you had been able to see me because..." He sobbed softly. "...because I really love you, Christian. I know we had just met but I love you and I know that you really love me too."

Carter was pretty much sure the man in Christian's description was him. There was no other explanation for it.

"I can still remember the first time we had met about almost two weeks ago." He chuckled softly, tracing Christian's hand. "I can still remember that time how you had looked at me. I knew from that time that you are the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I really love you, Christian and I can't wait for you to tell me that you love me too."

Carter looked at Christian and kissed his hand once again. He had a bandage around his head but he was still as handsome as ever. Carter smiled, chuckling softly when a crazy thought hit him like a hurricane. His hormones got out of control.

"I know you still haven't told me that you love but I know that already." He slowly got up from the chair and started moving closer to the bed. "I just hope you won't be mad at me for what I will do right now. I am not usually like this but I can't help it. I feel that you are the one for me."

Carter took a deep breath and then slowly started leaning down, towards Christian's lips. He could smell him when he got closer... he could feel his hot breath on his face and he could see his glowing handsome face. It just got him hungrier.

Carter stared at Christian's sweet hot lips and he licked his own lips. He closed his eyes and started moving a bit quickly. His heart was racing and his breaths were harsh. His body was trembling and he was really excited.

It wasn't long before his lips found their way on Christian's lips. Once his lips touched Christian's lips, his heart almost jumped out of his chest with excitement. His body trembled even more. He felt hot and cold at the same time. It was as if something had possessed him.

"Hmm," Carter moaned softly.

Carter kissed Christian's lips for a number of seconds before he finally let him go. The man hadn't been moving at all but what Carter had just experienced was the sweetest thing he'd ever tasted in his poor life.

A smile appeared on his face as he finally moved away from Christian's face but he couldn't stop staring at it. He just wanted more and more of those kisses but what he really wanted was for Christian to kiss him when he was finally awake. Carter was really happy and excited. He couldn't even think properly because a lot was in his mind.

"Thank you so much." He chuckled. "I feel alive now. I just wish it could have taken longer and it would gone even more. I am ready to give you everything, Christian. I love you so much."

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