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In my own head and it's kinda silly in here
My private feedback is working. Huzzah! Feel free to shoot me private feedback or e-mail direct to I do answer questions and I'm also happy to do a bit of editing if you're puzzling over a story of your own.

Generally, I like stories with a bit of plot to them and good dialogue. My postings cover a somewhat broad range of sexual subject matter (group, lesbian, incest, anal, first time) as well as tone (funny, raunchy, romantic). It's a mood thing.



At the request of readers, I've put together a suggested reading order for the stories I've posted here on Lit that are interrelated. I tried to write the spin-offs as self-contained pieces, but for the purists here's my reco on reading order:

Hero's Life Ch. 00 (as a sort of prologue that teases the future. It was my first post. It's a bit rough around the edges.)
Strawberries & Bubblegum (as backstory for Heather)
Saving Berry (more backstory for Heather)
Hero's Life Ch. 1-8
Sam's Short Dark Tale (backstory for Samantha)
Peaches and Honey (backstory from Heather explaining how Heather and Samantha came together)
Hero's Life Ch. 9-14
Her Uncle's Secret (more backstory for Samantha)
Peaches and Honey Ch. 02 (backstory from Samantha explaining how she and Heather and Hero came together from her point of view)
Hero's Life Ch. 15 (Heather's narrated conclusion of the arc of Hero's Life)
Bobbie's Lesson (more like a sequel)
Berry's Second Chances Ch. 1 & 2
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December 24, 2013
Story Submissions:

Berry's Second Chances Ch. 01   One girl, two loves, same family.

Berry's Second Chances Ch. 02   New bride rekindles old passion with her sister-in-law.

Bobbie's Lesson   Little brother gets his education.

Her Uncle's Secret   Unwitting 18 year-old ballerina is uncle's fantasy.

Hero's Life Ch. 00   Peaches: Buxom teenager helps couple.

Hero's Life Ch. 01   Lucky fool lands barely legal office hottie.

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