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Thank you reader who pointed out the the word "amble" had replaced the word "ample" in my word editor. I'm sure breasts would love to stroll about if they could, but given the generous weight of the ones in question, it's doubtful. I've made the necessary edits. That's what 3am bedtime and 8am work does to you I guess.

Also, as an aside, I encourage everyone who likes my stories to write a little of their own. Steal my characters, or someone else's. Make your own up, throw them in a setting you know or one you want to make. If you've got interest in stories and a desire to make you own, do it! I reread the first story I ever wrote seriously, and it sucked. It sucked to such a horrifying degree that I couldn't read ten pages without thinking that this was not what I remembered writing.
BUT, I saw things progress across about six hundred pages of crap, and that's about where Cemetery Summons got started. Everybody starts somewhere. Some of us play catch-up for about seven years. In any case, don't be discouraged because you suck, if you do. If you start out a Tolkien or a Lovecraft, by God tell me how you did it. But if you're like me, and you just really suck at writing, just keep sucking. One day, you'll delete an entire conversation between two characters because the lead-in statement would have never come out of your seven-foot, horned, Underfolk's mouth. And then you'll realize that you're not so bad at it after all.

P.S. Does anyone ever actually hook up from using this site? There's a "Looking for" section, but I've never heard of anyone actually getting together from it. Just a thought.

Thank You for Your Time and Reviews - Galloglaich
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May 3, 2016
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Cemetery Summons   A guy is down on his luck, and ends up getting very lucky.

Cemetery Summons Ch. 02   With his succubus at home, things even more complicated.

Cemetery Summons Ch. 03   Sometimes denial of service isn't such a good idea.

Cemetery Summons Ch. 04   Sundown brings the lustful succubus down...on him.

Cemetery Summons Ch. 05   Rough gets too rough when it comes to bloodletting.

Cemetery Summons Ch. 06   Three succubi find a way to share one arousal.

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