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The Frozen North
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"An Inhuman Love"
A fun series of novelettes, each stand-alone and meant purely as a way to indulge in romance and erotica. Get naked and enjoy.

"Medusa: Fate's Game"
This is my updated story to my original Medusa series! It's an adventure fantasy, filled with mythological action, romance, and erotica.

"My Little Ventrue"
A paranormal mystery/thriller story, about a young man named Jack who gets pulled into the complicated web of vampires.


Sorry for all the profile updates spamming people's activity feed! I've been making a lot of decisions about how I'm going to pursue writing. And I've decided to focus on Patreon, while making my stories free for everyone!

Making money is great, but writing for fun is why I started writing. I want to enjoy writing, and have money follow that as secondary, not the other way around. I miss being on Literotica with people sending me feedback. I really enjoyed that!

So that's why I'm going to publish everything I write for free. If you like it, great, Patrons get perks on my Patreon, but you can be awesome in other ways, like voting, comments, reviews, or spreading the word.
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January 24, 2018
Story Submissions:

An Inhuman Love Ch. 01   The Banished Centaur.

My Little Ventrue Ch. 01   Jack is pulled into the world of blood.

My Little Ventrue Ch. 02   Murder, fire, and conspiracy theories.

My Little Ventrue Ch. 03   To the ball, then to the club.

My Little Ventrue Ch. 04   Jack, the Prince, and a little blood too.

My Little Ventrue Ch. 05   A little dialogue, a little sex.

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