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Eastern USA
Don Julian Winslow (aka Don Winslow) is an internationally known best-selling author who has written some 20 books of erotic fiction. Writer and critic Hollis Compton as called him: "The Maxfield Parrish of porn."

He is not to be confused with Don Winslow - detective fiction writer; who wants it clear that he DOES NOT write dirty books.

Occasional chats are welcomed with like-minded enthusiasts..somewhat articulate is best, or at least not rude. Those who are chronically angry need not apply.

To some people sex is sex, to Lisa, sex is theater.
To me, sex is opera – But then, I’m another story.
---From: Tiffany Clark as Renee, in Hot Dreams
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November 28, 2017
Story Submissions:

A Dress?   Do clothes make the man...or woman?

Aaron's Rod   Testing the limits of excruciating pleasure.

Akira Comes of Age   A female executive is designated to serve the males.

Anna Shows   To women who like showing and men who like to show them.

Can You Hear me Now?   What would happen if Leigh Wingates' two worlds collided?

Candace Is Taken for a Ride   It was a conspiracy. A plot meticulously laid out.

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