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My stories are all about one super hero.

There is truth in every one.

Recently I've gotten some feed back that "all your stories are the same." I write these stories to turn me on. And maybe one other person. If I'm not turned on, you won't be. And I don't think they are all the same unless you call them being about one man and one woman being "all the same." Also, telling me that really doesn't give me any constructive feedback to change.

If you're hoping to read a story about aliens kidnapping Pamela Anderson look-alikes and having them mud-wrestle over the last strawberry, I am not your author.

Also, my advice to you if you don't like my subject matter is to find an erotica website that gives you a zillion different categories and options sorted neatly that might tickle your fancy better than mine. Oh wait! You're already on it!

Thanks for reading.

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August 24, 2012
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(Just a) Kiss   That was all it was supposed to be.

A Slap in the Face   One is never enough.

Against the Law   The best kind of crimes deserve the best kind of punishment.

Against the Law Ch. 02   A man out of uniform can be even better.

Against the Law Ch. 03   Some law breakers just never learn their lesson.

Against the Law Ch. 04   A romantic date still can't keep these two out of trouble.

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