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I love the unknowable, the curious, reason, slightly archaic beauty, tight corsets, simple harmonic motion, city architecture, the intersection of technology and society, anticipation, sci-fI, lush green environments and the desert, the glow of perfect exertion, high heels and thigh highs, thunderstorms and the smell of rain, the taste of moistness, warmed flesh, tightly restraining, hard kisses, praising (but only if it’s earned), specific instructions, thuddy impact play, discussing the numinous, writing erotica, board games, a baby’s laugh, a woman’s giggle, being dressed for, sea novels set in the 1700s and 1800s, dark bruises, candles and fires, London and DC, heat, people who are comfortable with dark things, historical costume dramas, being healthy, safety, security, wood floors and historic places, Irish whiskey, discussing ideas about consciousness, cathartic pain, intelligence, ritual, being craved, Yoga, controlled brats, very hard spankings, white dress shirts, British detective shows, biking, spicy food, and pink lips on a sweet mouth.
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August 19, 2023
Story Submissions:

Sue's Ass   Too many women in the bedroom.

Eu Tu Plato   A poem inspired by a Plato quote

Flashing Eyes   An ex flashes into my life, then gone again

Mad Mad Haiku Life   My Sexual Journey as Haiku

Pink Nails: Desiree on Valentines   Poem created for Valentine's competition, but a bit late

To My Illicit Lover (revisited)  

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