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Greetings and salutations! I know I haven't posted much in the last year, but real life again intruded. In the last fourteen months, I've lost a brother, a sister, and my mother. I've become friends with grief, and accustomed to deathwatches. Think goodness the rest of my family are fairly healthy, but one never knows.

I have three stories almost finished, now that I have a chance to write, so look for them soon.

In between everything else, I've managed to write three books for Amazon, what originally started out as a trilogy. I guess I have too much story to tell, so it will take two more books to conclude the sage.

It's a fantasy, something I've always wanted to write. The series is called the Bloodcost Saga. Book One, Kitten, was released yesterday, July 28. The second one,The Ultimate Deal, will be out by August 8, the third, Booldcost, out the week following.

Thanks to all who have read my stories, and for the votes and comments. I think we can all agree Literotica went through a bit of a dry spell recently, but some of the old authors are coming back, and there a few really good new ones on the scene. Keep reading!
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July 30, 2017
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500 Annies Ch. 01   A technical manual for understanding women.

500 Annies Ch. 02   Moving forward, beginning the manual.

500 Annies Ch. 03   The manual gets written, he moves on.

500 Annies Ch. 04   So, class, what have we learned?

500 Annies Epilogue   Joe's life, two years later.

A Comfortable Pair Of Shoes   The Magic Moment

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