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On A Beach
Woooo. Here I am again.

I am Raistlin Majere, Wizard of the Black Robes, Lord of the Tower of High Sorcery of Palanthas, Master of Past And Present.

Okay perhaps, I just wish that was me. I'm a nothing special Joe-Blow that just likes to write a little kink every now and again. I'm an oddball. A goof. Someone you might run from or love to get to know. Whatever I am, I'm here to entertain.

If you're wondering why all my stuff went poof and now there's a sudden flood of writing rolling in, it's because I haven't been here in like six years. I posted much more actively on HF. Recently someone reminded me that this site existed so I thought I'd jump back on. I cleaned the slate and I'm uploading everything I can. Got rid of the old stuff because it needed corrections.

Commissions are almost always open. I charge two cents per word with ten dollars at time of commission and the remainder upon completion. I'll write almost anything short of extreme kinks. Eg. Scat, underage, noncon, or bestiality.
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January 10, 2019
Story Submissions:

A Grand Cocking Adventure   A horny bunny girl sets out on the adventure of a lifetime!

A Healthy Adolescent Sex Drive   A young dickgirl finally admits her love for her best friend.

A Horny Futanari and Her Cat   A young woman gets a new cat. In this world, cats are sexy.

A Tale of Anna and Marcus   Anna is a sexy little imp girl with a blazing hot libido.

A Tribal Love   A brother and sister discover a sex-crazed amazonian tribe.

All for a Cup of Coffee   A world of endless beautiful women... and no coffee in sight.

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