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Born in the south I have had enough tragedy in my life to give me a dark part to my soul. At the same time, I've had enough joy to give me a love of life and a somewhat wicked sense of humor.

A romantic with a lovers heart and an inner demon I write what comes to mind, heart, ​and soul. Because of that, ​you will find several types of stories on​ my list. Some are written​ to pull the heartstrings​...some the g-strings. Smile.

And some are that inner demon wanting to let himself be heard. The dark part of me that I don't let come out and play too​ often.

So o​n my list, ​you will find stories to warm the heart or chill it. Dark and light... in a ​near equal measure. I try to always put as much of myself into a story as I can. Well, ​I'm not all sunlight and flowers.

A good guide to you would be my scores. the lower they are the darker the story may be.In general, ​the scores are not low because the story is bad. I could just write them and not post these darker parts but wouldn't be reading me.

Always with a grin, a wicked laugh and a look in my eye to make the Gypsy shiver,

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February 5, 2018
Story Submissions:

50 Shades of Brown   All she wanted was for him to stimulate her mind.

A Day in the Cove   A day of sailing and snorkeling turns serious.

A Father's Dream   Together they may find each other in a dream.

A Likely Story   His girlfriend dumped him but her mom still loves him.

A Night of Chocolate and Roses   She went there for her husband. She stayed there for herself.

A Ruined Life Ch. 01   A guy's mother turns his life upside down.

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