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First off, I thrive on feedback; so please fire away when you get the urge. I read it all and it often brings different perspectives.

The main thing making me a little unusual is that I'm bi-polar … with some serious medication on board to stay semi-normal. My other characteristics are the usual suspects: a wife (who proof-reads when she has the time,) 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 4 guinea pigs.

I’ve deleted some previous updates and I’m adding an explanation that may help some of my readers: Please understand, my mind doesn't work in a straight line. My mind cycles and sometimes I’m filled with energy, but then that energy fizzles and I fall into an unproductive slough. When I am feeling the energy, I take an idea for a story and I work on a given story line until the fire dims; then instead of simply pumping out a bunch of text I feel is both uninspired and unworthy of your time to read it, I suspend work on that project for a while. My thoughts will run on a completely different storyline going in a different direction for a while, but normally I drift back and pick up the first storyline again ...some projects are adrift longer than others. but things remain in my queue and subjected to repeated review, some every week or so, others going months before I look at it again. But with each, I am ever hoping this time the fire will be rekindled. I am forever hopeful that no idea dies.

Lastly, I believe in lots of sex in all (loosely) heterosexual ways. I want to have sex with my wife at least three times a day - my wife doesn't, so I write a lot instead. I guess that makes the rest of you the victims of my frustration.

Update October 23rd, 2016: My present mental and health issues are interfering with my ability to submit anymore work at this time. I'm working through some problems and hope to be getting back to things before too long. Please be patient.

Update June 4th, 2017: The last 8 months have been hard. I got a couple of things out before the New year, but wasn’t able to take any new chapters to completion until this weekend when I finally made my first submission of 2017. I’ve made stuttering progress over the last 6 months on several storylines, but each seemed to have an insurmountable piece that just wouldn’t work. I am feeling the energy again, and while it is not constant, I hope to be able to take the LNH story line to its end point and perhaps bring Ebb Tide forward another chapter before high summer is upon us.

I also plan to submit some new stories which have been percolating for several months while my mind was in chaos. Some of them are well over a year old. Like my established storylines, I simply haven't felt they were ready yet.

Beyond that, I am looking forward to a productive summer.

November 14th, 2017 ~ Well, this summer and most of the fall have been a total bust. I haven't gotten a damn thing published. I hate this yet here it is. My health continues to get worse and to date,there seems little the doctors can do stop my physical state from sliding from annoying as a Hell to downright debilitating.

Worse still, my Daughter (16) now shares my bi-polar condition. That is a whole lot of useless helplessness I worry over even though I know there is minimal stuff I can do for her.

I still aim to have something out before Christmas. Thank you all for your time and patience.
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November 14, 2017
Story Submissions:

A Life Not My Own Ch. 01   Officer Echo enters my life.

A Life Not My Own Ch. 02   Bullets, Blood and Very Bad People.

A Life Not My Own Ch. 03   Acts of Betrayal, Bonds of Trust.

A Life Not My Own Ch. 04   Becoming the minion of the Evil Empire.

A Little Taste of Blackmail   Turning the tables on a Blackmailer, sort of.

A Little Taste of Blackmail Ch. 02   How the whole thing got started.

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