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A reader, gyfurune, proposed a chronology of my stories. He was right on. So for those interested, here it is. gyfurune has also been helpful with giving my recent stories a read-through prior to posting. A hearty thank you! I will endeavor to update as I post new stories.
Currently alternating on completing Starlight Gleaming and other tales at this time.
And for those who are curious, I know that the proper form these days is to spell it sláinte, but I was taught to spell it the other way, with the accent on the end, so that's the way I do it. Slainté
Tales from Ibn Punacious - Artaxus (no date)
* * *
House Sorena Ch. 01 - Legacy, Jan 12, 199 - between Cedardale and Miridor
House Sorena Ch. 02 Pt 1 - Sisters, Summer 1999 - near Sargossa
House Sorena Ch. 02 Pt 2 - Sisters, Summer 2007 - near Sargossa
* * *
In the Lair of the Entropy God, Solstice Eve, 2021, Holy city of Lona
* * *
** Antasha Cycle - Duchy of Atansha, Kingdom of Tildor
New Girl Ch 01, May 2047
Down on the Mat, Feb 2048
Day Off For Three (day following Down on the Mat), Feb 2048
New Girl Ch. 02 Pt 1 - early March 2048
New Girl Ch. 02 Pt 2 - Interlude, mid-March 2048
New Girl Ch. 03, May 2048
* * *
Anya Surprised, June 21, 2101, Sharaton-Charlottesville, Kingdom of Tildor. Novella. Anya Starshine decides to have a second child and things go awry.
* * *
** Bardic Cycle
Bard's Tale 01 - The Beginning, March 2094 - Reison meets the Landers Sisters.
Bard's Tale 02 - First Outing Together, March 2094
Bard's Tale 03 - Miriel, end of March 2094
Bard's Tale 04 - Holly Wood, April 2094

Afternoon Break, Feb 2105, Sharaton-Charlottesville, Kingdom of Tildor; Quinn Whisper Wind gets a visit from his wife.
Starlight Gleaming series, about 13,000 years ago.
2018-08-12 - Corrupted OS, meaning I lost a week reinstalling my computer. Argh. MS rejects my license. Double argh! Fortunately, the stories were saved. Edits for Bard's Tale 04 done and submitted; working on SG18
2018-07-16 - Third rewrite of the first twenty pages to ch18. Finally happy with it, and moving on.
2018-07-08 - Bard's Tale 4 off to reader. Long tale in two parts. New Rx making me tired all the time, and so far, not affecting my dizziness. Turning attention to SG18. Hey, that sounds like a SciFi spinoff! :D Think Amanda Tapping would play Doyya?
2018-06-06 Status update. Doctors may be narrowing in on some causes, but still having many issues with being able to function for too many days in a row. Hoping the audiologist will confirm things.
About 2/3rds done with Bard's Tale 4, currently about 80 pages, which is about twice what I anticipated the final length to be, but other things insisted on being added. The city and family stuff is done. Estimate another 20-30 to cover their outdoor expedition. Working as fast as I can. In between, plotting out what will be in Starlight Gleaming 18.
2018-02-20 Error fixes posted. When I awake for the day, sometimes I have dreamed about Starlight Gleaming 18
2018-02-10 Corrections received, done, and submitted to Lit. One vote to do Bard's Tale 4, so I have my marching orders.
2018-02-09 I have a volunteer reader! TerrytheTraveler has stepped up, and he is currently working on reading through Chapter 17 for errors. So it will be posted soon!
Plan at this time is work alternately on Starlight Gleaming and either a Bard Tale entry or adding to House Sorena, Atansha, or whatever I hear people want to read more about.

For those following the Skyra tales, thank you for your patience. I had promised myself I would focus on completing Starlight Gleaming before writing other tales, but there are three or four tales that the muse has been beating me with. So, I'm working on the Bard's Tale series, which will eventually tie in 'Anya Surprised' and 'Afternoon Break.'
When I think of Janetta Tlacotli, I envision her like the older sister of Michelle Rodriguez; strong, hot, sexy, intelligent, and kick-ass. And that beautiful, impish smile!
Yes, I have a thing for brunettes, which is odd, because my first ex is a redhead, and my second ex is blonde. Go figure. On second thought, I consider women inherently beautiful from the get-go, so maybe not so odd.
Shattered Dreams - Erotic Horror /Celebrity/SF story about Ripley of Aliens; non-erotic
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August 12, 2018
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Afternoon Break   Quinn's school studies are interrupted by his wife.

Anya Surprised   Novella. Deciding to have a second child was the easy part.

Bard's Tale 01 - The Beginning   Three sisters meet a young half-elf at a crossroad.

Bard's Tale 02 - First Outing   Emerging from the honeymoon suite to take care of business.

Bard's Tale 03 - Miriel   Foul play, rendering justice, and the in-laws.

Bard's Tale 04 - Holly Wood   Meeting the in-laws and... Reison kidnapped!

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