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Over 60
Somerset UK
As I pass the tender age of 72 most of my life is now memories and it's delightful to sit at the keyboard and create stories - stories of past experiences; stories of wishful thinking; stories of fun and frantic frolics!
I've always loved writing and my stories in Literotica are a great release for me; a chance to create some hot porn and a chance to exercise my delights in the use of the English language.
And believe it or not, I've now published my 106th story - well over a million words...when I only really expected to dump a few stories on you.

Anyway, bear with me; enjoy my efforts and don't be too rude about them!
But don't think that just because I'm getting on a bit that I don't still indulge in sex - of course I do! And everything still works pretty well. What's more, an open mind has taught me how to enjoy both male and female bodies - and how to make the best use of mine!
Life is far from boring, even at my age!

For those of you reading this far, an update.
Early in 2018 my PC crashed with the hard drive literally wiping EVERYTHING from it's memory and I’ve only recently had it back from the repair shop. Needless to say my back-up system wasn't up-to-date and I've therefore lost loads of stories-in-progress so I’m having to ‘start again’.
Please therefore bear with me while I catch up – it may be a while before my next story appears.
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February 10, 2018
Story Submissions:

A Tale of Two Opposites   Complete opposites come together hard.

A Very English Family Ch. 01   A new home, a new way of life.

A Very English Family Ch. 02   A new home brings us together.

A Very English Family Ch. 03   Brotherly love takes precedence.

A Very English Family Ch. 04   Share and share alike.

A Very English Family Ch. 05   Settling, sharing and discovering.

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