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To whomever still reads my stories:

I'm putting the old typewriter out to pasture.

Part of my 'resignation'as an active erotica writer is tied to the increasingly intrusive nature of our government, combined with a maniacal, yellow journalism industry.

As long as the media is willing to tell the government's side of the story or adapt a single narrative to frame a discussion, there is no 'safe harbor' for people whose sexual tastes deviate from the norm. Heck, there's no safe harbor for anyone. Almost anyone can be accused of something (based on a story on this site, a search query, or visiting the wrong website) and either the media is unable to get to the bottom of the matter, or they're unwilling because the alternative story doesn't sell.

The other part of my resignation is just how busy I've been. I've not had a moment to sit down and write a creative thought. As fulfilling as writing a good story is, there just isn't the time for it to be done well.

In closing- if anyone wants to take up any of my titles or characters, feel free to do so. Best of luck.
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August 6, 2013
Story Submissions:

Cabin Fever   A father and daughter are trapped by the embrace of Winter.

Consent Theory   College guy is taken by his teacher.

Defending His Right   He tries to cure failings through a kickboxing class.

East Berlin   Political strife splits a bride & groom, & joins a family.

Exploration   More alcohol and the announcement of her pregnancy.

Family Sensation   Siblings escape the grinding wheel of time.

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