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I try to write realistically- describing believable people in plausible situations. None of the characters is "me," but many of them represent aspects of my personality and history. My hope is that, as you get to know my characters, you will find yourself thinking- hey, I know that kind of guy...I've seen that sort of girl...

I write about sex because it is the most intimate of acts, touching upon our very souls. It affects us in ways nothing else can, and in doing so, it often brings to light hidden dimensions of our identities.

But the stories are hardly ever about sex itself- they are about why we have sex- what is it that drives us into the arms and bed of another? What is it that compels us to be so vulnerable? And how does sex affect, express, and illumine who we are?
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January 23, 2016
Story Submissions:

A Heart Divided Ch. 01   Can Gareth and Lynn's marriage be saved?

A Heart Divided Ch. 02   So many reasons to say no, but Gareth says yes.

A Heart Divided Ch. 03   Gareth and Gina on a Valentines Day date, and what followed.

A Heart Divided Ch. 04   Gareth and Gina are lovers, but Lynn is still on his mind.

A Heart Divided Ch. 05   Lots of hotel sex, then a gathering of storm clouds.

A Heart Divided Ch. 06   Lynn is back, and Grant and Gina slip up.

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