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Over 18
South Africa
L. Erato Blake - Writer

Facebook: leratoblakeSA
Twitter: @leratoblake


Full Literotica Novels:

* Love Note


Partial Submissions / Short Stories:

* Coffee & Poetry
* Fire Flies
* Erotic Escape


Upcoming submission(s):

Sept 2017: Fire Flies
Dec 2017: Erotic Escape


05 Sept '17

Submitting my Lit Summer Competition story today.

I'm very late to this particular party, I know - but this was a spur-of-the-moment decision made a few weeks ago when I noticed the competition was about to open. So, I got started. And I'm not exactly the fastest of writers, as I'm sure many will (strongly) concur. But I am still excited at completing my first Lit competition entry ever.

Rather intrigued by finding out if I could manage writing to a theme, I set about working on a story that gets hot in somewhat "forbidden" ways. I can only hope I managed to create what I had conceived well enough to impress the people who count - my readers. And I do promise to put better preparation into future competitions I might choose to enter.

Keep an eye out for "Fire Flies" in a few days' time.

Votes and feedback would be quite nifty, too.


06 July '17
Just submitted Love Note II. Both thrilled and petrified...

03 Apr '15
A writer must write. And I haven't done so in far too long.
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September 5, 2017
Story Submissions:

Coffee & Poetry   When words, mocha and love burn.

Fire Flies   A season for sunflowers, soulmates & skies lit with flames.

Love Note Pt. 01   His love letter to her begins in the notes he sings.

Love Note Pt. 02   Their duet plays on, practically writing itself.



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