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And my very first published novel will be available 1 July from Uruk Press (you can pre-order now). "Mistaken Identity" by Chloe. Link below.

Deep in the heart of Shanghai, the night shines with light. Music pounds out frenetically from packed nightclubs and bars. Crowds fill the streets. The air is filled with a vibrancy and an energy thats addictive. Melissa Zhang is a San Francisco girl but her great-grandparents were from Shanghai. Its a city shes always wanted to see. She and her boyfriend, Dave, are on vacation, exploring Shanghai. Exploring Shanghais nightlife. In their exploration and excitement, Melissa and Dave are caught up and swept away in a wave of passion and desire that will change Melissas world in ways she never expected.

Mistaken Identity is the debut novel by Chloe Tzang, a blistering work of contemporary erotica that starts the Three Nights In Shanghai series. Expect unrestrained, unprotected sex as Melissa indulges all her secret fantasies.
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Chloe is half chinese-vietnamese, half-white, lives somewhere in the USA. Work as an ER Nurse so I see some weird shit every day. Late twenties and likes writing, pinterest, tae kwon do / hapkido and shooting things that go bang. Very attached. Love to get feedback on my stories and email about writing in general. I don't chat online, I don't do cybersex, I don't share photos. Any requests like that just get deleted, so don't waste your time.

I'd love it if you follow me on facebook. That way you'll be able to follow when I put new stories up on other websites as well as on Literotica. Chloe Tzang. And my profile picture is the same as on Literotica.
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June 27, 2018
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