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2/19/18: Working on 3-5 things at the moment, but I am nearly finished with Tamuril's new book, which is basically the opener for the next epic series (see my manic update here:

Sirana's first book is 105 pgs/45K words, and at the half-way mark. I have the ending selected, and in addition to the first half of what's complete being all new material, I have also rewritten the major scenes in "Sisterhood" and "Subterrane" that needed it. For example, the conflict of Sirana with Kain has become a proper Erotic Horror Mind-Fuck. My test-readers gave it a thumbs up with wide-eyes; pretty much what I was looking for, given how important that scene is for future ones.

Once Tamuril's novel is out of my head (it needs out!), I plan to charge forward on Sirana again. :)

And! I've been invited to participate in a new themed event on Literotica, scheduled for March 17th! It's called the "Mystery Tour" and I'll be submitting a short story to contribute to the collection. It'll be an investigation/urban horror story with something of a terror element to it. Just something a little different.

12/10/17: Aaaand we're there! Surfacing is finished! My sincere and earnest gratitude to each one of you for reading my story, for commenting and helping to inspire a tale as large as this.

If you'd like to see more Miurag side stories sooner (4 have been sponsored by patrons!), if you'd like to hear frequent updates about my ebooks, get a peek at new art or book covers, and help support my work, visit my Patreon at $1/month gets you all that and more!

Patrons have voted for the next story: Tamuril returning home after 60 years (set 54 years after the Surfacing Epilogue). That's going to be a tense one! O.O

If you cannot join Patreon at this time, no worries! I will still post occasional updates here at Lit. Favorite me as an author to see updates pop up in your user-panel feed. If the patron-sponsored stories are Lit-appropriate, I will probably post them here as well. :)

Lastly, if you're interested in hearing when ebooks are coming out, visit to add your name to my mailing list. No spam, I promise; these will be very, very occasional announcements with relevant information about publishing dates and buying options.

Thank you for reading and enjoying my stories!

This was a long time coming. I finally put this together for those who have asked or will see this. If you'd like a recommendation for the side stories where they relate to the main series, here is what I can offer:

Ch 25-28
Mourn, Lethrix (either order)
Ch 30-32
The Sisters of V'Gedra
The Sisters of V'Gedra: Ishuna
Ch 33-34
Vian Meets Her Squad
Ch 35
Ch 36
House Aurenthin
Ch 37-38
Ch 39-41

Visit for loads of supplemental info surrounding the series. It'll be on-going, with updates from time to time. To receive news on future e-books releases, add your name through "Red Sister Contact". :)

For $1/month following the last release, patrons will see more side stories coming out, final art from my guys, possible book covers, AND get immediate notifications about all progress and availability on future e-book releases! Enough pledges could see free copies of the first ebooks. Sign up as a patron below:
Thank you to all who are reading and enjoying the Red Sister series! Final resolution in 2017 and ebooks in 2018!

I have been writing for most of my life; I do it for the pleasure it gives me, and the enjoyment and entertainment it gives others. Thank you for voting and commenting! I am open to feedback if there are thoughts you'd like to share.

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February 20, 2018
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Barter Me This   Mr. Tanner offers Mr. Garrity a deal.

Calculated Risk Ch. 01   A young Vulcan needs her help to survive Pon Farr.

Calculated Risk Ch. 02   They must work together to survive the desert.

Chasing Cerise Ch. 01   Blonde woman makes a unique booty call.

Chasing Cerise Ch. 02   They wrap up the booty call with lessons learned.

Expect Flurries   Diabolic lessons 2: Indra practices her magic in Winter Home.

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