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10/3/18: Alright! Laurel was able to fix the SNAFU, and the new part is up. Also, for fun, my buddy Gazukull shared this surprise with me:

Props for my book on! :D Huzzah!!

10/2/18: Hmm, the submission is still stuck in Pending with no date; I've reached out to the site admin to check on it. Meanwhile, the next submission is over half done. :)

9/28/18: The first half of Surface Siblings Pt 4 is submitted, about 65 pages. It's been very involved, slow writing in between Real Life being a bitch. I'm currently working on the second half, to be completed asap.

9/17/18: SS Pt 4 is up to 60 pages. I'm still working on that, Book 2, and the book covers for 3 and 4! So many pictures of spiders have crossed my screen lately.

9/4/18: Made it through a *very* busy time, but a virus hopping along for the ride. Recovering from that now... Surface Siblings Pt 4 is at 36 pgs (of at least 100), Sister Seekers Book 2 Chapter 1 is complete (heh, doesn't even take us through Sufferance Ch 5).

8/11/18: "No Demons But Us" (Sister Seekers Book 1) is now available:
eBook and paperback: (or

Smashwords eBook:
Many more to come!

8/5/18: Surface Siblings Pt 3 is live!

6/29/18: I have a new map for Miurag! :D
Commissioned by Sammael Bard:

5/25/18: The First Ever Geek Pride Day Event is live!

Written by geeks, for geeks, please check out our offerings! We had so much fun getting these ready for today. My story is "On the Dotted Line." Thank you! <3

I put this together for those who have asked or will see this: a recommendation for the side stories where they relate to the main series:

Ch 25-28
Mourn, Lethrix (either order)
Ch 30-32
The Sisters of V'Gedra
The Sisters of V'Gedra: Ishuna
Ch 33-34
Vian Meets Her Squad
Ch 35
Ch 36
House Aurenthin
Ch 37-38
Ch 39-44 (Epilogue)
Surface Siblings Ch 1-4

Visit for supplemental info surrounding the series.
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Thank you to all who are reading and enjoying the Sister Seeker series! Final resolution of Surfacing in 2017, and the first two (at least) complete ebooks in 2018!

I have been writing for most of my life; I do it for the pleasure it gives me, and the enjoyment and entertainment it gives others. Thank you for voting and commenting! I am open to feedback if there are thoughts you'd like to share.

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October 4, 2018
Story Submissions:

Barter Me This   Mr. Tanner offers Mr. Garrity a deal.

Calculated Risk Ch. 01   A young Vulcan needs her help to survive Pon Farr.

Calculated Risk Ch. 02   They must work together to survive the desert.

Chasing Cerise Ch. 01   Blonde woman makes a unique booty call.

Chasing Cerise Ch. 02   They wrap up the booty call with lessons learned.

Expect Flurries   Diabolic lessons 2: Indra practices her magic in Winter Home.

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