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The Mitten
I love to write. It has always been my favorite hobby. I’m a Midwest girl from Michigan, but I have a fascination with the south. I also love historical fiction, so you might see a little of both in some of my future tales. I like to write about average, everyday people, and I try to keep my stories as true to life as possible.

P.S. I don't write series in formal chapters. Each story in the series has its own separate title, and they are not numbered. (Weird, I know). The beginning notes always explain what goes with what, and if there is an upcoming part to a series, I will always add an end note. I hope that's confusing enough for everyone.

I haven’t written here in a while, but recently, I’ve been able to work on my stories again. For those of you who have been asking about Wifey, (the follow up to Blackberries), I’m happy to say that it’s complete. It’s just sitting on my computer. I do all my own editing though, so I’m still working on the corrections.

Also, the third part of the Ginny and Emmett series, Evergreens, is almost complete. I’m still working on that one as well, but I wanted to finish Wifey first. I swear, I haven’t forgotten!

I also have a couple new stories that I’ve started, and more poems to share. (No, I’m not just writing poetry now, for those of you who asked. I’m still writing stories…just very slowly; in bits and pieces, unfortunately.)

Anyway, feel free to comment or send me a private message. I really appreciate all the feedback.

My goal is to start posting again on Literotica this summer (fingers crossed).

Thanks for reading my stories and poetry. I hope you all enjoy!
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April 20, 2022
Story Submissions:

Blackberries   A good girl meets a very bad man.

Calamine   Emmett gives Ginny her first taste of pleasure.

Cherry Tart   Emmett has Ginny for dessert.

Snow   A sexy little love story.

Bread   Sunday morning poem.

Chrysanthemum   Rhymey autumn magic poem.

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