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Male age 55, still a boy at heart.

Okay I have decided it is necessary to add this to my profile. My wife and I are big people, that means fat if you wish to be crude. So if big people bother you move on to some one else. Don't mean to be snarky but in my profile under size I already have have Big & Beautiful but seems I have to spell it out in lay terms I am fat. People will ask me in chat about what I look like so obviously they did not read my profile but when I say I am big they rudely just close that chat or say nothing more. I don't like skinny people (you can poke your eye out on a bone) but I am not rude to them. Oh well have nice day.


Wife knows I am here and on occasion she is sitting here with me. Update my wife now has her own account. My wife is free to chat with any one she wants stress on SHE and WANTS be polite and all will be well, be rude to her and all hell will break loose. Her user name makes it pretty easy and clear she is my wife.

Wish to chat and maybe role play but I am not that experienced with RP I am learning and I do have a great imagination.

Mainly like to chat and discuss my likes and dislikes and hearing the same from other's. Sharing my experiences with those interested and learning from them about theirs. This is not to say every thing has to be like a text book. I get horny too. lol

I can be many things depending on the mood and circumstance. I like cuddling, kissing and what I consider to be vanilla sex, but I do also have kinks and fetishes that I love to explore with people who are up for them. Guess I am saying don't let my naughty side scare you away, if your just into the mild side of things I like that too.

My limits whether they are legal or not. 1 NO BESTIALITY! 2 NO UNDER AGE topics not even pretend! One would think these two would be a no- brainer but there are plenty in this world with no brain! 3 NO Scat/poop! 4 NO blood No Rape/Non Consensual! 5 NO Incest! Pretty much thing else is okay.

I have but rarely play dom or sub and don't think of my self as either.

I have had bi experiences long ago and recently the desire has rekindled within me. Some on here say the're bi, but are either gay or using the bi moniker as an attempt to make some women more interested in them. I am bi, I am versatile and prefer the same in a playmate. I am not a sissy not a cuck not into BDSM not a sub and not a dom. I know that makes me very different from most. I don't mind if you do not want to return oral or receive anal, but If you want a guy to bully, humiliate or try to turn into a sub or sissy don't waste your time. My wife and I like playing together but if all your interested in is asking about my wife move on. She wants to watch the guys as well as participate. Don't make out your bi just to get off on her. I know this is long winded and might sound grouchy but I am tired of fakes and those thinking I will change for them.

I love pleasuring women to the point of worshiping them. That is not to say I am a sub or slave.

My wife is bi curious and I would love to explore it with her.

I have long fantasized about lactating breasts.

I hope if you like where I am coming or cumming from you will say hi to me some time.
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April 21, 2018
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