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I can't tell you who I really am. What's important is that I write sexy fantasies set in fictional places across time and space. I love strong female characters and damsels alike. I believe sex and humour can share the same chapter, so I hope you're never bored with my writing.

I am polishing four books of erotica / fantasy sex play that I've finished and plan to share them with the public. Two of them were published years ago, and I have the rights back so I'll be putting them out again since almost no one read them when the publisher bungled the releases.

I also wrote under the name Amelia Grace and currently write under Dariya Saint. Jessica Grace was my most well known pen name, so I'm using it hear until I build up the Dariya Saint name. I know, it's complicated, but it's how it has to be.

Thank you so much for reading my work (and this long profile), I hope I can keep writing for you!

I just launched my Patreon page here. You'll find a lot more of my work there already:
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March 30, 2018
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The Nabbed Nymphet   Tordin finds a beautiful forest nymph & gives chase...

The Nabbed Nymphet Ch. 02   Mia the elf is at the mercy of a ruthless jailer...

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