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Over 18
Midwest USA
I love writing erotica, especially anything having to do with lingerie, spanking and other fetishes.

I've been a closet writer for many years writing for my own enjoyment.

One request I might ask of readers - your votes tell me which stories to continue. So, when you vote, it's helping me decide when to put a story on hold, and when to continue. In that vain, I urge you to vote as that helps me.

If you have suggestions on story lines or found something you that you absolutely hated or loved, tell me that, too.

Hey, one last thing. Remember - this is erotica and in most cases fiction. Yes, some of my stories are based on true events that have been embellished, but, don't take offense to something you don't like and don't take anything you read so seriously that it makes you churn.
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October 22, 2016
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A Mother's Promise Ch. 01   Bobby discovers sister's and mother's panties.

A Mother's Promise Ch. 02   Bobby masturbates in front of his mother.

A Mother's Promise Ch. 03   Turnabout is fair play; he pleases her & she shows him.

A Mother's Promise Ch. 04   Panties on the brain.

A Mother's Promise Ch. 05   Mom asks son to put on a masturbation show.

A Mother's Promise Ch. 06   Mother licks up Bobby's cum & gets carried away.

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