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Emily's Escorts(UK)
I am Mrs Pixie Peters the owner and yenta of Emily's Escorts, where I chat and help others find lovers. I am married to the love of my Lit life, June Peters (JPintraining), so please don't ask me to play because I won't - but I will try to help you find someone who can.
There are three parts to my Literotica life:
1. Stories:
I write stories and sometimes poems which can be found here:
I reply to comments and appreciate the time you may take to make them.
Most Productive author: Lesbian Sex category (
Best Non-Erotic poem 2019, runner up: Danegyth’s Lament
Best voted submission 2019: A first time: 01
Best Lesbian Sex Story 2021, runner up: Hoff and Hols: A fine romance Ch.17
Nominated for the 2022 Lit awards for erotic and non-erotic poems

2. I post pictures on the Forum:
my threads can be found here:
Girls who wear glasses
Pixie in Paris:
Currently 1st most popular poster on the Forums:
3. Litchat.
I founded the chatroom Emily's Escorts (lesbian ladies) where I am the yenta (matchmaker)
Emily's is a friendly, relaxed place for nice people of all genders. Please exercise common sense in following the rules:
Some answers to FAQs:
- the main lobby is for meeting people, for chatting and flirting. ALL sex play should be in private please, and within Lit rules. Please use your common sense about what should be private and what is "flirting."
- if you look at profiles (and please do if you can) you will see that escorts include that information in their profile along with what they offer.
- please feel free to message anyone in the room, if they are busy, they will say or not reply.
- Who's who?
Yenta: me
PR Director: JPintraining
Deputy Managers, AnneK, MarySue
Head Door Woman: Judeinthenorth
Head of Guest Welfare: Sarahguk
Escort Development: MysticalDimplesCuteSmile
Hostesses: MarySue123, Nettie
Bartenders: Nige_lad; Luna (Swim_Gym_UK); petite_tabetha
Room friend: EarthWolf
Head Librarian Annag98
Assistant Librarian, NicolaChav
Executive Assistant …permanently vacant
(see profiles)
Escort of the month: petite_tabetha
Special escort, Lovelymarianne

A poem about the room:
My special ladies:

Stories about the love of my Lit life, June, can be found here: (11 chapters) (13 chapters)
and also in June's wonderful stories here:

How to go about reporting harassment:
How to fill in your profile:
Last Modified:
September 5, 2023
Story Submissions:

A Day with Suzanne   Suzanne reflects on her past and finds a future.

A Different Way Ch. 01: The Club   Lady Emily is introduced to the Sapphic Club by her maid.

A Different Way Ch. 02: Initiation   Lady Em is inducted.

A Different Way Ch. 03: Mollygirls   Lady Em gets into hot water - and out of it.

A Different Way Ch. 04: Working Girl   Lady Em at work and play.

A Different Way Ch. 05: Lady Em   In which Lady Em emerges.

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