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Tom Collins

33 to 40
Pissin' off a bridge onto a Troll's head
What can I say? I've lived in many places, through no choice of my own.
My dad and I were very much alike, with just enough difference to make the relationship intersting (we could spend hours in the same room without talking. In a good way.). My Mom is a Gemini, and lives up to it. We get along famously now that she lives across the pond. :D I live in the same town as my brother, and we almost never speak(not in a good way).(He's an asshole, though I'm sure HE doesn't think so.)
I have a best friend. A friend so good that she is just about the only reason that I've stayed in this town(which I hate), and she's just as crazy as I am. Platonic love is a good thing.
The reason that I've come here is that more than anything right now, I want to learn to paint with words. Is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly turned phrase?
It blowes my mind when I think that someone can write something, and centuries later influence people.
I'm not saying I dream of doing that. OK, I do, but I know it's a wild dream. My realistic hope is that people today will enjoy the word pictures that I paint. I don't think that's dreaming too big.
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December 10, 2009
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