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A happily married husband who uses RP, writing and creativity to explore his fetishes and fantasies.

Just starting to post these, not a professional writer. Be gentle in the comments. Constructive criticism and advice welcome, but no promise I will take it.

I am a bit ADHD, so I have a lot of ideas about stories and where they should go. I'll be posting many different chapters to start of storylines. The ones that are more popular will get prioritized above those with lesser popularity. I'll try to get to all of my stories, but I have finite time and far more ideas than my time will allow for.

I started a Patreon if you want to support me:

I'd you use the Feedback feature to reach out to me, and include your email so I can email you back, the email I use for everything with includes "NaughtyPaladin" so major emails seem to flag it as spam or junk so check your junk folder for my responses.
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September 7, 2023
Story Submissions:

A Hero's Rebirth Ch. 01   A hero makes a sacrifice and his rewarded is a second chance.

A Hero's Rebirth Ch. 02   Thomas must adapt to life and handle the chaos of war.

A Hero's Rebirth Ch. 03   Thomas takes the fight to Kathra.

A Hero's Rebirth Ch. 04   How can Tom use the Respite to prepare to face Kathra again?

A Very Friendly Neighborhood Ch. 01   Marshall moves in and starts to learn about the neighborhood.

A Very Friendly Neighborhood Ch. 02   Kennedy comes prowling, can he avoid her? Does he want to?

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