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Christchurch, New Zealand
Hey... well I am on here because I love to read the stories that are written here. I'm trying to write a little myself now and I've gotten some nice comments so thanks to you people :-)
Though some of you think all of these I wrote for myself, that is not the case, and some of you think I'm actually a man, wrong again. I was born into a female body. Some of you don't understand what the word FICTION means... look it up.
As for one or two of my stories (I'm sure, if you've read them, you know which ones I mean) see above. It's a challenge, mentally, to have put myself in that mindset. Besides that, why did you read it, if you didn't want to read it? What type of stories were YOU looking for when you found it? Don't blame the author for what you read yourself, nobody is forcing YOU to read it.
Saying that, however, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
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February 27, 2018
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A Night Home Alone   Rough sex - in a nice way.

Feeding Time   Lesbian, bondage themed between a vampire and a witch.

Final Tutorial   The early night air was warm and the skies clear...

I Can Feel You   Lesbian, mutual masturbation.

Nymph   Lesbian supernatural.

Peverted   Non-consensual lesbian.

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