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8 Knock Knock

by Cactus34 11/29/16

"Val, this is my girlfriend Linda. Linda, my sister Val."

With their lips locked in a lazy, sultry kiss, I couldn't tell if they snorted a chuckle or moaned in building passion. Then Linda gave my nearly-erect cock a sharp flick with her finger for being a smartass. Of course they had already met each other. This occasion marked the first time without any clothing.

I ran my palms down their smooth, nude bodies, stroking in one motion from shoulders to cup firm buttocks. Lying between two lithesome beauties kissing each other across my chest on a king-sized bed. Life am good.

I inhaled the fragrances coming from the strawberry-blonde curls and the straight jet-black hair bobbing under my chin. My hands continued roam, caressing with fingertips up their sides to slip under their armpits to bounce perky breasts. I felt chuckling approval resonate in my chest as well as my ears. Slim fingers found my strengthening cock, making a game of who clutched it.

And then a triple warble yanked my eyes open.

The women stopped. "What was that?"

The three chirpy rings came again. I sighed. "Someone wants in at the front door of the apartment. Ignore it."

Triple warble-chirp. Triple warble-chirp. Triple warble-chirp.

"Fargin' icehole damnit." I clambered like a crippled crab on my butt, heels and hands from between Linda and Val. I reached the end of the bed and my feet hit the floor, sending a sharp bounce in my cock. Ow. "You two don't wait for me, but please...wait for me."

"No promises." Feminine giggles followed me as I stomped up the hall. I pressed on the intercom button.


"Um...I may have the wrong apartment. I'm looking for Zach in 305?" The miserable speaker system identified the speaker as male, but otherwise the squeaky, garbled voice meant nothing to me.

"You've got him. Who's this?"

"It's Kelvin. Can I come up?"

Oh, cartwheeling christ! My brother-in-law. Also known as Val's husband. I yanked my hand away from the button as if it glowed white hot.

Adrenalin booted me straight in the heart. I looked down the hall at the undulating curves of Val as she gained the upper hand and bent over Linda's slinky body like a cat. Val, also known as my sister. Booted me in the heart? Panic and adrenalin fucking attacked my heart.

"Now? At this hour?" No reply. No static. I remembered to press the button and repeated myself.

"Zach, it's only 9:00. It's kind of an emergency."

I hissed between my teeth and tried to think of a scheme. Hiding Val under the bed. Getting Val dressed in my clothes and pretending she was our brother Harry. Throwing myself off the balcony and limping to Mexico. Think! Simply not letting Kelvin up to apartment would require a load of awkward excuses and apologies later, but it ranked as the least stupid plan on the list.

"The thing is, Kelvin..."

A conversational bustle came up through the intercom as people entered the security entrance. "Who are you waiting for?"

"My brother-in-law, Zach McAllister. In #305. I think I woke him up. He's not very coherent."

"Oh, we know Zach. You must be...Kevin?"


"Sorry. Sure, come on in."

No excuse or wild story would explain screaming "NO!" into the intercom. I half-ran and then slid back to my bedroom. Linda and Val broke off their nuzzling and looked wide-eyed at my one-man stampede. I grabbed sweat pants and a shirt as a I babbled.

"Kelvin is on his way up."

Val gave a hypersonic squeak. "Kelvin? He's not due until tomorrow with my family." Her face went slack with horror. "Did I forget to calculate the international date line again?"

"Be quiet. Be extremely quiet. Maybe get dressed if it doesn't make noise."

I closed the door and hopped back up the hall, nearly killing myself trying to put on sweatpants and move. I reached the entry struggling with my t-shirt. I could hear the elevator rumbling to a stop through the wall. I realized I had my shirt on backwards, but didn't have time to sort it. I opened the door with Kelvin only a step away from knocking.

"Evening, sir!" I waved him in, trying to smother my gurgling panic with hearty good fellowship. "I bid you enter and be welcome!"

Kelvin did not rise to the inane banter. His swarthy, lean features didn't naturally lend themselves to a jovial air, but today his dark eyebrows collided in a frown and his jawline worked with clenched teeth. The boy weren't happy. My adrenalin soup stayed at a seething boil. This was it. He knew I was fucking his wife. I'm doomed.

Well, I didn't feel in literal, physical danger, unless Kelvin pulled a gun or machete. As he strode by me into the apartment, his slender, wiry build made me feel like a Great Dane next to a Greyhound. No, my dread came from imagining Val's marriage shattered and wider, wilder shockwaves emanating from that.

The "living room" by the blueprint layout of this apartment is in actuality my studio and, when needed, a client meeting area. The setting sunlight filled the space and made it quite sophisticated, if I do say so myself. I all but pushed Kelvin into the space, so bedroom doors would not enter into his line of sight, even if they were closed.

"Sit, sit." I gestured to one of my brown overstuffed chairs. "Water? Juice? I've got a bunch of flavours. Coffee? Though I'm told my skill in making coffee sucks."

Kelvin waved away all my offers. He turned and grabbed me by the shoulders. "Zach, have you seen any of my family?" His face contorted in a mix of bug-eyed confusion and worry.

"Family?" I looked around my apartment as if they lurked behind the drapes and chairs. "They're here?"

"They were!" He let go of me and did a pace around the studio to the big balcony door. He pulled the drapes aside to look down at the alleyway three storeys down. He turned back to me.

"My parents, sister and I landed an hour ago. No Val. We caught a cab to our house. No Val. The house was dark and no note." He waved his hands as if to grab answers from the air. "We decided to come here, figuring to surprise you both. I got our car out of the garage, but we really should've cabbed it again. I couldn't find a parking space, so I let Mom and Dad out near the entrance. Jessie stayed with me while I circled the block. Twice."

Kelvin flung himself into a chair, then jumped back out and paced a lap through the kitchen and back. "The second circuit of the block, Mom and Dad were no longer visible. And they're not here? Val's not here? Jessie's not here?"

I perched my butt on to my drafting chair-stool, feeling dizzy with the frantic storytelling. "I thought you said Jessie stayed with you?"

"On that second circuit, she jumped out to have a looksee where the parents had gotten to. I heard her squeal the name 'Cindy', I think. Never heard her happier. I finally found a spot two blocks away and arrived here to discover I'm an orphan and widower."

The puzzle eroded some of my panic. "Cindy? The likely guess is that Jessie saw Cindy Costes coming into the building."

"Cindy Costes? The supermodel?" Kelvin's eyebrows shot up. "She"

"Hey, it ain't a slum, y'know." I huffed. "But, no, Cindy is best of buddies with Marita, who does live here. Marita mentioned Cindy's stopping here before they both jet off to some photoshoot."

"And who's Marita?"

"A gorgeous caramel-skinned woman whose working name I'm not at liberty to say. She could be a supermodel as well, but doesn't want the celebrity hassle of it all. She only works part time, so to speak."

Kelvin shook his head, blinking his eyes. "Okay, back to the situation, I can see Jessie losing her mind at seeing a fashion celebrity like Cindy Costes. She might of somehow sweet-talked and whined her way inside. She's a celebrity junkie, but my sister is also as gay as they come. Without a doubt, she lusts after a gorgeous babe like Cindy Costes as much as you and I do."

I couldn't help wondering what Kelvin would say if he knew the last time Cindy rolled through town, she sat naked on this very chair-stool while I drew a cartoon monkey on her tit. The left one, if I recalled correctly.

I yanked my mind back to the room. "I don't know what to offer about your folks." I scratched my nose. "Wandering off into a strange city is curious."

"Well, not so strange. Back before he met Mom, Dad finished off his Masters Degree at the university here. He kept a running commentary in the car about what had changed and what hadn't."

"Okay. Maybe he knows the area. Maybe they went for a wee tour around the old neighbourhood." I waved in the general direction of the city beyond the closed curtains. "It's a nice evening."

Kelvin visibly relaxed as some of the blanks filled in, at least temporarily. He sighed and frowned. "But where is Val? A no-show at the airport. Not at the house. Not here." He started to clench up again. "It's a new city for her. She could be lost. In the hospital. I'm calling the police." He pulled out his phone.

I opened my mouth, fumbling for any rational protest.

"Kelvin! Stop! Don't you dare call the cops!" I snapped my heard around as Val's voice, and then Val, roared into the studio area. Black vertigo spun my brain as the lid erupted off my life. Linda came up behind me. Her hands gripped my shoulders and I gripped her hands. I watched like someone helplessly witnessing a train collision.

"Val?" Kelvin's eyes bugged as Val snatched his phone from his hand. His head bounced up and down at the sight of his wife standing in front of him buck naked. My sister's delectable gymnast's body shone when the soft lighting caught it the right sleek curve. Women sometimes really did "glow" instead of "sweat". The way her nipples strained erect on her cute little boobs explained how she came to be perspiring.

"You couldn't get dressed first?" I murmured to Linda from the corner of my mouth, noting my girlfriend likewise sported nothing but lovely golden skin.

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