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A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 11: Satisfaction

by DrowsDilemma 01/14/18

Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future.


Episode Eleven: Satisfaction

Ashyr's savage kiss took Caleldir by surprise. He had intended to return the kiss, but with how hard she attacked his lips he could not do much more than hang on. Not resisting, though, just too overwhelmed to give back in kind. When she finally pulled away, he took deep gulping breaths, uncertain how to react. The kiss had awakened some of the same deep need in him that she clearly felt. But before he could do or say anything, Ashyr ran away. Again. This was beginning to be something of a pattern with her. Confusedly, he returned to the caravan, trying to sort out his own feelings.

Ashyr stayed the hell away from the troop until they were at the gates of the town. Her night and morning was pretty much exclusively dedicated to masturbation. She hoped that it would make her feel better. Predictably, it only made things worse. The drow slipped into the group as they stood at the gates of the town waiting to be let in. She stayed as far away from Caleldir as possible.

"Artur's here!" Called out the friendly voice of the guard stationed at the gates that lifted to permit them immediately. Clearly they were expecting the troop.

The city was at the top of the highest hill in the area, and absolutely covered with trees and other plant life. Ashyr observed that the walls were very much like the hideout where Celeste was now buried. She assumed there was a connection. Despite all the trees and crumbling stone, she found out long ago that it was nigh impossible to get into the place by any other way aside from the front gate - even for an excellent climber such as herself.

Some of the troop branched out down the actually quite normal-looking streets and into different slate and wood houses, walking with their friends and families. In the end, about twelve of them including Artur were led into what looked like the town hall or inn central to the settlement.

Caleldir's priority was to find a new set of clothes. Gurzan was not much help; upon entering the town, the old fellow immediately declared that 'since his job guarding the group on the road was over, he was now on vacation.' He promptly blew his eagle-whistle in a series of inaudible short and long bursts, and walked off into the forest. Still, Caleldir was able to use his credit at a shop to buy a simple set of clothing while en-route to the inn, falling only a few steps behind Artur and the rest of the group. He thought he saw seen Ashyr with the group, but the Drow seemed to be avoiding him. Which was sad, but not unexpected.

They were met inside by an aging dark-haired woman who seemed to be the town leader and innkeeper. She and Artur embraced each other that soon made it clear to anyone except the most unobservant that they were lovers of some sort. Then they exchanged brief, quiet words that the rest of the group couldn't quite hear.

"Welcome, guests." Dria, the dark-haired leader, said with a wide smile when she and Artur were done talking. "I understand you all need lodging. I'm sorry to say we only have five rooms available. You're going to have to share, I'm afraid." He smile lessened slightly upon saying this, but then she continued with her previous enthusiasm. "We shall have a feast tomorrow to celebrate the return of our loved ones and the new friendships I'm sure we will enjoy. Until then, rest my friends! Eat! Drink! Ask, and we will try our best to give!" Then she took Artur's hand and led him away.

The rest of the group dispersed around the large main room of the inn. Caleldir needed to use one of the five rooms to change in. He was tired of wearing what amounted to a blanket and a coat. Hence, after the speech was concluded, he hurried upstairs to the first room he could find. Closing the door, he began unwinding his temporary clothes. Soon, there was a pool of cloth at his feet, and he stepped out of it to get his new garments from where he had laid them across the bed.

Meanwhile, Ashyr marched right up to the counter where an extremely pretty female bartender looked happily prepared to serve the towns 'new friends.' Everyone was too damned happy, in Ashyr's not so humble opinion.

"Bottle of the strongest thing you got." The drow demanded.

"Ah... the whole bottle?" The young woman said with a surprised look on his face.

"You heard me."

"O-okay. Sure. Here." She said, grinned knowingly, and handed her a smallish bottle of clear liquid that smelled adequately potent.

Bottle safely in hand, Ashyr continued her march up the stairs and to the first open door she encountered. All the while she ignored absolutely everyone no matter what they said. She was on a mission from god. Specifically, the god of forgetting your sorrows at the bottom of a bottle.

Caleldir turned when the almost surly looking Ashyr marched into the room. It was then that Caleldir realized that he had forgotten to latch the door, and it had opened a little. With a blush, he jumped for the blanket he had just unwrapped himself from. Quickly tying it into a makeshift toga, he smiled awkwardly at the newcomer. "Greetings Ashyr. Fancy meeting you here." He thought over the others staying at the inn. He and Ashyr were the odd ones out. He shrugged. "I suppose that, by process of elimination, the two of us are roommates now."

Ashyr froze. What she thought was an empty room in actuality contained the exact person she was trying to get away from. He was naked, too, until he managed to get that blanket back over his body. She spluttered slightly, as she had just been in the process of taking a large gulp of the burning liquid in her appropriated bottle (not the first swig she had taken on her way up to the room.) Her natural immunity to poison would normally protect her from getting too intoxicated too quickly. But this was an exceptionally strong drink, and she hadn't eaten anything for some hours. It would go to her head pretty soon (as intended.) Caleldir's unexpected presence... complicated things.

Coughing, she stoppered her bottle and placed it with a clank on a side table next to the door. The universe was conspiring against her, clearly. "Fuck it." She said to herself, in a voice that told of her surrender. If she was going to self-destruct, she might as well go all out.

Who needed friends?

She entered the room completely and shut and latched the door behind her with an ominous click. Then she stalked toward the man who was currently only wearing a blanket. In the short space between her and her target, she began fumbling desperately at the straps and latches of her armor. By the time she reached him, her leather jerkin had already hit the ground. This left her upper half covered only by a loose tunic.

The awkward smile froze on Caleldir's face and he took a step back from her. "Err... Ashyr?" He asked with concern. "What has gotten into you?" He took another step away from her, backing up against the bed. In a stunningly short amount of time, Ashyr had closed the distance between them. He swallowed. "Umm... I still..." He did not know exactly what he wanted to say, but regardless it did not matter. Ashyr pushed him onto the bed, knocking his temporary toga nearly off, and stopped his words with a kiss every bit as savagely forceful as her last one. This kiss was different though, since unlike last time she was on top of him. His body's reaction was swift and predictable.

Although this second kiss overwhelmed him nearly as much as the first one, he was able to return it at least a little, pressing his lips a little more into hers and even slipping his tongue into her mouth once. But as he had to pull away for breath, a wave of guilt hit him. "We should not do this!" He protested very feebly, with his body and voice alike given lie to his words. The kiss had given him time to go completely hard, with his erection, free from the blanket now fallen completely to the side, pressing into her trousers.

"I do not care." She growled breathlessly, which made Caleldir take a sharp intake of breath.

His body, at least, was all for this. That was really all she needed. But now it seemed his mind was not far behind. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a more sensible Ashyr that was not being pulled down into the pits of drunkenness screamed at her to stop what she was doing, to take Caleldir's feelings into account. It was very likely that he'd feel even more horrible and guilty after this. He wasn't paralyzed. He had more of a choice this time. But he wasn't physically pushing her away. That sensible Ashyr was pushed further back into her mind and completely ignored.

Her crimson eyes stared into his blue with hunger and determination. In one swift motion she pulled her shirt over her head to reveal her upper body. Then she captured his lips again. While she kissed him, she had to move off enough to untie her pants and start the process of pulling them down. Once they were over her hips, all it took was a wiggle and a kick to get them to join the rest of her clothing on the ground. Before she sat back down on him, she pulled away any part of the blanket the was left covering him. Now their gloriously naked bodies could press together, much like they had when they'd slept together.

Perhaps, if he really struggled, he could push her off him and get away. But just as he was sort of considering really resisting - for the alcohol on her breath indicated that she was not fully herself - she pulled off her shirt. His wide eyes went to her breasts, and his resolve waned. He gulped, just in time for her to lean down on him and begin kissing him again. Panicked, his hands went to push her away, only to find themselves instead caressing her smooth back. Ashyr grunted in satisfaction and shifted that much closer to him

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