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A Gift from an Alien or What Pt. 04

by mountian299 12/01/14

Chapter 29

Brenda kissed Josh and said "you needed a shower and mouth wash." And we all were laughing.

Josh (thought talk)tt, to Bill as his throat was stretched and to sore to talk he said, "That as master of the house he would fuck each and every one of us before the sun came up." Bill said," he (Josh} was starting with Barb and ending with his girlfriend Brenda As master I want you all to watch. "Barb came over laid down on a pad by the side of the pool. Josh made passionate love making Barb cum multiple times and Josh kissed her that almost made Barb faint as he drove his shaft in her and exploded he kept it in her for a couple a minutes then rolled her off into the pool. "How rude," she said, and smiled as she swam to the steps each and every one got the same treatment. When Josh finished fucking the girls, he then fucked Bill in the ass and gave him his cum in the mouth.

Now it was Franks turn. He did Frank his dad saying tt, "Nice fag that you know your place." Bill repeated it.

Frank his father said, "Yes master, I am whatever you chose me to be." Josh came in Frank's ass and mouth. Josh then rolled Frank off into the pool.

Brenda came to jump on Josh but he stopped and got on top of her and made love till the first rays of light hit the glass. They cum so many times together everybody was glued to their love making. At the end they fell asleep by the pool. It must have been early afternoon when Bill pushed Josh into the pool.

"What the fuck," Josh tt, Bill.

"Thought you might want to rise Master most of the girls are making love to the porcelain throne."

Chapter 30

"What's wrong," Josh said, "In a croaky voice." Bill thought sounds good on him.

Josh tt, "I heard that fag."

"Yes Master," Bill tt, smiling.

Josh was thinking to himself "No one gets sick or has got sick my special cum takes care of that. Then he thought, "about all the different cum he ingested last night maybe it affected his cum. That did not make sense two different systems."

Bill said, tt, "I don't know master."

Josh, tt, "I was talking to myself Bill."

"Oh" Bill said.

Julie was the best off she was coming around.

Josh said, tt, "What's wrong," Bill repeated aloud.

Julie said. "Oh master I don't know I feel funny never felt like this but its passing I am getting better especially since you are here."

Josh said, "In a croaky voice Julie you want some cum?" With that she turned ran back and got sick again.

"Bill, call our Dr. Get the Number from Frank, say it's an emergency get here a sap." It wasn't long and I heard sirens coming.

"Oh oh," Josh said, "I might have over done this a bit."

The ambulance arrived as did the fire departments volunteers and the Dr. a minute later they all rushed in and found all of us nude. Most had heard about our house but were never hear and was the first time Josh felt embarrassed with his long cock.

Frank got the volunteers to the kitchen while Bill and I robed got one for Frank and for the girls although they were too sick to care. The ambulance techs worked with the doctor. The girls all got on IV's feeding them liquid gravol and electrolytes. By four o'clock the girls were fine fit as rain so to speak.

The Dr. took Bill Frank and Josh into a separate room and started to speak. "Last night the whole town saw the fireworks. You guys had quite a party and I take it everybody had adult fun let me rephrase that I know you had fun. The girls are not sick from anything they ate what the matter with them is natural they are all Pregnant."

Frank said, "They are what? Can't be they are all on the pill and some have other protection."

Dr. said, "That may be so but they are all pregnant within the last 24 hours. They of course got to stop the pill or their will be deformities in the child."

"Doctor please keep this quite till we figure it all out."

Chapter 31

"Well you can abort it for medical reasons and I am sure as most of you are related that won't be a problem to put through." The Doctor said," looking disgusted."

Josh said, "Dr please don't judge."

"Son, I see way to much of this unwanted pregnancy unwanted children broken marriages so don't tell me how to feel if it were my choice I would have you all made into Eunice's. You guys are not my patients the Dr. said. So what I say or don't say is of no concern to you people."

TT "That did it Bill."

"Tt, "Josh you sure."

"No choice," tt, Josh said. " Dr Brian suck my cock." The Dr. dropped to his knees and crawled and pulled out Josh's cock and sucked it.

Josh said, "Brian I am your master above all else you will obey me you will tell no one of what is going on here and you will be at our beck and call once a week you will come and blow me to get my wonderful cum. You will let it slip that the girls got a reaction from an exotic plant by the pool."

Josh came in his mouth and the Dr said, "Man that has the best taste I have ever had."

Josh said, "What is your medical condition."

Dr. said, "I have similar condition to Bills but am afraid there is no cure. I have about a month or so to live."

"Dr. get rid of the ambulance and return here your about to have your life saved." Bill said, tt, from Josh.

In five minutes the doctor returned and Josh had the Dr. suck his cock by the end of the day Josh was exhausted the girls kept feeding him gator aid when the Dr, seen what was going on he started an IV in Josh and fed him electrolytes direct. Josh fed the Dr. well into the evening. The next morning they started again. By that evening on the second day the Dr. said, "The cum was ok but not as good as it was."

Dr. was angry, "What you turn me into a fruit now I don't have a gay bone in my body." Josh who could talk better said, "Listen Brian I just saved your life but you can't say anything to no one its top secret and that is an order," said Josh.

"Yes Master," Dr. Brain says. The Dr. left that night but next morning was back on his knees thanking Josh for the miracle. The Dr. couldn't be more helpful now. The girls got off the pill and Josh's knowledge of chemistry was coming into play making sure that the incest and relatives would have no affect on the babies they were given compounds although there was probably no need with Josh's cum but they weren't taking any chances.

It took a few days but finally the morning sickness subsided except for Millie. I made Millie suck me off twice a day and that cured her morning sickness.

Brenda was ecstatic to be having my baby, the rest not so much.

It wasn't so much it was me it was a lot of other things Barb thought, "She was done with diapers and all the work raising a child." Frank was upset that I got his wife pregnant. Millie was at deaths bed less than a year ago and now was bring a new life into the world. Julia was having her brother's baby. "How fucked up was that," she thought. Tanya wanted to pursue her tailor's career.

After supper we were all relaxing around the pool Bill wanted his fix and my Brenda was working on my cock helping Bill get it. Tt, "Ah is not this cute, brother and sister sucking me off.

Bill tt, "Fuck off buddy."

Josh tt, said, "If you like I can fuck you fag."

"No master," said Bill out loud.

Josh soon came and both got there fill. Brenda was licking her chops. Josh could hear her thoughts content as could be.


Okay family meeting time we all knew it was coming.

Josh said, "There is no good way to start this. I have read all your minds even your thoughts you may not want to vocally express."

Josh said, "I did not do this on purpose it's just there are strong negative feelings with some of you. Tanya we all will try and see your goal reached there is not one mother here but five."

Julie, are love is strong and we will pull through this.

Bill I know you love Julie and she loves you even though she hasn't told you yet."

Julie said, "How could you Josh." As her face reddened.

Josh said, "Frankly my dear I am the master and the head of this household does that answer your question. Its cards on table time if we are going to make this work."

"You all know I can order it but I don't want that for a life. I want a family."

"Everybody is on eggshells. Frank your upset that I got your wife pregnant. I can see that but well I will get back to that, bear with me." Josh said.

Barb I know it's a shock it is to all of us but know this I love you all, that include you Bill and Frank we have sex of sorts and I enjoy it as do you feeling my ass I said well most of it anyway looking at Frank."

"Julie Tanya," Josh said, "I know you were thinking abortion."

"Julie, could you really kill those two helpless children you are carrying?" Josh said, "They are our children, could you really do that."

Her eyes filled and said, "No" and then it hit her "Josh you said children plural."

"Yes my lovely sister I can feel two children growing inside you."

"But how it is too soon for life that's what we were taught," said Julie.

Josh said, "What we were taught is not true I felt it the next day when Bill woke me but couldn't identify it till the Dr. said you all were pregnant."

Tanya said, "For real Josh?"

"For real Tanya our three two girls and a boy are doing fine."

"Oh my God Master, forgive me and she crawled kissing my feet."

"Easy my love you're going to get me hard and I will have to get Bill pregnant."

"Fuck off" Bill said, "Don't even talk like that with your powers."

"Be fun though wouldn't Frank."

"Go way son Master I mean."

Chapter 33

"You only think it's confusing now and I may as well bring up this subject." Josh said. "I told you Frank I would get back to this and I said all the cards need to be put out here."

"Everybody notice how healthy and full of life energy they got. Somehow my special cum did this to all of you."

"Barb you weren't on the pill. Don't answer because I know after you had me at childbirth the doctor told you it would be dangerous to have another child so your tubes were tied and burnt correct." Barb just nodded yes. "Well like my special cum repaired Frank, Millie and Bill it repaired you fully. Now I hope it makes sense and answers what you have been wondering these last few days."

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