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A New Administration

by MaCrooner 07/25/12

Note from author:-

This is my first ever attempt at erotic fiction and I'm sure it won't be to everyone's taste. That said, I would be keen to receive feedback and, if there's a demand for it, I will continue with the story and upload more chapters over the next few months. Thanks for reading!

Part 1 - Capture & Interrogation

In the year 2036 a terrorist microbiological attack on the London Underground system caused a global catastrophe that transformed the very fabric of society. The reason for the attack remains shrouded in mystery and has since become the subject of intense speculation. What is known only too well, however, is its after effects. Spreading from London to the rest of the United Kingdom and from there to the wider world, the biological agent destroyed the male half of the human race, save for an estimated 0.4% of the population that had a natural immunity. Within twenty years everything had changed; governments were toppled as women took control and the sole endeavour of humankind became its own preservation. This, in turn, fostered closer cross-boarder cooperation and the United Nations became the world's de-facto administration. As a scarce resource, the few men left in the world were swiftly rounded up and moved to designated camps where their sole function became that of procreation. Inevitably, this authoritarian regime had to confront small but determined pockets of resistance.

"Michael, I need you over here now!" shouted Michelle.

"Why, I thought you had everything under control?" Michael was a Lev-1, the most valuable comodity on earth since the onset of the monogender plague. A Lev-1 had full natural immunity to the infection and would pass on that gene to any male children.

Michael moved closer to Michelle and peered over her sholder "what's the hold-up? If we stay in this hotel room much longer we may as well put a sign up on the roof saying 'attention Overwatch: illegal resistance activity taking place here', or perhaps you'd prefer me to shout it out of the window?" he said.

"Please Michael, I'm doing my best, don't put me under even more pressure."

At just eighteen years old, Michelle was very young to be in the resistance. She was on her first full operation and wasn't given much information about the mission. In truth it was difficult for her to concentrate with Michael around; he was a Lev-1 for god's sake! Her hormones were going crazy but she knew she didn't have a chance with him; as one of only three men in the midlands cell he could have anyone he wanted. It didn't help that he was in his early thirties, quite tall with a muscular build and sparkling green eyes.

"OK, sorry, what do you need?" Michael responded with a conciliatory tone. Whilst he was only joking with Michelle, he sometimes forgot about the effect he had on women; especially young women trying to discover their sexuality in a world without men. 'she is beautiful, though' he thought. She was fairly tall, with long and flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, sun-kissed skin and a lithe, supple body.

'you inside me now!' she thought but swiftly regained composure. "I lost camera one, there seems to be some sort of interference, can you take a look?" Michelle stood up and moved away from the small desk in the corner of the room as Michael sat down and began to fiddle with a laptop computer. It was serving as a makeshift security terminal for a covert infiltration set to place several miles away. Their job was to monitor camera feeds, which had been illegally highjacked a few days earlier, and report on the positions of security personnel. The risk to Michael and Michelle was that the highjack would be dedected and backtraced to their hotel room. Consequently, the quicker they could give the 'go' signal, the quicker they could complete the operation. Before they could do so, however, all cameras needed to be fully functional.

"I think I've found the problem. It looks like a nothing more than a loose wire...if you give me a minute...there, we're back on line." Michael said with a certain self-satisfaction.

"Sorry Michael." Michelle's voice was nonchalant.

"Don't be silly, this is your first time. You know I was only teasing you earlier, right?"

"No, I mean I'm sorry for this." Michelle was now standing directly behind Micheal and, before he could turn around, she plunged a small needle into his exposed neck. Michael grabbed at her hand but she had already depressed the plunger fully and it was too late. He could feel his body getting weaker as the substance circulated through his bloodstream.

"Wha...Why?!" was all he could manage to say before his eyes rolled shut and his body lolled forwards onto the desk.

Michael groggily blinked his eyes open and tried to take in what he could of his surroundings. From the ceiling he guessed he was still in the hotel room but, as he tried to move his right hand to massage his pounding head, he realised he was securely fastened to the bed. His wrists were handcuffed to either side of the bedstead and his legs were manacled to the frame. He had been stripped down to his underwear and his clothes had been unceremoneously dumped in a pile at the foot of the bed.

"Hello sleepy-head, so nice of you to join us. I'm Gisselle and you're in a lot of trouble." Gisselle was an extremely attractive twenty-something with black hair and pale skin. She was sitting on a plush clair next to the bed and wearing a skimpy white bikini, which gave Micheal a clue about what might be coming next. It was common for the Interrogation Division of the UN Overwatch Committee to deploy crude sexual techniques to get the information they needed.

"I don't care who you are, you're getting nothing out of me." His Lev-1 status protected him from any form of physical punishment or torture. Even a rebel Lev-1 was too scarce a resource to put at risk. He assumed they would want to ship him off to a prossessing camp but, as he'd already escaped from one, he was reasonably confident that he could do it again.

"Well, if you don't mind I'd still like to give it a try," Gisselle purred "you may find my interrogation methods difficult to resist." She loved this part of the job and, as one of the Overwatch's top agents, she'd had plenty of opportunity to hone her skills. "I know quite a lot about you Michael. For instance I know that you escaped from interment at our London processing facility eight years ago."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Michael didn't see where this conversation was going.

"Allow me to explain; in the time you've been away, we've been working on a host of non-lethal drugs to keep our captives docile. We've got a wide variaty of sedatives, hallucinogens and... this," Gisselle said, holding up a small vial of reddish-pink liquid "HAL-247, which causes intense sexual arousal in both men and women, would you like to try some?"

Michael didn't bother to respond but instead watched as the vial of liquid was inserted into a small canister, out of which protruded a length of hose. Connected to the end of the hose was a medical mask, just large enough to cover both the mouth and nose. As part of his training after joining the resistance, Michael had been conditioned to withstand this type of questioning. In the event that he fell into enemy hands, he had to focus his mind on blocking out sexual arousal and ignoring base desires.

"I think it's just about ready," Gisselle sounded genuinely excited "this is my favourite part; watching as you try to fight the effects of the gas but, eventually, succumbing just like all the rest." Michael tossed and turned as the mask came closer to his face but Gisselle easily overcame his protestations. She then turned a valve attached to the canister and a sweet-smelling vapour hit Michael's nostrals.

"Let me out of this thing!" Michael was thrashing around to try and dislodge the mask. The effort was causing him to inhale more of the gas.

"That's it, breathe deeply," Gisselle mocked "you can feel yourself getting horny as you look at my body in this tiny bikini," her voiced dropped an octave and became more provocative "your cock's getting hard now as you're thinking about how good it would feel to strip me naked, open my legs and fuck me until you explode." she emphasised the last five words.

'you'll have to try harder than that' Michael thought. Whilst it was true that he was semi-erect at this point, the gas hadn't impaired his ability to think clearly and the mental conditioning he received as part of his training was beginning to kick-in.

After a couple of minutes the vial had been completely dispersed and, to Gisselle's slight disappointment, it hadn't had as significant an effect as she had hoped. Micheal wasn't adequately prepared for her questioning yet and he was clearly going to be an adversary worthy of her skills. 'Time for phase two' she thought.

"Navenka, would you be so kind as to ask Michelle Anderson to step back into the room?" as Gisselle spoke, Michael heard a movement and then a door opened. Two sets of high-heeled shoes clip-clopped their way towards the edge of the bed.

"She didn't need much convincing Miss Rodriguez, in fact I think she would have liked to stay here as you administered the gas to my patient." said Navenka in a seductive eastern European accent. She was a young but gifted member of the Overwatch's Procedural Division, who were required to attend all high-level interrogations. Ostensibly this was to ensure the safety of non-expendable prisoners though, in reality, it simply provided the interrogators with an assistant. This was reinforced by her choice of attire; an implausibly short and figure-hugging nurse's tunic, cut high enough to reveal the tops of her white stockings but low enough to show off her ample cleavage.

Michael locked eyes with Michelle for the first time since her betrayal. "Why have you done this Michelle?'ve risked our entire cell!"

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