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Accidental Adam

by xelliebabex 10/22/15

"Come on Adam, it'll be great," Ken cajoled.

"You can go, I already told you that you don't need me there," Adam responded for the umpteenth time in two days.

"I'm the new kid in town, I can't just show up uninvited, plus I won't know anyone there. You have to come with me." Ken pleaded in a whiney voice.

"Fine," Adam said in defeat, his shoulders slumping as he finally gave into the avalanche of nagging his brother had put him through. "What are we going to do for costumes?" he asked, dreading the response.

"You won't regret it. I promise this will be the best Halloween party ever!" Ken ignored the shake of Adam's head and the look of martyrdom on his face. "I've got the costumes covered. Do you know nothing about me?" he said, grinning widely.

"Oh God," Adam groaned.

"I promise something macho and manly. Just because I prefer a bit of bling doesn't mean I will force it on you," Ken laughed. "Not that you wouldn't look stunning as a drag queen with those legs," he teased and moved to safety behind the kitchen bench before Adam launched a cushion from the couch at him. "It's hard enough to meet a nice guy in this town without you giving him mixed signals," he continued to laugh as Adam pulled a face in mock disgust and threw a second cushion.

"I think its fairy obvious which side of the fence I play on. Just don't make me regret this," Adam huffed, already regretting giving in to Ken's nagging.

For a city of several thousand, Adam hated that he and his ex-girlfriend, Maddy, still seemed to run into each other constantly, and he was sure tonight would be no different. They maintained too many mutual friends and acquaintances. Although they had broken up amicably over a year ago now, he still had no desire to see his ex with someone new when his own love life was so lacking. Still with costumes involved, there was always the hope that he wouldn't recognise her in the crowd. It was a slim chance but a chance none the less.

He had every reason to hold a grudge but he didn't. She had left him with huge debts that she had hidden until he discovered the bills. She had said she had been paying them and he was sure that she had meant to catch up, but they hit the point of no return and their electricity had been turned off. She had been hiding a lot of money problems and, when he finally had enough, she left him with large debts and a lease on a house he could no longer afford on his own.

Despite that, he remembered the good things about her, her generosity and kindness, her laughter and humour and the sound of her orgasms. Oh how he missed the sex.

They had ended it amicably after both growing tired of the constant bickering over their finances. They had divided up the assets and the debts evenly, possibly too evenly if he was honest about it, but he cared enough about her to not force her to move back home to her parents and the suffocation she felt from them.

Having Ken move in was a godsend for both of the brothers. It relieved some of the financial burden for Adam and gave Ken the opportunity to escape the old school values of their parents more easily than otherwise might have been the case for the young university graduate. The fact that his brother was flamboyant and was enjoying his new sense of freedom to its fullest didn't bother Adam unless he was getting dragged into some scheme as he was tonight.

He dreaded to think about what type of costume Ken would give him to wear and dismally he hoped that it would render him unrecognisable to anyone he might know at the party. He didn't have long to wait.

"Taadaah!" Ken sashayed into the room holding two costumes. "Which would you like to be tonight? The sexy nurse?" He waggled his eyebrows. "Or the manly fireman, hero and protector of the people?"

"Just give me the damn costume," Adam groaned. "Leave some hot water for me," he called as Ken made a bee line for the bathroom. He had been pleasantly surprised by the costume choice but he still wasn't going to make his acceptance of going to this party easy on Ken.


"Why did I let you talk me into this," Adam groaned, throwing the heavy jacket into the back of the car and climbing into the driver's seat.

"Because you're the awesome big brother who loves me like the little sister he never had," Ken grinned.

Adam rolled his eyes dramatically but acknowledged that Ken was partially right. He did feel protective toward him. He had been his brother's keeper since for as long as he could remember. One of the joys of living in the rural town was that the school campuses were all nestled together so that, despite the gap in their ages, he had been able to keep an eye on his little brother and warn off any potential bullies.

"A little sister would have been easier to deal with," Adam grumbled teasingly. "You take longer to get ready than any girl I know."

"This kind of perfection takes time. I look gorgeous and you know it," Ken laughed.

"That's one word for it," Adam smirked, but had long since given up trying to curtail his brother's choice of clothes. Whether dressed as a man or a woman he always made a statement, this particular outfit was possibly one of the more subdued numbers he had seen recently.

"So what's Maddy going as?" Adam asked, knowing Ken would have found out what his ex would be wearing.

"Cat," Ken replied abruptly.

"A cat?" Adam was startled by the tone in his voice.

"No! Cat!" Ken pointed out of the widescreen to the street before them.

"Matilda!" A woman's voice shouted and though he didn't see the woman, he saw the cat. Adam braked hard and swerved, narrowly missing the cat but managing to hit a parked car on the other side of the road. Being in a suburban area, he hadn't been travelling at speed so the impact was minimal, but the crush of metal and glass told him there would be damage to both cars. Reversing and pulling into the curb, Adam jumped from the car to check behind him for the cat, not knowing for sure if he had swerved in time. Not seeing a cat on the road, he turn back to inspect the damage on his car and the one he had run into.

"Could have been worse," Ken said, appearing beside him. He looked around, "I'm guessing the owner of that car will be along in a minute."

"Matilda!" A woman yelled. "Matilda's in the tree!" The woman was a pretty blonde who was pointing at the tree and looking around for help. Adam could see it was the cat that he had almost hit that was stuck in the tree and he groaned, shaking his head.

"Don't look at me," Ken held his hands up dramatically in a "can't touch this" way at the look Adam gave him. "I can't climb a tree in these heels, let alone a skirt this short! You're the fireman. Go save the woman's cat."

Adam couldn't believe the irony of the situation. Not seeing the owner of the other car approaching him yet, he approached the nearly hysterical woman, "Hey, calm down, I'll go get her," Adam said in a soothing tone. "Leave it to me." He smiled apologetically. "It's my fault she's in the tree." With that he began to climb, cursing himself for getting into this situation, he should have just stayed home and watched the football like he had planned.

Ken watched in amusement as Adam began to climb the tree. He knew his brother hated heights but would try and save the day like the good guy in a movie. It had always been that way with him, if anyone was in trouble Adam was there to save the day. He couldn't count the number of times Adam had helped him out of particularly messy situations. Ken looked up as another young woman came towards him from a neighbouring house. Her hand covered her mouth in shock looking at the cars.

"I don't suppose that's your car we bumped into?" Ken asked and the woman turned her wide eyed expression onto him. "I could pinch you so you know it's not a nightmare," Ken offered helpfully.

"Yeah, I saw the whole thing." She shook her head as if coming out of a daze. "It wasn't your fault," she said with a note of resignation in her voice and looking toward the pretty blonde who was still visibly upset and calling to her cat from beneath the tree. "Life sucks," she thought morosely as she inspected her car briefly and turned to watch the fireman clutching a large branch several metres from the ground and inching toward the cat.

She had thought it was so sweet that one of the guys had gone to save the cat and had considered that maybe the accident was fate and she would finally meet a nice guy that wouldn't fawn all over Liz. Now not only was her car damaged but the first good looking guys she had met in ages were gay. She sighed again, at least no one was hurt and it got her away from her sister's manic preparations for her kids' Halloween sleep over.

"Don't worry, sweetie" Ken said in a conciliatory tone, hearing her sighs, "Adam's a good guy and he will take care of it. He has great insurance." Ken did his best to reassure her that they would make everything right.

"Rachel," she said distractedly, and at his inquiring look explained, "as opposed to sweetie."

"Oh Rachel honey, I call everyone sweetie. Even that big idiot brother of mine, up the tree," he chuckled.

"Brother, not partner?" Rachel again looked at Ken with wide eyes.

"Ha, no Adam's as straight as they come, despite the best efforts of some of my friends to persuade him otherwise," he laughed lightly and looked back at the tree.

By this stage quite a crowd had gathered on the street, including several of the elderly neighbours who had come out from peaking behind their curtains to get a better look at what was going on.

"Matilda!" the blonde in skin tight active wear yelled again.

Adam could see and hear Ken and Rachel from his vantage point in the tree. He was glad she didn't seem angry that he had hit her car. At the prompt of the renewed yelling he reached his hand out to the cat, only to have it batted away by a sharp claw and an angry hiss. He saw a little old lady cross the road to stand near the cars rather than approaching the tree like everyone else who had come out to watch and the movement made him feel dizzy. "Fuck I hate heights! What on earth and I doing up here?!" His thoughts screamed at him and he clutched at the branch he was balanced on.

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