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Aphrodisia Ch. 01

by Lien_Geller 12/05/08

Jamie Sloane was an archaeology student. He'd got the idea that looking around for old relics was going to be his calling in life ever since seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark. So after acing his grades at high school he launched himself into an archaeology course at London University. Unfortunately they didn't hand him a bullwhip and a fedora then sending him off to some exotic locale to hunt for lost treasure. Whilst he wasn't naive enough to think he'd be saving biblical relics from Nazi's Jamie really didn't quite grasp just how incredibly boring the study of archaeology was until the end of his first year. Already somewhat disillusioned with the whole course the nineteen year old boy was relieved to find they were sending the students to an actual dig site. The site itself was in York where an old Roman settlement had been discovered a few miles from the city and needed to be excavated. Excited to be actually doing something rather than listening to lectures all day he jumped at the chance to go and get his hands dirty.

So it was then that two months later Jamie could be found struggling to stand upright in a very muddy ditch whilst holding something his professor thought might be important up to the light. It was a broken piece of hardened clay that might once have been part of a pot. It was obvious from the size of it that it wasn't going to be that important but the professor had insisted he be shown everything that could be anything. After dismissing Jamie's scrap as nothing more than a rock the deflated teenager went back to digging in the mud. Hours passed and night eventually fell causing most students to start packing up in gleeful anticipation. The inn they were all staying at seemed to call out to them with the promise of a warm fireplace and cold beer.

After packing up his tools Jamie made his way toward the ladder propped up against the side of the ditch and started to climb out. As the beam of his flashlight passed over the dirt wall he caught sight of something glinting within the muck. Without thinking he reached out and wiped the dirt to one side to reveal a very small glass vial embedded there. It was perfectly preserved and amazingly unbroken despite its age. Clawing at the dirt around the little treasure and freeing it didn't take very long at all. Holding it in his hand and studying the thing revealed it to be truly remarkable indeed. From everything he had learned in the past year he knew that the ornamental vial was well beyond the talents of Roman glassworkers. The intricate little patterns and designs along its slightly pear shaped structure were so fine and delicate it was a miracle they had survived this long.

Without thinking the boy reached for the stopper and it came free popped immediately It was almost as if it was relieved to be open again after all the centuries it must have spent stuffed inside the neck of the vial. Immediately Jamie was overwhelmed by the scent that came out of the glass. The unimaginably sweet smell was like nothing he'd ever come across before. In his entire life the only thing that came close was when he had accidentally spilled a bottle of his father's aftershave on the bathroom floor. Yet the oppressive and almost violent stench of the cologne was nothing like the lustrous and infinitely delicate aroma that was now gliding past his nostrils. He realised he'd been taking a deep sniff of the eerie and delightful scent and shook his head to un-cloud his mind.

Wondering if he had enough time to go grab something to eat before heading off to the pub with everyone else he checked his watch. It was midnight. Jamie did a double take on the time and then looked up to see that it wasn't just evening but in fact the middle of the night. Considering he'd started packing up at seven o'clock he worked out that he'd been stood there for around five hours. After slipping the little stopper back into the bottle he realised that the night had become deathly cold. The boy literally couldn't feel his fingers or his feet and he poked his head out of his ditch to find out that the rest of the dig team had long since left without realising he was still down there. Admittedly he wasn't the most outgoing guy in the world but surely someone would have noticed he wasn't with the rest of them? More worryingly what the hell was in that glass that had kept him stood there without any sense of time for five hours?

Shaken, he climbed out of the ditch after absently pocketing the vial in his cargo pants. Once he was up at the top he hurried off to the inn they were all staying at to go to bed. Tomorrow he might go see if there was a doctor in town since blackouts weren't usually a good sign but for now he just wanted to get out of the cold. He gave a silent prayer of thanks when he found the door to the inn was still open and a few stragglers were still sat around finishing their drinks. This particular inn had an open fire place that was just too inviting to the frozen teenager to pass up. Taking a seat in one of the large soft leather chairs in front of the fire Jamie let the heat wash over him and closed his eyes.

It seemed he hadn't realised just how tired he was because when he opened his eyes again it was because the bar-maid was gently shaking him awake with her hand on his shoulder. When his eyes groggily fluttered open then he found himself looking down into the valley between two of the nicest breasts he'd ever seen. Her shaking him caused the pendulous mounds to jiggle a little and thinking he was in a dream he smiled and enjoyed the view. It wasn't until she spoke up that he realised he wasn't dreaming at all and his eyes widened as he sat up ramrod straight in the chair.

"Hey! Wake up! It was closing time like a half hour ago." She had a voice that sounded appealing despite the fact she was chiding him. Low and gentle with a slight natural huskiness to it that made a man pay attention to what she had to say.

"Oh, erm...I'm sorry. I'm not drunk or anything I just guess I had a long day." He spluttered out the reply along with the excuse.

It was becoming clearer and clearer as he looked back up to her that he was speaking to the single most beautiful creature on the planet. She straightened up and put her hands on her hips. Looking around he saw they were alone in the room and that the bar had been locked up for the night. She'd apparently been cleaning up the tables when she'd found him there since there was a cloth in the hand that hadn't been nudging him awake. Heaven only knew what she was doing out here tending a bar in the middle of nowhere in Yorkshire of all places. Surely all she'd need to do would be take a vacation in London or Los Angeles then modelling agents and movie producers would just start throwing themselves at her feet.

She had long golden blonde hair that flowed just past her shoulders and ended in a few pleasant curls. Her skin seemed to be naturally tanned giving her a slightly exotic look and it seemed to almost radiate a kind of warm glow in the dim lights of the pub. Elfin youthful features made her face a pleasure to look upon, with its straight nose and her full dark red painted lips that gave her mouth a slightly enticing appeal. Sapphire blue eyes were regarding him with a mix of curiosity and disapproval as if she'd heard the story he gave her a hundred times but seemed to believe him regardless. In contrast to a youthful face and flawlessly smooth skin she was clearly a full grown woman in her early thirties given the incredible figure she'd been blessed with. She was stood with her hands on her hips giving him a good view of her incredible hourglass figure. Yet despite wanting to eat her up with his gaze good manners dictated he had to reserve his gawping to a glance.

It didn't help at all that she was wearing a rather small short sleeved crop top that exposed the delightful contours of her neck and her long slender arms. That they were a delight to look at without even glancing at the magnificent round breasts encased in the silky décolletage. The top revealed enough of her slim bare waistline for him to see the glint of a diamond piercing at her naval. The skirt she wore showed enough of her long bare legs to drive a guy crazy without being completely scandalous and the high heeled boots that covered her feet ran up to just beneath her knee.

"You know if you keep staring like that I'll have to start charging" She said.

"Huh!? Oh Sorry! I'll pay! Um, shit, what I meant to say was..." Jamie privately thought that a turnip could have been smoother than he was being right then.

"Hey calm down kiddo I know what you meant to say. It was something like: 'Holy hell you are a fine lookin' woman.' Right?" The woman with the naughty lips flashed him a smile that was nothing short of spectacular. "I'm Allison. You're with the diggers up there I guess. Get chased by any giant boulders yet?" Allison winked at him and he couldn't help but smile. The boy's shoulders relaxed a little when she gave the Indiana Jones reference and he let out a breath.

"No, too busy chasing Nazi's to worry about giant boulders" Jamie figured he was moving up from turnip to turtle in the smoothness scale. At least he could form sentences in front of the woman now. For her part she went back to wiping the table in front of the fireplace and replacing the beer mats for the next day. Still she was smiling as she worked and continued talking to him.

"Oh yeah! Gotta watch out for them Nazi's don't you? Better be careful or they'll steal your woman in a big basket and make for the desert." Jamie couldn't help but glance at Allison's bottom as she bent over the table. The woman's rear was so perfectly curved that his penis gave a highly approving twitch beneath his pants. Allison gave a slightly knowing smile just as it did as if she knew the effect she was having on him.

"It's nice to meet another Raider's fan." Jamie replied whilst thinking of old showers and large spiders to take his mind off of the sight in front of him. "I don't have a woman to steal though I'm afraid. This digging for old junk business isn't as glamorous as Harrison Ford would have us believe."

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