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Ashley's Tale 02

by Magicwrtr 12/18/13

NOTE: This next section continues Ashley's story. As you know if you read my stories, I tend to write everything in the Sci-Fi category because that is the genre I am writing in. In this story you can expect to see MF and FF and most likely MFF, although, not all in every post. If you read part one you can tell I am focusing a lot more on the story this time, I hope that is something you like.

Hope you enjoy part 2/chapters 4-6. Any feedback would be appreciated as this is a new style I am trying. (Less sex and more plot, plus a little more suburban fantasy.)

Chapter 4

I got up early the next day, after just a couple of hours sleep. I burned a little life energy to rejuvenate my body. Sam had left about three in the morning and it was just six now. I wanted to read the demon, and it didn't seem like I was going to find the time today, unless I made it. I stretched feeling pleasantly sore, still sated from Sam and my late night activities.

I knew I shouldn't be doing it, it was a federal matter now, but the curiosity was getting to me. I held my locket in my right hand and reached out with my mind. I saw right away that he had been enduring some enhanced interrogation techniques. He was also proud of the fact he hasn't broken. I sighed in exasperation, why didn't they just ask for help? A little while with a witch...

I snorted, be like a guy asking for directions, not going to happen.

I dismissed the thought and dove back into his mind. I dug a bit and found out he didn't know very much at all. Just that he had orders to gather information for someone else. He was hired to gather Intel about the changes in our world the last twenty years. Now that we had a treaty with the Angelic dimension.

He was also ordered to test the effectiveness of cursed bullets against a Witch's protection spells. It seemed strange to me that he needed so much ammo for a simple test. I dug around a bit more and saw he was exceeding orders, getting greedy since the test was successful and planned to sell all those bullets to some very bad people.

Luckily, we got him before that happened.

He also didn't have a name for the guy he was working for. Just that his boss was so old he scared the crap out of him. I shook my head. The guy was a spy living in the dark, just a tool. The only clue was he had a cell phone number in his head for the boss. I bit my lip in thought, homeland knew none of this. Not that a phone number was a whole lot, but it was more than they had.

I spent about an hour searching his mind but got nothing else useful, and found out whole lot I really didn't want to know.

Should I call Sam and let him know? I was afraid he would turn on me if he found out what I did. I would have to think on it a while. I also needed to decide if I should tell my captain, but that would probably get me thrown in jail.

I took a long shower, to relax, and got ready for work. I stopped to get coffee on the way to the precinct out of pure habit. I was still wide awake from the life energy I used this morning. I was also in a good mood still, from last night with Sam. I should have known it was too good to last.

I smiled at Bonnie as I sat down, "Morning!"

She raised an eyebrow at me, "Someone got lucky last night."

My smile faltered as I felt a surge of jealousy. That can't be right.

They she continued, deflating my mood, "Captain wants to see you."

I headed to the Captain's office, he told me to close the door. Three days, three times in the Captain's office, that can't be a good sign.

I said cautiously, "You wanted to see me sir?"

He said gruffly, "Yes Price, got a request here for your assistance. You need to report to the academy this morning, just for an hour or so, then go do your real job. Take Linder with you, she is your partner again today."

What the hell was that about? Go back to the academy?

I asked, "Can I ask who requested me sir?"

He said, "Sanders, now get out of here."

Sanders? I wondered what Billy wanted with me, he was the martial arts instructor. Probably the only instructor that actually liked me at the academy when I was there. I guess I would find out. I left the office and filled in Bonnie on what was going on. When I turned and we started for the elevator I felt a surge of lust and need from my partner, mixed in with that earlier jealousy.

I was trying to be good, determined not to hit on my partner, despite my growing attraction. It was going to be ten times harder if she was returning my feelings of attraction. Crap. I wasn't sure that I could say no if she hit on me. Hell, I wasn't sure I could resist hitting on her if this continued.

There wasn't exactly a regulation against it, but the last thing I needed was judging looks about how the succubus is fucking her partner. There was just no way to keep something like that a secret, it would get out. I already had enough problems being taken seriously due to my looks and what I was.

We made it across town in fairly good time. Flashing our badges at the entrance we walked straight back to the hand to hand training area. Billy was giving a lesson and nodded to us when we walked in. I guess I would find out what he needed when it happened. I had a good guess, but just listened as he spoke.

Billy said firmly, "Some of you will be partnered with an Angel, or a Demon, join their department, and deal with lawbreakers with powers. Even those of you who are assigned to other areas may one day face a supernatural threat. What you need to know is this. If it comes down to fists, you will lose. Don't even try. Use your knockout charms, and if that fails run away, and call in those that can face that type of threat. For those of you who are paired, if it comes down to a fight, you let your partner handle it, or you use the charm, or if you must, your gun."

"I told you this yesterday, and many of you have the same bored looks on your faces that you had then. Some of you believe, foolishly I might add, that this does not apply to you. Some of you cocky bastards would no doubt die in your first fight. To that end, I have arranged that first fight, here and now, so you don't die of fucking stupidity when you make it to the streets."

I watched as fourteen heads turned to look at Bonnie and I. Most of them had disbelieving stares as they took in my short and petite form. I would have preferred it if I was asked, but far be it for me to object to kicking their asses. In the long run it may save their lives, plus, it sounded like fun.

Of course, this was a big part of the problem, and what led to problems on a personal level between humans and supernatural races. Humans didn't like to feel outclassed. So on some level I wasn't happy about this at all, but I would do it. Even if it made them hate me a little more, at least they would be alive.

I took them on one by one, at first using my witch powers to slow down everything around me, at least by perception. I ramped it up after a while because they kept trying, thinking it was skill on my part, and not just natural advantage. I was a little worried about how Bonnie would see me after this, but it did something I would never have expected. She was turned on by it.

Very turned on, I could sense her wet arousal as I stomped down my opponents. It was distracting, but not enough for my opponents to land a blow, they were just too slow. When the class ended Billy thanked me.

Billy said, "Thanks for coming. Would you mind doing it again, I think it would help if you kicked every class coming through here."

He grinned.

I said dubiously, "I have a choice? I'd be happy to. If it keeps some of them alive it's more than worth a couple of hours of my time."

He grimaced, "Your Captain didn't give you a choice? It was a request for you to come and help. I didn't mean to force it on you."

Just one more reason to hate the bastard I guess, as if I needed another.

I shrugged and said, "I would have come anyway. It was good to see you, until next time?"

I stopped quickly in the bathroom on the way out. To check myself before getting back to my real job, but nothing was out of place, I looked fine. I could still feel the arousal, lust and attraction from Bonnie. It didn't help at all that I not only thought she was hot but liked her as well. I cut her out of my senses. I just couldn't deal with it anymore today. I was starting to get a little wet myself.

I also thought of Sam and felt guilty. Which actually kind of pissed me off. He knows what I am after all. I guess it was because we had never actually talked about it. But he should know, based on what I am that a monogamous relationship was impossible.

I realized I needed to talk to him soon about it. I think I had been putting it off because I didn't want to lose him. Just in case he was a dumbass that didn't realize the obvious. The rest of the day went fairly slowly. The highlight being a domestic disturbance called in by a couple's neighbor. Apparently a human woman wanted to kill her demon lover for being a man slut.

It was a little funny, at least the demon wasn't violent, just the human woman. When we arrived he was packing, and ignoring his girlfriend who was hitting him with a broom handle. We subdued the woman and sat at the table. The demon refused to press charges, so we waited as he packed, the woman yelling the whole time about him being a two timing cheating bastard.

She actually wanted us to arrest him. I patiently explained that cheating is not against the law. I tried really hard not to laugh, it was hard not too. Bonnie kept giving me these looks that clearly said, 'Can't we knock her out with a spell?' That wasn't really helping.

I sighed. It was so familiar an issue and one that fit my life almost too well. I knew I would be lucky to find a human that could deal with their partner needing multiple partners. They just weren't wired that way though, for the most part. I caught myself wishing Bonnie and Sam were two that could deal with it, but I squashed that line of thought rather quickly.

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